Decorative partitions for the zoning of the space in the room.

Increasingly, many of us are faced with the need for zoning premises - children grow up, there is a need for workplace organization or department berth.Decorative partitions for the zoning of the space in the room - the most effective and least costly method of distinguishing the area.

Partitions can be deaf from floor to ceiling or light and delicate.The last option only outlines the boundaries between zones.Today we look at the most popular forms of such structures, which are more suited for the premises.Hide racing simulator, to create a cozy sitting area, fence off the space for sleeping - with these and many other tasks can handle a decorative room divider.

Assigning partitions

Today, designers are actively using the spacer elements for the organization of living space.This allows you to:

  • divide the space into zones with different functionality.
  • Zonirovat private entities (for example, children's bedroom in a studio apartment).
  • Change the functionality of the space at different times o
    f the day, as well as visually transform the proportions of certain sites.

Decorative walls, photos of which can be seen in all the editions on design, solid walls without visually demarcate space.In addition, each of the room fulfills its specific function.Let's design a child's room is divided into three sections:

  • for games;
  • for recreation;
  • to study.

Decorative partitions for the zoning of the room is performed by arches, sliding doors, furniture components and so on.. In this article we will discuss the various options.

The advantages of this method

Decorative partitions for zoning is not only practical, but also decorative.Properly chosen designs are original and stylish addition to the interior and highlight the taste of the owner of the home.

They provide a space in the implementation of design solutions and enable frequently update the interior.

Decorative partitions for the zoning of the room - it is a mobile structure.They do not affect load-bearing structures of the building.Installing them is simple and does not take much time.Through them quite easy to hold electrical wiring and create the right lighting in the new zone.

Decorative panels

This is one of the latest solutions in the creation of a modern interior.The original design, the variety of shapes and colors, as well as the simple installation of decorative panels, partitions make them very popular.

They are made of high-quality polystyrene, allowing the natural light, so its use does not require an additional light source.

using such panels as decorative partitions for the zoning of the space in the room, you get a very stable design.It is securely hidden from prying eyes a necessary part of the room.

-walls Decorative panels fit perfectly in a modern interior.With them successfully solved the problem of zoning space.

Very simple installation allows you to make changes to the interior as often as you want.You only need to remove the hook from the metal panel and change its position.You can replace it with a model of a different color.

Always modern glass

Decorative partitions for the zoning of the space in the room of glass today are experiencing a surge in popularity.Tempered glass, from which they are made, not only shock resistant - it does not require complex care.This design is both personal and universal.For example, those people who from time to time it is necessary privacy, will appreciate the frosted glass, and lovers of natural light and comfort would prefer a clear model.Decorative partition in a room of glass may be fixed or retractable.

Do not dwell on the functionality of each of these options - they are clear from the title.Different types of glass partitions are made and processed in different ways and as a result become true interior decoration.The cost of such constructions of the glass depends on factors such as:

  • toning film or bulk;
  • presence of the figure;
  • laminated or tempered glass;
  • dimensions of the product;
  • price class hardware.

brick walls

To effectively zoned space, you can put a partition of bricks.But for this you need a special decorative brick.It should be noted that it is quite a popular design course, which gives a stunning effect when creating an interior in the loft, Country, Provence.Minus, and rather essential, such a design - the impossibility of rapid dismantling, if you eliminated the need for zoning.

use of wood

These interior walls are very suitable for many styles.As a rule, they become accent piece to which it is impossible not to pay attention.Natural wood in any form - decorated with carvings, polished or painted - will bring into your home the warmth and comfort.


At the beginning of this article we mentioned about the elements of the furniture, which play the role of decorative partitions.Shelves, shelves are quite suitable for this purpose.They can arrange the books, lamps, favorite souvenirs and other little things dear to you.

Bilateral cabinet

Decorative walls with his own hands, you can easily and quickly be created using a two-way cabinet.Today, a piece of furniture you can buy in a store or manufacture of own sketches to order if you want to make it any personal details.This wardrobe is certainly functional: it can be as traditional shelves and drawers and pull-out bed or table.For a small apartment closet-partition can be made in the "pass-through" option.This will allow room to "breathe", since its area is small.In order to limit the room furniture can have such a decision:

  • glass or mirror doors;
  • door coupe.

housing is usually made of laminated chipboard of various colors and textures.

Forging and openwork

Such decorative partitions for the zoning of the space in the room always looked very elegant.Wrought iron will be a real decoration of any room.Installation of the wall should be left to professionals.It does not take much time.

Interior partitions for zoning can be delicate.They are made of different materials - metal, carved wood and even glass.

Decorative walls

Are interior walls, bearing only one function - room decoration.They are installed in every place that chooses a homeowner or designer.Such walls can be installed in the center of the room or against a wall.They are made of different decorative materials - plastic, fabric, stone, glass, metal and wood.


This option is ideal for those who categorically rejects static, those whom once and for all set the walls evoke nostalgia.For them ideal sliding partitions - is to push them, and immediately there's some new touches.They are divided into several types according to the method of fastening:

  • to the wall;
  • to the ceiling;
  • to the floor and ceiling.

Today it is possible to install a system that completely hides a partition.To do this, create a niche in which she "hides".This element of the interior is attractive because it allows you to use dissimilar materials.As a result, it is not only a bright accent in the general interior, but also allows you to change it, creating new forms.

Use drywall

Decorative plasterboard partitions, photos which you can see in our article today is set quite often.Although the process is quite time consuming.

However Decorative plasterboard partitions with their hands can make every person who was holding construction tools.In this work, it is important to show the accuracy and precision.

partition fastened to the floor and the wall or ceiling.It can be subtle and equipped through-backlit alcoves or deaf, which can be built-in wardrobe.The choice depends on the specific problem and the general style of the room.


  • Flexibility to produce shaped partitions.
  • Allows different finishes.
  • Liner electrics inside the structure.
  • Possibility of installation of aquariums, closets and fireplaces.


  • complexity of dismantling.
  • Lack of natural light.

Zoning using textile

order to limit space many people use (and quite successfully) textiles.For the interior, executed in classic style, it should be exquisitely draped pickup expensive fabric and tassels.Do not exclude the use of materials with gold or silver threads.

for more contemporary styles more appropriate rectangular or square piece of cloth with the original pattern.In this case, the weighting must be at the bottom edge of the blade to it hung perfectly straight.With regard to the fabric, its selection depends on the tasks that you set, creating such a structure.Thus, it can be translucent or air and heavy and dense.As you can see, decorative walls with his own hands to create a snap.


This partition will enjoy all fans of indoor plants.This latest trend in eco-design.With houseplants and special racks can construct the original "living wall".This partition is always very impressive and stylish look, but you can create it only for those who loves flowers and is able to take care of them.Otherwise, very soon, instead of blooming partitions you get unsightly withered bush.