Interior hallway in the apartment panel houses.

Interior panel in the hallway at home must be the original card owners of the apartment.However, the state of financial well-being and make exquisite furnishings area of ​​4 square meters.m is unlikely to succeed.And in this regard, as the finishing hall, the price is not important, but the aesthetic and practical components.

transform the wardrobe closet in

How to place a small closet space with hangers for clothes and shelves for shoes so that you can move around without bumping to any angle, while maintaining the aesthetics?The design of the hall in the panel house begins with what is necessary to convert a wardrobe closet compartment, previously served as a refuge for every kind of trash.If there is a possibility to use an adjacent room to expand common space, its a sin not to take advantage.

is not hoard stuff

course repairs in the apartment anyway forcing the owners to get rid of obsolete bulky items.However, they have the unpleasant feature to accumulate again and again after some period

of time.Therefore, the contents of the drawers of furniture needs to be audited annually.And if some things get in the way, you need to get rid of them immediately.After the interior of the hall in the apartment panel houses (photo design options we have provided in this article) has a golden rule - at least things.Let us consider some practical ways to furniture placement, from the shape of the hall.

narrow corridor: designs

no secret that the long narrow hall is one of the most uncomfortable for the implementation of interior options.In this section, we will gather together the different tips and tricks to increase the space of a professional decorator.As a rule, a narrow corridor of standard Khrushchev literally packed with doors leading directly to all the rooms.Wizards that are developing in the interior hallways prefabricated homes, recommend to get rid of doors opening into the room and into the kitchen, thereby hall will be more comfortable, spacious and bright.Instead, you must create a door arched openings, and then, believe me, the room will sparkle with new colors.Besides visual arch able to smooth excessive length of the hallway.

How to visually reduce the length of the wall?

On the long wall as possible equip niche, and instead of the back of the set mirrors that visually increase the width of the room.It fits well with this piece of furniture unobtrusive lighting, and various little things necessary to always find a place.

Council : owners of the narrow walls, processing design hallway in the apartment, it is better "break up" the wall with a few small paintings, mirrors and built-in panels.One large mirror on the wall will only aggravate the situation.And you must have the identical items in one line.

share the functional areas

Yes, and in such a small space as the hall, have their own functional areas.Firstly, it is necessary to allocate a piece of territory for footwear and outerwear storage.It is advisable to put this area near the front door.

then separated area for storage of important details: umbrellas, housekeeper, leashes, bags and slippers - everything that we may need when entering or exiting.

Third, the interior hallway in the apartment panel houses, as well as any other building, not without mirrors.

Some recommendations on the choice of finishing materials

We remember that the hall - is the face of our home and business card lifestyle that we lead.However, until now, this part of the apartment once it was decided to save, assuming that the person is in the corridor less time than in any other part of the apartment on the day.And now let's look at a practical component.Particles of street dust with dirty shoes on a daily basis in our homes get it is through this space.In other words, an entrance hall and a corridor serves as a filter for all the other rooms of the apartment.Therefore, finishing materials should be selected high-quality, durable and easy to clean.

This also applies to the ceiling finish.Every day, more than once the doors open onto the landing, and it means that the ceiling in the hallway and condensate settles elements driveway dust.Therefore it is better to abandon the whitewashing and painting, because after a while the ceiling will become quite unsightly.

best, but more expensive solution seen easy to clean ceilings, which are also able to secure a room from unexpected flood the neighbors above.

Interior hallway in the apartment: wallpaper.What are the trends in fashion?

The presented today forms such coverage is better to use practical, washable wallpaper.Color solution is selected depending on the style of interior the entire premises, because in small apartments should not be a stylistic disharmony.Among the most popular universal shades muted pastels and prints of - vertical stripes.If we continue to talk about so prevalent narrow hallways, the most topical solution are combined contrasting wallpaper.This option finish looks very beautiful and unusual.

Council : Art Deco offers to issue the entire interior hallway in an apartment house with the help of a panel of contrasting black and white stripes.In some parts of the walls of the line can be horizontal.

How should apply a combination of wallpaper?

Vertical combination of increased spaciousness of the rooms, and the horizontal visually narrow the long corridor.If the ends of the hall done in bright pastel colors, and the side walls - in darker, then the room will get the desired volume.

For the walls, you can use modern materials: PVC panels, tile, laminate.Some elements of stone walls can be issued.More often than not so expensive and lavishly decorate the corner openings and elements of the area next to the mirror.Also, design the hall in the apartment can have walls made of plaster, but in this case the cleaned surface looks problematic.


floor in the hallway constantly experiencing considerable strain, so the coating material should be selected durable: tile, ceramic, linoleum, homogeneous.Do not use carpet, laminate and parquet board.They look impressive when contamination will soon lose its former luster, but take care of the listed types of flooring is extremely difficult.

tips covering

Low ceilings should have lights, rays are directed upwards.

in a narrow corridor with a basic coverage ends.

Interior hallway in the apartment prefabricated house is exquisite, if next to the mirror place the wall sconces.

Ceiling lights in narrow hallways are not arranged in two parallel lines, the most comfortable accommodation - a form of two squares.

angular hallways

square in small rooms have their positive qualities, chief among them - is the opportunity to place a corner multifunctional wardrobe with a variety of small and large shelves that will help to combine the once all functional areas in the room.Disappear hated spoiling picture open hanger and the mirror can be hung directly on the door furniture.