The palette of colors for the interior.

human eye is arranged in such a way that they can accept the diversity of color palette of the surrounding world.It is because of this particular life is a multi-faceted and interesting, full of bright colors and positive.

Color Effect

Scientists have proved that the color gamut not only affects the physiological state of a person, but also on the emotional and psychological.Proponents of alternative medicine often used in his practice certain methods of treatment.Their essence lies in the fact that the impact on the subconscious with the help of different colors.The importance and significance of the palette are felt throughout.If it's cloudy and the rain, people can feel depression and even anger, but when the sun shines brightly, the mood lifted and filled with positive emotions.Also important is the surrounding palette of colors for the interior, thanks to a properly chosen shades can give the room the right atmosphere, filled with warmth, depth and ease.After reviewing the features of a colorfu

l palette, you can not just surround himself with beautiful design, but also to create a truly comfortable and cozy space.

White - range opportunities

purity and virginity white can open up opportunities for home decoration.At first glance, it is very simple and monotonous, but it is not.That he combines all the rainbow colors that can give a variety of shades.Wallpapers white will be an excellent backdrop for contrasting accents, perfectly combine all the elements of the interior.Using texture and well-placed lighting can create a variety of game effects.

This color goes well with other members of the panel.It is neutral in its own way, and it is this quality allows you to create organic combination.It is widely used in different stylistic directions, such as classical, minimalism, hi-tech, Baroque and others.For example, in the bedroom with a hint of Provence wallpaper will look great in two colors - white and blue.The first - the dominant, he will deliver a framework that will fill the room cleanliness.Blue can be used as a small figure, it will add sophistication and depth of space.Also, the room, which is dominated by the white color, it is possible to arrange furniture with colorful upholstery.It will act as the main focus and not allow the interior to look monotone and monotonous.

Grey - modern design solution

Lately it has become fashionable to use gray at registration of premises.Previously, such a step does not solve everything designers, considering the gloomy and dull shade.However, when you try to combine it with bright and saturated colors result exceeded all expectations.For example, to hide small defects of planning, quite correctly apply gray.Children's room with this background will not distract the baby from work and act on it annoying.For the brightness necessary to use decorative items and small insertion.

Gray goes well with red, orange, lilac and other rich colors.He is able to open their dignity, to emphasize the nobility and refinement.Decor with a silver sheen look majestic and ornate, but completely devoid of pomposity.These are the interiors show a good taste of the hosts and their high status.

extravagant black

In its pure form this coloring in a residential area practically does not occur.This is mainly due to the complexity and the specific impact on the human psyche.The predominance of black able to oppress, suppress, and even cause depression.However, to completely abandon it not worth it.With the right combination with other colors space can become extravagant, and most importantly - not ordinary, that is inherent to young people with an active lifestyle.

high-tech style is widely used colors like white, gray and black.They are most in harmony with the elegance of simplicity of decoration and furniture decoration.In such areas, it is important to pay special attention to the palette, texture and shape.For example, the black doors in the interior of high-tech can be a contrasting accent.White background accentuate their grace and soften the aggressive effect of dark colors.

Red - aggression or positive?

As already known, in nature there are three primary colors.One is red.Your relationship with him quite controversial, many associate it with heat, power, while others consider it an aggressive and irritable.However, the undisputed advantage of it can be called an active influence on the subconscious, thereby increasing efficiency, there is a surge of strength, fatigue disappears.Red palette of colors for the interior is possible only under the condition of small injections, since it may cause a glut of negative emotions.Use it only in those rooms in which implies active work, for example in the kitchen, office, hallway.

Red is full of variety.Its shades range from light and subtle to saturated dark.Each of them in their own unpredictable and mysterious:

  • pink - soft and feminine;
  • burgundy - the color of maturity and greatness;
  • pomegranate - charming and passionate.

Nursery, which is home to a girl, can be decorated in shades of pink, it will give the room charm and tenderness.For the living room will be the optimal combination of dark coloring terracotta with white elements, this design is filled with deep meaning and greatness.These combinations can be called a truly royal.

fiery beauty orange

most vivid, positive and cheerful color, which took the red and yellow best.Orange interiors are full of light and heat of the summer sun, regardless of the weather outside.Such color will look more conveniently in the kitchen, as well as it affects the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the metabolism, resulting in increased appetite.Diluting it must be calm, pastel colors, to the room did not seem too bright and annoying.For this purpose suitable cream, chocolate, dairy shades.Orange room will always keep the home in good shape, charge a good mood and fill life with positive emotions.On its medicinal properties are legendary, so for families with children, it is simply irreplaceable.

Green - nature at home

Green frequently found in nature, so it is familiar to the human eye.Its use in the interior will help you relax after a busy day and calm the nervous system.It is ideal for rooms that are designed for relaxation.Its shades can be both warm (emerald green, light green) and cold (aqua, turquoise).Therefore, the green color palette for the interior has a sufficiently large range of applications.To compile harmonious compositions fit all iridescent shades - yellow, red, blue, white.Psychologists recommend to use green colors for children's rooms, especially such an option is required if the child is hyperactive.Emerald bedroom with white bed will be proud owners.Its atmosphere is full of peace, having a proper rest and healthy sleep.A living room furniture in dark green tones give the grandeur and wealth.

Choosing the right color palette for the interior will not only provide a cozy and comfortable accommodation, but also contribute to recovery from serious illness.