Mirrors with bevel.

interiors that are decorated with a mirror facet have a finished look, while filled with an atmosphere of solemnity, majesty and mystery.Such effects are achieved by the refraction of light, which emits a certain angle diamond shine.Due to the special finish, the items are displayed not only in a certain way, giving the unusual surroundings, but also covers all the colors of the rainbow.

facet.The general concept

French word "facet" in the literal translation means "faceted plane."This technology is used to give the subject of sophistication and extravagance.The first mirror facet have been widely used in France, thanks to this country, they have received recognition and a huge range of applications.

Bevelling surface is made around the perimeter of the product at a certain angle, a measure of degree of which may vary from 100 to 450. In this way, the product is attached to the mirror facet original appearance, and the room visually expands and becomes much more spacious and brighter.

Types facet

Thanks to modern technology professionals can facetted product in several ways:

  • Bilateral cut obtained by applying a small facet on the greater.This option has a wide design possibilities without the use of extraneous elements.It is used for the manufacture of mirrored panels or compositions of several products that will transform the interior beyond recognition.
  • curved facets can be done on the mirror thickness of 5 to 15 mm.Sizes such trim parts should not be less than 45 cm, because the inclination of the face can be up to 40 mm.
  • Straight bevel suitable for decorating small mirror paintings, minimum dimensions - 25x25.The boundaries of the product have direct bevel angle of from 50 to 450. For a finishing thickness of the mirror must not be less than 4 mm, but the broad canvas will require further polishing.

Technology features

In modern times beveling is performed on modern equipment, special automatic machines.Such equipment not only with high precision make bevel and grind the product immediately.Mirrors bevel produced in this way will have a matte finish.And in order to make them transparent, it is necessary to polish the surface.To enhance the originality of the design of such products, you can use a metal baguette, it will emphasize the silvery sheen and texture of fabric.

mirrors with beveled interior

These items can act as an independent element of decor or used for surface finishing.For example, mirror tiles can be original decoration of the ceiling or the floor.Also, it is possible to decorate columns, arches and doorways.Such material hides small defects and even corrects visual layout of the room.The narrow room only win if the issue mirrored wall tiles.This will give the space refinement and unusual, while visually it will deprive the usual boundaries.

Mirror with facet diamonds - the perfect solution for the living room. This subject will give it a versatility and grandeur.And in order to enhance the effect, you can set next to it additional lighting.Professionals recommend using spotlights, thanks to them the whole room is filled with magnificent diamond shine.

For bathroom mirror will be the most successful way, because basically this room has a small area.You can use them to the maximum, without being afraid to go too far with reflections.In order to create a sense of perspective and the endless depths can be tiled on the diagonal, alternating between mirror and ceramic.The angle should be chosen to consider all the nuances, as certain lines can affect the overall perception of space.

If you hang a mirror facet in the kitchen in the dining area, they will reflect favorably cooked meals, increasing their number.According to Feng Shui such an arrangement can not only increase the appetite, but also will contribute to attracting wealth.

bedroom - the only room where it is recommended to use a gently reflecting surface.The main purpose of this room - a good rest, so it will fit into a small space organically mirror facet (photo below).It will give originality, but it will not irritate the human subconscious an abundance of images.

Mirrors with bevel are multi-faceted and colorful interior.Through their application can correct accents, to increase coverage and create light and comfortable atmosphere.With the use of such compositions in the room, even the most simple decoration transformed beyond recognition and will have an unusual, refined and original look.