Ceramic tiles for interior walls in the interior

interior wall ceramic tiles becoming more urgent because of the increased pace of construction of low-rise suburban housing.And if earlier it was decided to use this material only as exterior trim, tile now has earned the trust of developers and for interior decorating.Why

material gained popularity?

Every owner of a country cottage think about low-cost and high-quality finish.At the same time, all the inhabitants of the house wants to see before the eyes of a beautiful wall.Given the fact that the country houses, tend to have a large area, decoration of certain elements of the structure can fly a lot of money.Ceramic tiles for interior walls has gained popularity among the population in all of its main advantages.

positive qualities of the material: fire resistance and moisture resistance

So what's different from the rest of clinker tiles cladding materials, and why it became increasingly used as an element of interior walls?Let's start with the fact that the material has a moisture-proof and

fire-resistant structure, the most valuable in fireplaces, stoves and kitchen area.Also, the material is easy to cope with changes in temperature.This is especially true when vacation home is not used for permanent residence, as well as a garden.

Increased environmental

ceramic tiles for interior walls and is suitable because of its environmental friendliness.After all, every owner of a large house it is important to the health of households, especially the people think about the welfare and good physical condition of the younger generation.

Easy tile elements

Previously, people are reluctant to use tiled materials indoors, fearing an impressive weight of the elements, the fragility of the structure, the complexity of installation and dismantling.But now, when there was a clinker tiles for interior walls in the interior, all the fears are in the past.Easy - that's one of the main advantages of the material, which means it can also be used on vertical surfaces.

durable material

extraordinary strength and durability achieved through the application of high-tech production of the material.The raw materials used clay refractory inclusions without impurities.The starting material is in the process at an impressive firing temperature for two days, which ultimately reflects on improving the quality of the tiles.

Easy maintenance

ceramic tiles for interior walls appreciated by housewives who do not like to spend time washing and cleaning hard-to-separate elements.Easy care - that's the quality that especially welcome, and it is this property of the material presented and characterized.

What types of tiles?

Every owner of a country house will be able to choose a material that meets individual needs and requests.So, clinker tiles for interior walls differs for the following types:

  • to simulate (for brick, stone, wood);
  • thickness (tile elements for interior design is thinner than the outer trim);
  • shape (mosaic, bricks, squares, brusochnye panel to speed up finishing);
  • in texture (gloss, matt, smooth, roughness);
  • color.

also clinker tiles for walls, usually thinner than its outdoor counterpart.

Where to use the material?

In fact, the application so extensive that the material can be used virtually everywhere.First of all, people choose such items based on their positive characteristics, not forgetting about excellent decorative qualities.Many owners of brick buildings strive to create a harmonious combination of walls, both outside and inside, so when you finish the zones adjacent to the door, often try to use imitation brick.In addition to the aesthetic function, the presented material has proven itself as an excellent silencer.Tile elements are very popular due to its ability to store and retain heat, which is especially important in a large space.

But surely most in demand clinker tiles for interior walls around the stove or fireplace.No element does not crack and split when subjected to high temperatures due to prolonged heat treatment.By the way, by heating the material presented does not emit any toxins.

Some tips

So you've decided to decorate the room and even calculated the finish area.In this case, the material is bought directly on the entire area, because with transoms box for the remainder of the unlined likely "not to be in tune."By the way, when buying on the spot possible visual quality products to test, because it is packed in cardboard boxes that are easy to open.Immediately purchase and a special adhesive composition, in large hypermarkets it has, but in the nearest shop itself may not be.

If you do not use the acquired material immediately after purchase, then take care of the tightness of the package.Particles of dust and dirt should not fall on the surface of the elements that has not deteriorated the quality of engagement with the wall tiles.

On what basis produce packing?

The material is universal, and it can be laid regardless of the structure of the tiled surface.The only condition is the strong coupling perfect alignment.Therefore, the base can be either wooden, stone, brick and concrete.

design ideas

ceramic tiles for interior walls (white, ivory, beige) create unusually beautiful decorative transition, if you put a little imagination.And using a contrasting color elements can easily construct decorative mosaics.