Redevelopment of kitchen and bathroom: the beauty and comfort

Everyone wants to live in a comfortable and modern home.Everyone wants a house has a high functionality.But not everyone can afford to live in a big house.The big drawback of conventional apartments is a small kitchen area and a bathroom.And you need to have a lot of talent to make these small and uncomfortable at first glance, the room in comfortable rooms with extensive functionality.

And in this case, great help can have professional designers.In some cases, you may need to complete the reconstruction of the premises, and sometimes just a few manipulations to transform these rooms and make them cozy and comfortable.Disposition of the premises can vary from high-tech to classic by the customer and the designers.

Still, there are some rules.Redevelopment should start it from the kitchen.It should adhere to the principle: do not interfere, and everything is at hand.Kitchen set is necessary to choose the companies that make furniture to order.The company "Kitchen for Men" - one of the leaders in the p

roduction of cheap kitchens to order with absolutely any size cabinets and drawers.Site factory

The kitchen should be allocated three zones: a dining room and a working area and a zone of passage.And a significant role in the division into zones plays lighting, which should also be zoned.Proper lighting will make the kitchen more spacious, more comfortable and more convenient.To obtain a better use of light colors.Tiles as the fa├žade, and the floor, select the small size.Sometimes one embodiment demolition considered one of the walls, with the proviso that it is not the carrier.Combining appears room that combines two functions - living room and dining room.In this case, it is important to establish a good hood over the stove.The perfect solution for a small kitchen can be a functional mobile furniture.

Remodelling a bathroom can also be achieved by combining two spaces: a toilet and a bathtub.Modern technologies allow to move and bathtub, sink and other more convenient locations.You can add new plasterboard partitions, which later get off tiles or panels.It should be well thought out lighting, on which depends the comfort of the room: it can be a lighting device may be a few light bulbs built into the ceiling, wall in one of the zones.Be sure to think about what you want to put the furniture in the bathroom: a container for toiletries, a chest of drawers for towels and linen, and perhaps a small banquette.An important step in planning a bathroom floor.No matter which sex is supposed to: the filler, or tile - in the first place, you need to think about waterproofing.Thus, you can protect yourself from the war with its neighbors due to accidental flooding.Be sure to provide a threshold that will promote water retention in the same room in case of emergency.Finishing materials in a small bathroom should also be light colored.If you want a tile with a pattern, you should not choose a major figure in order not to make the room visually less bulky.

entrusted to an experienced designer, you can turn the room essentials in the most comfortable room in the house.