Technical Requirements Manufacturing scenery

manufacturing process of scenery is not the standard template or assembly-line production, it is every time a creative search, which includes: the ability to grasp the idea of ​​the customer, development and coordination of the layout, which expresses the specific character of the event, drawing up and updating of the estimates, the selection of the necessary materials and production technologies,as well as timely delivery and installation of decorations on the specified object.In order to at each stage of work was done accurately and on time the company is engaged in the manufacture of decorations should have a cohesive team of professionals.

each employee depends on the success: the task of creating beautiful designer interesting design of the project, the task of the designer selection of materials and calculation of limit load and already on the basis of these data, the economist is able to calculate the exact cost of the event.Only after the approval of all the nuances of getting into the act ind

ustrials that step-by-step model to reproduce a consistent reality.Another important step is the installation of structures, as the time for this step in connection with a number of economic conditions is limited, only highly qualified specialists are able to accurately and on time to do what is required of them, namely the strength and reliability of fastening of all the components, the geometric accuracy andthe organic installed scenery.

First of all, pay attention to the requirements for materials used Requirements: This lightness, strength, if necessary resistance to natural factors, if the installation of decorations is expected in the street, easy to work with this material, which allows to speed up the production process and, therefore,reduce cost.

One of the main requirements for the materials used is high decorative quality, which is important.Properly selected materials avoid excessive fragmentation of scenery, to increase their strength and speed of installation.Some materials possess specific properties such as ductility, for example, that as claimed in the manufacture of certain types of decorations.In the production of the scenery is extremely useful to have data on a wide range of materials and combinations thereof, it can greatly simplify the search.

only care and detailed attention to each step of the method in the complex to a unique great results, you want the customer event.This will create an unforgettable event, which for a long time will remain in the hearts of the invited guests, performers and organizers.In this way, our company is suitable to the process of decorating a whole and to each stage in particular.