Aquarium: design their own hands.

Nowadays, beautiful and fashionable design of the aquarium for the person in charge of keeping and breeding fish is not just entertainment, but a matter of prestige and simple aesthetic pleasure of seeing the results of their labors.

Psychologists say that an aquarium with fish, located in the apartment is able to calm the nerves and to normalize the person's mental state.It's enough just to organize a recreation area with an aquarium and watch the fish at least 30-60 a day.

Aquarium: design their own hands

most exciting and time-consuming exercise for all of us in the process of installing and filling the aquarium tank - it's his right and beautifully decorated in keeping with the design of the room.

To date, there are plenty of accessories that can be placed in the aquarium.Making your own hands will maximize accurately recreate it exactly the situation that you want to see there.Just do not forget that the main inhabitants of the aquarium are the fish.And they need the maximum amou

nt of free space in order to be able to float freely.

Core components, allows for design of the aquarium (200 liters and all the other) are:

  • stones;
  • natural and artificial seaweed;
  • pebbles;
  • various wooden elements;
  • artificial features such as locks, boxes and so on.

Examples Consider the following examples of processing steps and Aquariums:

  • ustilka ground floor;
  • clearance aquarium rocks and caves;
  • aquarium decoration using a properly sized background;
  • use of various kinds of plants;
  • proper selection of lighting;
  • aquarium decoration using decorative elements.

Each of them has its own specific rules, which will be described below.

Ustilka ground floor

Ground for aquarium bottom is one of the basic and inalienable attributes.Before you buy it in the specialty store, decide what type of aquarium you want to be, because this natural material must be purchased according to specific goals.Yes, you heard right: at each target takes a certain type of soil.

So, if you live in the aquarium small fish, it is best to buy a small type of soil, and the inhabitants of a large reservoir suitable coarse or mixed.A similar approach is acceptable and when you decide to build an aquarium at home in the Dutch style, that is a reservoir which is dominated by plants, not fish.

In addition, when choosing floor coverings need to take into account individual habits of your chosen exotic aquarium fish.If you purchased goldfish or certain varieties of catfish, you must remember that they love to dig in the ground.Therefore, they can not buy a small ground, or in the aquarium will always stand mist.To avoid this, you must purchase a bottom coating of such size that they could not dig it.

best to buy a one-color cover for the aquarium.It is best to choose a bottom base of dark color, because it is advantageous to allocate the inhabitants of your house to fish.

Before putting bought the ground in an aquarium, it must be thoroughly rinsed or that is ideal, pour over boiling water.

stones and caves

How is the design of aquarium rocks and caves?These parts are chosen for decoration, should be made only from natural, natural materials.They should not contain harmful or toxic impurities that are in contact with the water can lead to the death of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

In the case of self-collection of decorative elements in the design of the aquarium with their hands only after the pre-treatment of all previously collected data for the purpose of disinfecting and testing the absence of harmful elements of the inhabitants of the tank.

stone and driftwood

stones can be treated in the same way as for the ground floor of the aquarium, and the pre-processing snags occur more complicated.To do this, place the selected wood inlay in a container of water (so that the liquid completely covers it) and pour back the salt as long as it is no longer dissolved, then remove the treated snag and rinsing with clean water, put in the acquired reservoirfor fish.

Do not forget that in the aquarium in any case should not be elements of limestone, rubber, various kinds of metals as well as elements having a coating of paint or enamel.

Also, do not oversaturate the aquarium decor, especially large items such as rocks, caves, etc., since this leads to a reduction in the useful interior space needed for underwater inhabitants vital for their movement.

not forget that the large decorative elements must be placed at the corners of the container or into the background so as not to spoil the whole look.

Making an aquarium with the help of a properly sized background

so-called background is an important element of the decor of the aquarium.As background cover sets the mood around your child, you should not vybirattemnye and dark tones, bearing the spirit of dejection and sadness.

There are several variations of the background for aquariums:

  • can just paint the back wall of the tank in a pre-chosen color.This route has its pros and cons.The undeniable advantage can be called the uniqueness and originality of 100 percent of your child.The list of disadvantages includes some difficulties with the change of an existing background (breeding it with a solvent).
  • Background in the form of a colored plastic film having a limitless number of different variational solutions, among which everyone will be able to choose the most suitable for him.In addition, the price of such a film would be virtually imperceptible to your pocket, and you can quickly install or remove.
  • panels and dioramas in the aquarium.Making their own hands in this case is ideal, as these items can not only buy in the store, but also to make their own, using the following materials at hand: small pebbles, driftwood and branches, foam and assembly foam.But you can not forget about the environmental friendliness and the natural origin of the materials selected, so as not to harm the fish.These decorative elements will always be the only one of its kind.

