Interior room apartment of 30 square meters.

decorated interior room apartment of 30 square meters.m., designers offer helpful to involve as much as possible to make a living area and a small home owners really comfortable.Moreover, practical and functional can be done as a modern studio apartments, as well as the typical old-style building.Consider the most important moments in the design of the design.

Which style to choose?Pro Tips

Interior room apartment of 30 square meters.m. The most often performed in a minimalist style, where each volume thing is multifunctional and can be easily transformed into another.In this room there is only necessary furniture, which is most often performed by individual order taking into account the specific characteristics of the premises and wishes of the owners.

Create a light and airy interior

For the most cozy and comfortable living in a small area is necessary to visually push the wall as a psychological point of view it is very important.If you plan to design the interior of a studio apartment, liv

ing with a child, it is recommended to divide the dwelling into two zones.In other words it is necessary to separate the baby corner for rest, play or study.It's enough to put a partition or frosted Plexiglas, or a screen made of transparent fabric.

professional advice: should be used in a small room as much as possible mirror surfaces and furniture elements of transparent materials.

interior Ideas for a one-room studio apartment: dining area select

Of course, in an environment where the bearing walls between the kitchen and the bathroom are missing, much easier to divide the space into functional zones.We professionals have developed some practical achievements.For example, the separator space can serve as an improvised bar, which also will be an excellent dining area.Another creative solution - a table-transformer, which between meals is converted into a compact coffee table.

Interior color small apartment

Sure, dark and bright shades can visually make a small apartment cubbyhole.But even if you can not do without the bright colors, there is an alternative.Let the walls are decorated in subdued pastels, the floor is covered with a black material.In this case, you can buy furniture that would be in harmony with both the walls and floor covering.Fans can dilute red restrained minimalism bright spot, to whom may be the color of the sofa.If you take into account the ideas for the interior studio design in the color space, the most unusual is to issue a proposal in dark shades of the ceiling.In contrast to the light walls such decision looks modern and fresh.

Ideas for guest area

Many of us love to have guests, and settling into a new apartment - an excellent opportunity for meetings and small parties.In this regard, no harm will think about the functional guest areas.Purchase a soft poufs that comfortable place to help friends, are also good for this purpose multifunctional benches with bottom-drawer where you can store all sorts of little things necessary.On the floor you can lay a soft and comfortable rug.But TV is best placed on a circular swivel bracket for the best view from anywhere in the apartment.

unusual decision to isolate the work area

The interior of a one-room studio apartments to easily enter the work area, having increased the already high sill.Under a makeshift countertop, place a small pull-out drawers.To be able to turn on a laptop or a desk lamp, be careful with outlets in an accessible area.If every inch of space counts, can be transformed into an office loggia studio apartments.But for this it will be necessary to insulate the floor, think about how it will be heated and, if necessary, further glaze.Also, if desired, can be made from the loggia dining room.

separates the rest

We have already mentioned that the interior of the one-room apartment of 30 square meters.m. should contain as much as possible mirror and transparent surfaces.We also touched on the fact that the walls and screens must be performed precisely because of such material.The bed should be transformed, so that if necessary it can be collected in the sofa, thus saving space for more comfortable daily existence.


Speaking of apartments in modern residential complexes, the undoubted advantage is their ceiling height.In this case, there is room for fancy design and placement of beds almost to the ceiling.In general, the idea of ​​a multi-tiered furniture can beat whatever.For couchette on a ceiling may lead a small staircase, which in combination is the podium design with built-in cupboards.The area where is placed a loft bed can be placed directly on the cabinet.The only condition is the existence of a safe design strength, which perform better in the order.

Getting rid of partitions

If the interior of a room in a studio apartment has walls that are not load-bearing structural elements, for the realization of all design ideas to life without regret, it is advisable to part with them.

few words about the windows

curtains should not be heavy and old-fashioned, and cornices possible missing.Good space saving roller blinds and shutters, attached directly to the window.If this solution does not seem quite nice, better use of roman blinds and veil.

Conclusion With proper, practical and detailed approach interior room apartment of 30 sq.m can visually enlarge the space almost doubled.A multi-functional furniture will be transformed to deliver the joy of the owners a comfortable stay.