The front glass lights.

Modern technologies allow to create new ways to furnish the apartment.One option is to decorate the usual room illumination end glasses.Perform the installation of lighting and installation of shelves under the power of anyone.And the result of the work will surprise even the most demanding owners.Where used

end lights?

most frequently used lights to illuminate:

  • shelves;
  • ceiling;
  • signage;
  • logos of companies and shops;
  • and even stairs.

Such widespread use leads to the rapid development of technology and the emergence of new elements, which simplify the installation and use of the backlight.These include:

  • processing technology glass shelves;
  • variety of aluminum profiles and their characteristics;
  • use of various types of glass (Plexiglas, acrylic, etc.);
  • creation of LED lights and ribbons, which greatly simplify the installation of lighting in the groove profile.

The front lights use a lot of ways, but the key to its popularity is the creation of fastening profiles prepared groove.

Profile for illumination

aluminum profile performs two important functions:

  • is the location of the LED strip that provides shelf lighting;
  • secures the shelf and holding it reliable.

For these profiles fit glass shelves with a thickness of about 1 cm. If you use the shelf with a smaller thickness, it is necessary to use a special pad, which will compensate for the difference in thickness and firmly hold the glass in the profile.

interesting !!! End lights glasses can also be used for glass staircases.It will provide comfort, lighting the way in the dark, and create a beautiful soft glow.

installed in the profile strip of LEDs will not spread the light around the edges, it will be directed exclusively on the end of the glass, it will provide additional savings, because the light is not scattered in vain.

Akrilayts and technology of its production

Akrilayts a thin glass plate, which caused the engraving.To produce Akrilayts used:

  • acrylic glass;
  • LED strip;
  • aluminum profile.

mechanism of action of the end of illumination based on physical laws.Light entering from an end face evenly distributed within the glass.In a place where was applied matt engraving, light is scattered, and the inscription begins to glow.Acrylic glass front illumination good spreads the light provides brightness and inscriptions.

These lighting systems are mainly used for internal illumination of logos.The light has a high contrast and looks very impressive.Another advantage is the ability to adjust color and light weight.

Freymlayt and its characteristics

Freymlayt - latest invention, which is an ultra-light system.The big advantage of such systems is the ability to replace a poster with no extra effort, this is thanks to the click-system.The image that you want to highlight, located within the lighting system.

End lights glasses (freymlayt) has many advantages, among which:

  • brightness;
  • efficiency;
  • uniformity of illumination;
  • simplicity when changing the image;
  • wide variety of models (single-sided, without a click-system);
  • modern design.

mount system can be both vertically and horizontally, with the hanging of the ceiling or wall mounting.For more safety freymlayt can be equipped with a protective shield made of acrylic.

aluminum profile has a minimum thickness, so the system is thinner than freymlayt not exist.

distinctive quality shelves with lighting

Illuminated shelves are increasingly used in modern interiors.They give the originality and style of the space and consume minimal power.In addition to the shelf can be arranged potted plants, they will not overheat and will be beautifully illuminated at any time.

  • use luminous shelves allowing visually expand the space and make it interesting.
  • When set to end glass LED strip is possible to adjust the illumination color or set the function of smooth color transitions.
  • Color management is performed using a radio transmitter or controller.
  • backlight glass shelves is small in size, so successfully used even for lightweight structures.
  • illumination provides uniform lighting of objects placed on the shelves.

illumination for glass shelves

End lights glass can either be mounted own and purchased off the shelf, already attached directly to the end of the shelf.Backlight build with their own hands is quite simple, besides there is a great opportunity to bring a unique idea.

LED strip is placed in the profile for the front glass backlight.Such an arrangement provides uniform distribution of light.

Attention !!! To make the most uniform illumination, it is necessary to make a matte outer end of the shelf, and the internal, on the contrary, leave clear.

backlight matte distinctive design.To do this, the tape of the LEDs installed in aluminum profile, and then in the profile is fixed shelf of frosted glass.Matt surface allows the light to create a soft diffused light.

method of mounting the backlight

Mounting the illumination profile in the following way:

  • Cut the required size of the aluminum profile.It should clearly reflect actual glass shelves.The thickness profile must also match the thickness of the shelf.To be able to set the backlight on the profile, you must delete all the tabs.
  • After this profile is necessary to prepare the holes and mount it on the wall (it is important not to forget about the use level).
  • When the profile is securely attached, you can start installing the mechanical glass backlight.It is installed in the groove, which is specifically provided in the profile.

Important !!! The groove profile should be a plastic insert, it can not be clean, otherwise the circuit may occur due to contact LEDs with aluminum.

  • Then you can set the profile of the glass, for greater strength it can score with a rubber hammer.

ceiling lights

Plexiglas Plexiglas - a material that has a good sound and heat insulation.Most of it settling glass ceiling with lighting.As often between apartments in addition to floor slabs and the flooring is nothing, insulation is very low.Construction of the ceiling Plexiglas solve this problem.

Before mounting the glass ceiling must be prepared.To this end, using a hacksaw to it given the required shape, the edges are processed and they drilled holes, which will later be installed LED lights.

If desired, the glass can be applied to drawing or inscription, then it will be highlighted, and the rest of the surface will have a soft contrast glow.Figure initially applied to the self-adhesive paper, then the contour is drilled in the glass.Glass ceiling illuminated the interior looks very stylish and visually make the room more spacious.

Using lighting end of the glass surface, you can create a unique design.Ease of installation makes this way of interior decorating becoming more popular.In addition, the use of LEDs to save energy and ensure maximum safety and durability.