Terms sticking film

Such films can be attached to both the outer and the inner side of the rear wall.If you want to get more saturated colors, of course, it is better to stick it inside.

Before applying the film need to be convinced that the surface of the inner wall of the back of the aquarium is completely dry (to avoid the appearance of a pimple).Treat acquired the film around the perimeter of a special translucent silicone sealant, pre-purchased at a pet store.In no case do not use conventional sealant, because the consequences of its use may be irreparable for the aquarium inhabitants.

If you decide to stick the film inside the aquarium, you should not feel sorry for silicone is better fluff film very carefully, especially its upper edge to avoid the possibility of peeling it.After locking, wait complete drying of the material, and only then fill the tank with water.

Making different kinds of aquarium plants: live or artificial

If you have purchased an aquarium and do its design, then do not forget about the purchase and planting of various types of algae.No need to oversaturate their capacity, but without them can not be dispensed with, as they saturate the water with oxygen and are food for some fish.

They also act as "nurseries" for the newly born fish, because the only hiding in the weeds, they can survive, because among the many species of fish common eating their fry.Those species of fish that spawn, hiding it on sheets of seaweed or under them.

Planting and care of live aquarium plants

Before purchasing aquatic plants is best to consult with the seller at a pet store, it will help you choose ideal plants, as well as tell you how to properly plant them in the aquarium so that they have long been pleased your opinion.

In any case, there are varieties of aquatic plants that do not require Bedding.For all other soil thickness should not exceed 3-5 cm, and the seeds is recommended to choose the medium or large sizes.This is the size of lot accelerate the full establishment of plants.Just plant can be planted slightly press pebbles or other decorative elements.Thus its roots must be flat.

also recommended to make monthly fertilizing plants with special tablets that are placed close to the plant ground.They should not use more than two month.

correctly select the backlight

If you decide acquired Aquarium draw their own hands, do not forget about proper lighting, in fact it affects not only the appearance of the tank, but also the health of its inhabitants, as the force of light and its spectrum is vital forplants.

Today, there are a huge variety of highlights, both external and fully adapted for operation under water, so that everyone can find the option that appeals to him.To help the novice aquarist issued a number of different benefits to help you quickly and correctly carry out registration of the aquarium.Photos posted below will help make this process as simple and easy.

Making an aquarium with the help of decorative elements

When making aquarium using decorative elements must be borne in mind that they should be clean and have no harmful contaminants, and in any case it is impossible to oversaturate their aquarium.

can be used as purchased and self-made decorations.


Today, there are different styles of aquariums.All of them are very well represented in the pictures and the photos posted in our paper and in various books on aquarium business.Also in Russia, you can see them in the dolphinarium.Among them are the following options for processing the aquarium:

  • biotope, which is a landscape of a single reservoir.
  • Dutch styles, making emphasis on the wealth of underwater flora and not to fish.
  • Geographic - aquarium with the fauna and flora of a given region.
  • Psevdomorskoy aquarium stylized seabed without plants, and its inhabitants are fish in bright colors.As this reservoir is decorated with the help of large decoration, such as rocks, corals, artificial polyps, shells, and practically no vegetation, it's great for cichlids.After all, it is the design of the aquarium for cichlids is ideal.
  • Children aquariums are made in accordance with the child's favorite topics (sports, cartoons, stories and books, etc.).
  • Marine aquarium inhabitants living in salt water.
  • Futuristic aquariums, rich luminous elements, including a special hybrid of fluorescent fish.
  • Household and thematic capacity created by the human imagination.

Making corner aquarium made by the same principles as that of all others.Various types and styles of work connoisseurs aquarium business, known throughout the world, will help you in this difficult case.We hope that in this article recommendations will help you make for yourself a clear idea about the future of the interior decoration of the house to fish.In addition, to help carry out correctly and beautiful aquarium decoration photos, offered by us.They serve as an excellent visual aid.