Design bedrooms with their own hands.

Modern apartment today laid out so that the bedroom in their allotted very little space.Therefore, the owners of small apartments there is a problem, how to properly equip the small room that it combines comfort and convenience, and thus it was not cluttered.You can create a bedroom design with their own hands, so to accommodate all requests, and this invented some good tricks.

well-chosen furniture

We must not forget that, as the small room is small, it may not be filled with unnecessary details and objects.Therefore, at the beginning of audited and make extra decorations and all kinds of stuff.To get a sense of space in the room are only a bed, a bedside table and a chest of drawers or wardrobe.These are the main items that are sufficient for the bedroom.Now find out what should be the furniture.

Choice beds

actually easy to create a bedroom design with their own hands, if to choose the right bed.For a small room to consider such things:

  • there should be massive and surround the head and ba
  • feet should be small and without much pretentiousness;
  • better if it is to choose the most low bed;
  • furniture dark colors visually reduce the room;
  • bed design should be simple.

also worth considering for whom designed furniture.If this couple, of course, selected "dvuhspalka", but even here there is a place of fantasy.There are beds that are made in the form of a mezzanine under which the air boxes or drawers.If the bedroom is designed for one person, you can arrange your accommodation on the second floor, for example on the dresser.Or, if desired, made the podium for the personal space, under which there is a pull-out bed.For example, you can adopt the design of a small bedroom, a photo of which is shown below.

Chest and wardrobe

To occupy as little space, you can use the "coupe" or order-in closet.But if there is no ability or desire to install it, you can put a little narrow chest of drawers.Such furniture can serve as a table for cosmetics or other necessary items.


for small spaces have invariable rule - a bedside table in any case should not be above your bed.Like everything else, it must have a simple, unobtrusive design.To save space, this object is placed as close as possible to the bed.As an alternative - you can attach the hanging shelves.To make bedroom design with their own hands the most comfortable, this piece of furniture decorated with flowers, statues and other cute little things.It may be added that if the bed has a headboard, already equipped with shelves, it is better to give up the idea with a bedside table.

Wall design

If you create a bedroom design with their own hands, it is better to give preference to light pastel shades.Although bright and dark colors look original, they "eat" space.In addition, the design should involve no more than three harmonizing tones.If you selected the wallpaper with a pattern, then it should be fine, without shine, strains your eyes.

good option - to decorate the walls of mirrors.One large canvas able to visually expand the limits of the room.Or, for example, if you create a design bedroom 15 square meters, it can be decorated with a large painting above the bed.As well increase the amount of space intelligently chosen wallpapers.They should at least keep the space that goes beyond the walls.

ceiling and floor

Design bedrooms in a house with small rooms should exclude the idea with mirrored ceilings, because they will reflect all of the items, creating the impression that the room is too many things.The tone of the ceiling should be very light.It should not be a large volume of chandeliers, well, if they replace spotlights or wall sconces.Sex shall be in harmony with the tone of the ceiling and the furniture: because visually increases the space design of a small bedroom.Photo below shows clearly the trick.It is possible to adopt an optical illusion: laminate, laid on the diagonal, and gives the impression of an elongated room.Large carpets are also able to "eat" space, so the bedside light mat is just right, but if the situation allows, it is better to give, and from him.


When you create a comfort it is not necessary to seek to cram into the room and even the office, reading room with shelves and a dressing room.Bedrooms should not be overloaded, even cute little things, it is enough just a couple of accents in the form of the original flowerpot (but of indoor plants is desirable to give), stylish pillows or floor lamp.The very same light-colored textiles selected, without large patterns.In addition, it is making a huge contribution to the competent design of curtains for the bedroom.The photo below shows how this detail is harmoniously combined with textile upholstery, and the room turns out original and cozy.

We must not forget that the curtains - this is not just decoration, but also an important element that protects the room from the bright light.When choosing curtains should look at the room to acquire a distinct addition to the idea of ​​space, and did not look like a foreign object.Also, this item should not attract too much attention, so pick up some laconic Roman blinds or curtains that protect from light and complete the image.But it is also important to choose the right design for the bedroom curtains.The photo below shows an interesting option.

Variety of styles

Equipping small room, not many people want to change their tastes, as the design styles bedrooms are very diverse.But it is worth remembering that in any case the idea is to match the interior concept throughout the house.

Classic style is usually chosen by people with conservative foundations not subject to the influence of fashion.In this style items and furniture made of wood, have carved details.Most often, they are decorated with gold trim.Upholstery can be white with blue or bronze inserts.These nuances can be traced in textiles and curtains.

now gaining popularity in a country style bedroom where the furniture, curtains, carpets clearly traced rustic motifs.For example, here is dominated by wicker chairs, blankets made of rags, still lives in simple frames.All the furniture - made of natural wood.

ethnic style inherent parts that have national character of a country.Often, people choose for your home oriental motifs, as well as the bedrooms, which can be traced in detail the idea of ​​"safari".

Style "bidermeer" does not need expensive pieces of furniture, but it is practical and comfortable.There must be present elements of live plants and crafts.It is also appropriate mix of velvet with satin, that is matte and iridescent colors.

Eco-style involves natural shades, the room should be soft and light.

But small bedroom would be appropriate to the style of "minimalism" since then there should not be a lot of things, and shades of the room account for no more than three colors.This is usually white, gray and black.Although you can make a bright accent.