Artificial stone, "White Hills" in the interior

Apply artificial instead of natural stone for exterior decoration of houses or in the interior began not so long ago.Today it is hard to find a public institution, the design of which would not have some elements decorated with artificial stone.After all, it looks stylish, elegant and dignified.It has become a great alternative to natural materials as it has in comparison with it many advantages.

Variety Market artificial stone

Many manufacturers today are focused on the manufacture of decorative artificial stone.But not all of them can boast the high quality of its products, a variety of assortment, affordable price, a long list of loyal customers.This is due to the fact that the level of competition in this niche market very seriously.After all, few can set the bar as high as, for example, a manufacturer of artificial stone, "White Hills".Of course, you can buy more low-quality products, the manufacturer of which attracts the potential buyer fabulously low cost compared with the price limits of go

od producers.But after such a purchase is not necessary to hope that the artificial stone will delight you for years to come.Poor product in just a year or breaks down completely loses its attractive appearance.

perfect production technology

«White Hills" - a high-quality products, which is created using a unique production technology enables to produce artificial stone is not only very beautiful but also durable, lightweight, which makes it much more attractive in the eyes of the consumer.

It is made from a specialized concrete construction of the highest quality.Additives and impurities allow to turn this raw material into a substance which, after hardening in silicone forms becomes very easy to stone.It is resistant to changes in temperature and moisture, and lends itself perfectly coloring and decoration.

Artificial Stone "White Hills" in the interior - the right decision

Mankind has always admired the unique designs of nature, its uniqueness in each individual element.Especially look majestic mountains and rocks, which witnesses eternity always been and will always perfect.From the earliest times people decorated their homes with the help of modified stones, making its home is not only more beautiful but also better protected.Perhaps the love of the decorative stone elements - it's part of our culture.It's no wonder today in most of the interiors you can see the artificial stone that adorns the walls, niches, filling the atmosphere Apartment special comfort.

Artificial Stone "White Hills", in addition to the many advantages in quality, has bypassed many of its competitors also in terms of the diversity of the proposed forms and a palette.This manufacturer is a really good team, who closely follow the latest trends and embody them in their products.Would you like to get a unique interior - use "White Hills"!Decorative stone is able to change even the most boring design and blends with different styles: a classic with a clear, unique minimalist and even cocky hi-tech.

Decorating artificial stone: interesting options

Today, interior design can be engaged not only professionals, but also ordinary people, because in professional journals can be found many interesting design options not only residential but also public institutions, such as thecafes, restaurants, clubs and so on.The main thing - to use only high-quality materials.And if you are going to buy artificial stone, it is best to choose a product "White Hills".Decorative stones of high quality will impress you with a variety of applications.

misconception that Stone "White Hills" can only be used for finishing the fireplace doors or niche.No less attractive it will look on your kitchen.At the same time caring for him would not complicated and does not require the purchase of special equipment.Remarkably will look columns, which can be put on the walls, adding to any room elegance and aristocracy.

not necessarily stick to the straight form, strict directions and clear geometric pattern.Give play to your imagination and use the "White Hills" (stone) to create the most unique panels.

will look very harmoniously this design in areas where there are a lot of plants.The feeling of closeness to nature - that will test each of your guest, who saw a unique pattern, which uses artificial stone "White Hills".

Secrets laying artificial stone

professionals are well aware that working with artificial stone is much easier than with the natural.Because it is lighter, it has a clear shape and no problem develops into a beautiful mosaic.

there are rules that should be followed if you want your interior was unique.It should only buy a good adhesive solution which is suitable for such work, so you will not have seen as your exclusive design just falls apart.If you want to upgrade a little fireplace or just dream about this cozy corner, the artificial stone "White Hills" will suit you, because it is resistant to temperature changes.

Stone decoration in the bedroom

Today, many people want to design their bedroom used tiles "White Hills".It is an ideal material for creation of niches and shelves for the important things and sweet gifts.It is necessary to stick to one golden rule - to give preference only light, pastel tones of the stone.Indeed, in a room like a bedroom should prevail an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Interesting ideas for small rooms

In order to have a little "stretch" the space of small rooms, it is also possible to use artificial stone "White Hills".The opinions of those who have already managed to create a cozy atmosphere in small apartments, agree on one thing: it is necessary to lay out a stone stripes, horizontal or vertical.You will not know your apartment - a sense of the big room, free space will be pronounced.

These majestic columns

Many people think that creating a column of artificial stone is in the living room or in public institutions.But today, many designers are advised to place them in the kitchen.So it is possible to solve the problem of zoning, that is separate from the dining area of ​​the work area - and you are guaranteed comfort.

few words

Indeed, Stone "White Hills" reviews confirmation - it's the best of all modern synthetic materials of this type, which can be seen in our market.Areas of application are very diverse, the main thing - to have a good imagination, while barriers to create a unique design will be.

Many of its advantages such as high quality, large assortment, resistance to time, make the material very attractive in the eyes of consumers.The decision to use it to the interior of the house or his own public places would be the best, and for him you will never regret.This eco-friendly material, so you can be sure about the state of health of their loved ones.And his strength and reliability - a guarantee of a beautiful long-lasting repair.