3d panels in the interior - original and stylish solution

3D technology is rapidly broke into the man's life.Movies created in this format, are striking in their reality.Three-dimensional volume of space blur the boundaries of fantasy and the real world.Such techniques have been used by designers in the design of the room.3d panels in the interior allow you to aesthetic and practical problems.

They demanded for zoning premises device partitions, decoration panels, wiring.Such elements can hide small imperfections.And besides, with the help of 3D panels, it became possible to quickly and easily equip the interior, which would correspond to personal preference.

What are the 3D panel?

relief pattern in the interior were used for a long time.Therefore, this method can not be called a novelty finishes.However, earlier it was quite a long and laborious process.And, unfortunately, not always possible to achieve the desired effect.

Today the situation has changed dramatically.Not surprisingly, the 3D panel used in the interior often enough.After all these pie

ces of the relief pattern is completely finished and ready for use.They need only be mounted on the selected surface.Typically, additional processing, they do not require.But their application allows you to quickly change the look and original premises.Very

demand 3D interior panel, consisting of parts with a repeating pattern.That they are often used for the ceiling or walls.However, there are other panels on which the pattern is a piece of the picture.Such pieces fit together to form the finished panels.

Species panels

To manufacture the element of decoration can be used a variety of materials.

now 3d panels, used in the interior are made of:

  • gypsum (eco-friendly, safe, durable and pleasant to the touch);
  • natural wood (often made of bamboo);
  • metal (stainless steel, aluminum, copper) - as solid elements;
  • plywood and MDF (applied volume figures are processed from top varnish);
  • fibers from sugar cane;
  • polymer composites;
  • glass;
  • decorative acrylic;
  • artificial stone;
  • leather or its imitation;
  • textile materials (felt, felt) - these items are highly soundproof.

Advantages of 3D panels

Manufacturers offer their customers not only ready-made decorations, but also create such masterpieces to order.This allows the owner to choose their own design, drawing, required size, finishing material.Such ceiling or wall panel 3d interior will fully meet the tastes of the buyer.

The main advantages of such a finish is:

  1. originality.Raised panel will highlight the brightest interior.Created by a wide variety of patterns that allow to imitate wood, glow in the dark.These 3D panels even will be able to turn an ordinary room into a masterpiece of design.
  2. versatility.They can be used for finishing walls, walls, furniture facades, partitions.The elements perfectly hide wall irregularities.Very often, designers use them to create accents.
  3. durability.Quality panel last a long time.If you choose the decor of plaster, it will stand 100 years.For such panels are not afraid of sunlight, moisture, mechanical stress.
  4. Easy installation.To install the panels do not need special skills or special tools.3d panels do not need to perfectly smooth wall.They are easily attached with adhesive or mounting brackets.
  5. high sound and heat insulation.Almost all the relief materials have excellent performance.

Tips designers use

sufficiently broad scope of decoration such as 3D panels in the interior.Photos posted in the article shows the original decision.

These panels are the ideal design headboard.This original and simple solution.Moreover, over the head will not be any overhanging structures.

original and stylish 3D panels can be used in the interior of the living room.This element will dilute the plane surfaces.The panels can be zoned space or become a bright accent in the design.

room will look harmonious if to issue such an element wall beside the couch or the space located behind the TV.And when connected to the original lighting 3D relief panels acquire a deeper content and volume of delight.