Panels made of tiles.

modern interior increasingly complemented by panels of tiles.This element gained immense popularity among the modern interior designers and ordinary consumers who want to create their own unique style of the house.We will not hide the fact that the collection of ceramic tiles with decorative panels are very expensive.This is due to high cost producer in the development and production of this element of the interior.What


This word is of French origin.This is the title of the wall or ceiling, which is framed by ornamentation, stucco and decorated with sculptures and beautiful image.Furthermore, it may be a picture or a relief that are performed on a part of the ceiling or wall.

Famous manufacturer of ceramic tiles have adopted this technique every year are interesting panels.Tile for the bathroom, the kitchen looks especially effective in combination with a masterful execution of artistic image.

easiest way to diversify the surface of the walls - ready to use decorations.Often, along with

the traditional borders in the collection offers decorative inserts and panels of tiles.They represent a colorful pattern, which often is combined with a pronounced relief, and in size, they tend to coincide with the tile background.Typically, a panel has a fairly large area, a multiple of 2, 4, 6 plain tiles.

finished image is performed on the whole ceramic plate 1 × 1 m. In addition, it can be collected from the individual elements.Topics such images are endless - from ancient history to the avant-garde geometric patterns.

Quite often lately mural of tiles may be copies of paintings by famous masters, landscapes, still life, floral ornaments.

The most common buyers are turning to the numerous companies that manufacture tiles with a photo-patterned.In this case, they are often faced with the formidable task - how to harmoniously combine the selected ready-made panels with interior created?It is usually implemented as a separate stand-alone product, and the problem of compatibility be passed on to the buyer.We say that such a problem on the shoulder only a very experienced designer.

Today this work, many manufacturers of ceramic tiles decide together with the artists.As a result, each sample is developed for a specific collection of ceramics.When creating a panel selected certain image files.The result is an ideal product that combines the format and color scheme.

Select Picture

Quite often, buyers are turning to the company for the production of tiles, having a concrete idea in choosing material.They are very well aware of the plot, color and configuration.Some of them prefer to panels of tiles depicting birds and animals, while others opt for landscape pictures.To facilitate the choice of the client, they produce colorful catalogs.They appear as a pattern in a single execution, or in combination with ceramic tile.

Manufacturing panels

method of waterjet cutting elements of the image are produced.Tiny particles of grit mixed with water from a special pressure vessel coming to the place of cutting.Metal superhard nozzle creates a jet of small diameter, which comes out of it at high speed.The aqueous solution comes to the cut site, and abrasive particles and carry quenched with water the smallest pieces of the processed material.As a result, the cut appears perfectly smooth surface.

drawing figure

Images can be applied in different ways - the airbrush, decal, mosaic.The traditional composition tile manufacturers are usually performed in several colors.Often the addition of various materials used in the manufacture of panels.Tile pastel colors can be diluted with inserts of saturated colors of porcelain stoneware.

Application panels

Most often this element is used in creating the interior in the kitchen or bathroom.However, there are unconventional its scope.For example, in an exclusive, original interior from leading designers found ceramic tile.The panel, rather decorative composition used in the design of gyms and pools of private homes.Often it is used even in the bedroom.


This element of the interior can be compared with the original work of art both in its beauty and value.Mosaic handmade difficult to distinguish from the beautiful fabric.Realistic images with smooth transitions of colors and shades are achieved by jokes.Very small mosaic elements split into even smaller particles and spread them in full compliance with the developed sketch.

If you look at a picture up close, the impression of disarray, but if you go for a short distance, the individual tesserae miraculously transformed into a stunning painting.

There is another way to create mosaic panels - matrix assembly.This method is easier and therefore cheaper.Images collected from whole tesserae minimum size (10 × 10 mm).Sometimes they are combined with larger items.To speed up and simplify the process of laying pattern is selected on the cardboard (basis).

composition adhered to the created layer of paper on top, and then cut into convenient to transport parts.The installers can only put some elements of panels in the correct order, securing a special glue.As you can see, it's pretty simple.

no secret that the subject content of the ceramic panel clearly shows the room in which it is preferable to place.It is obvious that the sample with rural landscapes, images of a basket of fruit and flowers would be appropriate in the kitchen.Today, the popularity of the lead in relief paintings.They are so voluminous that spontaneously arises quite meaningful desire to take fruit from the bowl.

widely used in the bathroom tiles.Panels are often made with marine motifs or traditional floral patterns.We should not think that it is a dogma, it is only advice, guidance.