Art stucco - "Peterhof" knows a good judge!

With skillful hands of masters, extraordinary imagination of designers can turn any room into a real masterpiece of art, if you add in the interior art of plaster stucco.You have yet to see what a real modern stucco?"Peterhof" - the Moscow workshop, which is engaged in the provision of such a service on a professional level since 1994.It will be able to surprise with the results of the work, because more subtle and sophisticated patterns is difficult to imagine.

Fashion for such decorations for apartments come even from the earliest times.The first who came up with to use for decoration three-dimensional images were Egyptian masters: for their pharaohs they are not just created by using stucco decorations, but also wrote the story for future generations, the names and deeds of great men have not been forgotten.

Today art stucco gypsum is experiencing its second renaissance, more and more people are willing to unusually elegantly formalize their homes, offices, to add to the interior notes pretent

iousness, riches, the feeling of being in a historic house, and the company "Peterhof" in thishelping them.

elegance in every element

Art stucco is creating smooth, volumetric lines and elements of such a soft and pliable material, such as gypsum.This is the most appropriate source, because using it really to create the most unusual and complex patterns, and then any wall or ceiling will decorate unique stucco."Peterhof" has achieved great heights and good reputation in this area, because there are real masters of work, who love their job.

today can be decorated with the help of such elements are not only the interior but also the facades that add a certain elegance of the house, which was inherent in the Renaissance, the glory of the splendor of design decisions and wealth of decorative elements.

They shoulder any stucco - "Peterhof" improving every day

Frankly, on the market of such services can find many firms that for a decent payment promise to turn even the most boring walls into an unusual mosaic of patterns and a variety of items, butHere are the real professionals among them are not so much.And if consumers are interested in the highest quality moldings, "Peterhof", or rather, their masters can realize your fantasies and ideas.Many consumers appreciate the opportunity to communicate with the designers, as well as the opportunity to talk about their vision of the ideal wall or ceiling.

you always dreamed about elements of marble in the rooms of your home?Today, for the realization of this desire to use moldings of plaster."Peterhof" offers a coating that mimics not only marble, but the gilding.Any idea voploschaema, the main thing - the desire!

Product details stucco elements and embellishments

Most often consumers are interested in these services stucco on the ceilings, walls, facades.Most companies list of service options is over.Much more is ready to offer its customers shop "Peterhof".Fretwork, the prices of which are starting from 119 rubles for the simplest socket, which is much lower than in other shops, can be embodied even in the columns of neat plaster cornices (230 rub.), Balusters (from 832 rubles).It is also ready to make the most beautiful, with a complex pattern, niches, original panels, as well as cutting and even arms.

Most experts advise on how you can use all of these items is in your interior, which greatly simplify the cooperation artists and customers, as well as accelerate the process works.

Stucco decor and compatibility with interior

Even the most dull, gray, featureless room can be transformed in just a few elements of the molding.Any interior with such elements becomes more fresh elegant look, and it seems even own character and mood.The most well they look in their homes with a classic interior, though without any problems and will add a touch of originality in modern design rooms and will even look harmonious with the style of minimalism - that's how a universal element of the decor is an art professional plaster moldings.

Ā«Peterhof" - workshop with a lot of sketches.On them creates beautiful items that will please you for many years.They were easy to maintain, and even after the frivolous damage with no problems going through a restoration.If you want to change your house or another room - is treated exactly in the studio!