Installation Décor

great variety of scenery requires different techniques and methods of installation.This is due to the nature and properties of the material from which made this decoration: the characteristics of strength, weight characteristics, the location and other factors.

for mounting banners, often used the foundation of a wooden or metal frame, this design is perfect for screens and dividing walls on thematic presentations to the web banner is not shone under the surface of the pull black cellophane or cloth.To attach a banner fabric over a wooden frame are perfect staples, metal ties or nylon stretch fabric dense and strong, but for a better fixing, in some cases it is advisable to provide a substrate made of plywood.When mounting a banner on the wall is necessary to think in advance about the eyelets through which the produced attachment with ropes or cords.

For installation of scenery of fabric, depending on the site of attachment and apply stylistic solutions, often used brackets, this option allows you

to securely attach the web, in addition, you can create the necessary bends and folds.Of course, the need for mounting brackets wooden substrate.As for fixing the fabric can be treated nylon tie.For mounting the fabric is sometimes used adhesive, it is important to take into account the properties of the adhesive, it must firmly hold the fabric, but not to damage it, and do not corrode.Some elements of the tissue can be fixed with stretch marks, it is very important at high altitudes, where the possibility of mounting limited.

scenery from different types of plastic, depending on the destination, thicker form, pre-cut with special equipment, can be fixed with a special glue kosmofen, but it is possible and fastening with screws.

Full-scale decorations, usually difficult to transport, so going on the site of a number of elements here thought out in advance fasteners and junctions that will securely fasten the construction and do it as soon as possible.Because of the diversity of species such scenery is possible to use a variety of materials and technologies.Often, solid structures consisting of several elements joined in the grooves and securely twisted.

important when installing scenery to consider the possibility of placing the sound and lighting equipment.This will do the exact same job twice as well as not to spoil the scenery themselves.To this must be chosen the correct sequence of work, especially if they are carried out by different organizations.If

provides a change of scenery campaign performance, it is necessary that assembly and disassembly is easy and fast, in this case using special fasteners that allow to do it in a matter of seconds.

In general, it should be noted that the phase of installation is one of the most important, so it should be given enough time, so it does not turn into a frenzied race that certainly affect the quality of the picture and the safety of spectators and artists.Further qualification of installers is a system-forming factor, which determines the result.