What you should pay attention to when the tally lush bars ?Hook , rules and methods for performing elements

in knitting is very popular mix of lace techniques with volume.One of these patterns - lush bars.Hook of the appropriate size can help get the job done very simply and beautifully.The main thing - to follow the diagrams and instructions.

What is the secret of knitting patterns lush?

By then an additional amount?We use the following guidelines:

  1. To tie a beautiful and lush neat columns, the hook must be selected most accurately.Subject to the rules of the finished fabric is obtained as a measure of a dense, but not too loose.The pattern becomes three-dimensional enough by the free and equal stretch yarns.
  2. turns out, is not necessarily to be able to carry out complex patterns.For simple ornaments lush enough to learn basic techniques.For example, to get the pattern shown in the photo, you must be able to knit without nakida column, a column with nakida (or more) and a chain of simple stitches.
  3. main secret matings is on what basis tally lush bars.Hook it is desirable to be uniform over the entire
    length (i.e., have no additional thickness of 1.5-2 cm from the head), since the execution of the ornament includes the simultaneous presence on the tool 6 to 14 filaments.

Basic principles of knitting lush bars

  • At the beginning of a series always provyazyvayutsya extra loop for lifting.Typically, the number ranges from 3 to 5 depending on the yarn thickness and height of the drawn filaments.
  • When performing work according to the figure at the same time need to knit a few elements.To do this, run the following magnificent columns: the hook is introduced into the loop of the base and pull the thread to a certain height, and then made nakida.These two steps are repeated 3 to 7 times.As a result, the instrument is more strands that simultaneously provyazyvayutsya one loop.
  • Some patterns can be used with multiple columns nakida.In this case the hook are two loops each dovyazannogo not until the end of the column.During the last stage at the same time they are closed in the volume element.But novice needle women is sometimes difficult to knit crochet lush bars.Scheme to help visually understand how the pattern is performed.For example, let's look at the proposed motive all phases of work.

pattern of lush bars hook "Flower»

In the present scheme is performed delicate shawl, so the figure is marked on one side fringe.Sam pattern "Flowers" is as follows:

  • 1st row: Chain of ordinary air loops.
  • 2nd row: Alternating columns one and two loops nakida simple chain.Based on the thus passed through the two loops.
  • 3rd row: 3 lifting eyes, knit the last column of a lush 5 free nakida, similarly, do the same in the following two columns with nakida last row with the elements is not completely closed.Connect all three columns along one loop.At its base, follow the fourth tab.This is followed by a repeating element in the 2nd row.
  • 4th row: Flower petals with two ends, knit into the center of the last of the previous four series.The openings - a grid of columns with one nakida of air loops.
  • 5th row: Chief pattern is staggered with respect to flower arrangement in the preceding row.

The lush columns can be knit as a dense fabric and enough air.This property depends on the fullness of the ornament-free elements of air loops.