Bedrooms in the style of Provence - the standard of domestic peace and comfort

with the statement that better place than the house did not find quite difficult to argue.When cross the threshold of their own homes, and you are met by an entrance in the style of Provence, made in soft pastel colors, the soul once it becomes nice and good.

After all, the house you can relax after a busy day out of my head all the sorrows and problems.And depending on how comfortable the interior of housing depends on the rate of self-repair man and his productivity.And for healthy recreation needs deep sleep, which requires all the conditions in the bedroom.

standard of domestic peace and comfort are the bedrooms in the style of Provence, allowing to immerse themselves in the arms of Morpheus.It was this province in the south of France famous for its soothing azure skies and bright sun, blue sea and unusual lavender magical valleys, which give a sense of harmony with nature.Style province of Provence is able to create in your bedroom is truly paradise.

Since France Solar Farm light is very brig

ht, it brightens the walls of houses, and reflects on the wallpaper in the rooms bright colors.That is why in a palette of colors bedroom Provence style more muted, pastel colors, as if burned in the rays of the bright sun.This milk, olive, cream, lavender and ocher colors.As well as blue and white, light pink, white and yellow, terra cotta and celadon.

Like rural homes in Provence, where the walls are roughly plastered, in the bedroom can be raised or pokleit wallpaper, or use decorative plaster.

The ceiling and the floor should be made of wood or materials that mimic wood (ceramic tile, laminate).Small light-colored rug beside the bed perfectly complement the entire interior.

plays a special role textiles.After all, in the style of Provence is no place artificial tissues.Only natural materials: cotton, batiste, satin, linen, muslin and more.Bed linen should be necessarily white floral pattern.A veil can be a blanket with small stitches and floral designs.Or blanket, made in the style of "patchwork".

If the bedroom windows in the style of Provence are located directly in the garden, then they should not be curtain at all.If desired, they can decorate the airy, light tulle or elegant long curtains that are at the bottom have to create some waves.For decoration you can use ruffles, bows or cords.

pretty well have to choose furniture for a bedroom because it should amaze all kind of refinement and luxury.It must be manufactured exclusively from wood and the surface - ideally artificially aged.Feet should be carved.Only the bed can be made of metal forged headboard on which to emphasize home comfort, softness and warmth can be beautifully arranged decorative pillows.

doors in the style of Provence should be made of wood and painted in a light color.Handles and Locks - only old.Chandelier forged fit.But the lights on the bedside table should be a quaint elegant 'old' shades and certainly floral motifs.

There are no bedrooms in this style without the pretty interesting detail: small shkatulochek, embroidery, paintings with beautiful scenery.Nor are empty bedroom wall in the style of Provence, which serve as a kind of background for mirrors with delicate rims and small shelves, paintings, photos, hours and decorative plates.

often use accessories in white only.This snow-white porcelain, and ceramics, and cardboard, and glass and dekupazhirovannoe tree.Do not forget the flowers.Living should be placed in the painted vases, artificial and should be in the form of garlands, wreaths and panels.