Decoration of the room with his hands: tips for those who do not know the art of embroidery

If the house to be a responsible event, whether a banquet or birthday kid, you always want to update the interior and give the room a festive appearance.To do this, it is not necessary glue wallpaper or buy expensive accessories, enough to adopt the experience of craftsmen, which can easily make original decoration for the room with his hands.

casual decor

begin with, that the craftsmen who love tinkering, often have several types of painting techniques, embroidery, and make flower arrangements and figures from scrap materials.Daily work and endless imagination makes people keen to buy a variety of useful items in the store for needlework.However, the most unexpected, original and bold decisions may come, if you use the most unusual things.Thus, the original decoration for the room with their hands, you can make out of the ordinary thick rope, threading it into the hole and attaching curtains to the eaves.With a little imagination, this version you will be able to make a real masterpiece that will l

ook good in everyday life, and will hit the party.Such decoration can fulfill even those who do not have the technique of cross-stitch.

decoration for room with his hands: everyone can

In this article we will not talk about sewing beautiful cushions or performing complex decorative accessories, leave it to the professionals.We'll talk about how to use the materials at hand anyone can you arrange living quarters for the upcoming celebration.For example, in your living room has a decorative fireplace.Why not a party on the eve of the coming of different size candles to decorate the center, which will blaze instead of fire?It is a decoration for the room with their hands will create a pleasant atmosphere for others.

If you take into account the luminous elements, then they can be used not only to decorate the curtains before the New Year, but also make the original curtains in the bedroom.On each side of the bed to the ceiling attached great decorative rings, where we will put our curtains of transparent tulle.Within these long curtains put a garland with solid lights that wrap multiple times tulle.This option is perfect as a decoration and a baby's room with his hands.

pattern on the lamp

unusually impressive, including daily life, looks lampshade with perforation.Run pattern in the city at night can be as follows.Inside the perimeter of the large lampshade glue urban skyscrapers silhouettes cut from paper.Above the city in silhouette lampshade caves so as to obtain a starry sky.When the lamp is lit, a decoration for the room with his own hands looks just magical.Shades of table lamps can decorate flower silhouettes, stars, geometric shapes, and you can decorate with thin satin ribbons, as shown in the figure.

How can decorate the nursery?

In fact, children's room is able to endure almost any experiments.If the wall with colored wallpaper or light-colored doors to put a paper swarm of butterflies, the joy of the baby is not the limit.To accomplish this you need to stock up on decorations:

  • colored paper;
  • stencil butterflies;
  • scissors;
  • double-sided adhesive tape.

Such decorations for the room with his hands make light, you should only have to have patience to cut many of butterflies, well, a swarm of glue on the wall is already much faster.If you peel back each butterfly wings, and composition to make a smooth transition between the colors of the rainbow, from the outside it will look very impressive.

With many multicolored paper stickers can be formed on the wall the whole shimmering palette.This palette is appropriate in the living room, as well as on the occasion of the festivities.

Original ideas for birthday

Up to this point we have talked about the ideas of decoration that will be relevant both on the occasion of the celebration, as well as in everyday life.Now it's time to focus their attention on the really celebratory thing, such as candlesticks from stemware.Room Decoration for birthday with his hands is concentrated mainly on the holiday table, and if you put the original candle holders, they immediately prick the attention of visitors.This is done so.Take the glasses, turn over their foot up and put into beautiful decorative bright flowers or other items to the very foot light candles.As you can see, nothing complicated.

bold solutions

Again using colorful patterns.At this time - the strip of bright tape.To perform the decoration of the room on the day of birth of the child with his hands, take a multi-colored sticky tape and scissors.We shall represent the convex geometric shapes and place them on the doors, cabinets, window - where we want;and will fix a number of helium balloons.Let the child does not see the process of decorating, because festive decoration should be a joyful surprise.

decorations in the form of a heart for girls

As you know, all the girls from early childhood, like flowers, but especially - hearts.Therefore, his princess on the solemn party will be tinkering a big heart of a beautiful wide pink ribbon, foldaway metal hangers with a needle and thread.Take the coat and forming the silhouette of her heart.Next, cut the tape into small decorative pieces and turn into tubes.Putting 5 tubes together and connect them in the middle.These decorative bows are strung on a hanger.

If foldaway hanger is not there, you can make a decorative heart with the help of cardboard, pieces of colored napkins and glue.This decoration of the room on the day of birth of the child with his hands give your princess magical moments of happiness.