The design of the restaurant - all you need to know for beginners

bar or restaurant, cozy coffee shop and a stylish pub, café or refined not an ordinary dining at university - any institution catering stored not only in the kitchen and first class service.Of great importance is the design of the restaurant, as the harmony created by the interior essentially depend attendance institution and its popularity.

These important stuff

developing the interior of the restaurant, it is important to take into account every detail, from decorations and finishing with the selection of furniture.First of all, opening the catering establishments, you must pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Creating a unique atmosphere.This harmonious blend of good food and impeccable service, as well as the design of the restaurant, which is advantageous to emphasize the general stylistic orientation.
  • incredible power of color.Everyone knows that the color has a significant impact on a person, which means that the choice of shades depends not only on the mood of the visitors, but al
    so directly to the prosperity of the whole project.
  • Planning and zoning premises.It is very important to consider the correct alignment of the tables, since it will depend on the comfort of visitors.
  • Lighting plays a significant role in planning the interior.The design of the restaurant is to be laid out in detail, and the muted light in the evening - it is an original idea, which, among other things, will help to save energy costs.
  • Furniture - one of the main factors of a harmonious interior.It is necessary to take into account the wishes of all customers.Someone who likes to sit at the bar, some prefer a more secluded corners, so you should pay attention to the selection of functional accessories.

carefully consider each of the above items, you can create a very harmonious space that is sure to be popular with visitors.Recently, however, restaurateurs eager to create a truly unique design which impress with their elegance, originality and creativity.

Exterior and interior of the restaurant

design of the restaurant - it is half the success made by the project.However, the important role played by external decoration of a catering.The first impression and interest arise directly from the visitor before he opened the door of a restaurant or cafe.

Today is very popular window dressing institutions using realistic dummy specialties.These decorative compositions play good appetite and make as quickly as possible to look into the establishment.Design project of the restaurant may include the creation of a showcase presentation, may not be characterized showcase catering.

Useful tips and advice

design of the restaurant, a photo which speaks volumes about its diversity, consists of several elements, each of which plays an important role in shaping the overall impression of the establishment.In order to create a truly spectacular and memorable interior, should be guided by the following rules, which will help to create an original style and make it a hallmark of catering:

  • First of all, you must indicate what institution will differ fromall the rest, that is, to determine its style and features.
  • in a cafe or restaurant, all must comply with the same style and direction.Crockery, furniture, zoning and lighting, textiles, as well as the form of the staff and the overall interior design of the restaurant - all this must be kept in the same spirit.
  • very good advice: do not skimp on is what will touch the customer.Tableware and textiles, furniture and cutlery - it is desirable that these attributes were made of high quality and durable materials.

How to develop the interior design of the restaurant?

There are two most common ways to create a stylistic orientation catering.The first - is to come up with their own designs and make it a reality.Second - contact the experts, who have extensive experience in this field and knows how to make the restaurant a truly unique and memorable.

Directly self catering design can be divided into two stages:

  • first - it is the design of the technical area of ​​the restaurant or cafe.
  • second stage - development of the design and unique style.

atmosphere in some catering establishments should be welcoming and have a pleasant pastime, each customer should feel comfortable and relaxed.

principles of planning and design

developing an individual project should be guided by a few basic principles that will help to avoid mistakes and make interior design more harmonious and complete.Professional designers rely on the following aspects:

  • interior of any catering establishments should be fully completed - nothing should induce feelings of understatement.
  • developing the project, it should be noted that it is possible in some time (usually several years), the interior of the restaurant will require some changes.
  • project catering to be rational.Creating a refined interior with the use of expensive materials, you need to think about the profitability of the enterprise.

What we can not forget?

To this or that institution catering was profitable and popular, the staff came to work with pleasure and perfectly fulfilled all the requirements of leadership, and every visitor feel comfortable and confident, not only need to come up with unusual interior room, cook and smileeach guest.

It is important to consider the design and layout of the subsidiary and functional accommodations.For example, for the success of even the design of the kitchen of the restaurant plays an important role.

That is why the creation of all catering establishments should be treated responsibly and deliberately.It is very important to seek the advice of professionals who can assist in the organization of such a "delicious" business.