Tile adhesive

main recommendations when choosing a tile adhesive.

time when the tiles were laid on the sand and cement solution is long gone.Today the market

adhesive for tiles and porcelain tiles offers us a wide variety of formulations for bonding.

Differences have a lot of glue, this brand of production, and the appointment, and the price.

The composition of all adhesives are divided into several types: cement, one-component and two-component.

The first type is a dry mixture of farmed water.

single component part - a ready-made pasta.Pros of it is that he has already sold off the shelf and is more suited to those who make repairs on their hands for the first time.Two-represented on the shelves in the form of two components, which are mixed before use.They are mostly used for finishing wet rooms.

Clay tile or porcelain is a dry mortar.To make it, need water and the industrial mixer.Dissolving the composition in water is needed only after reading the recommendations are on the packaging composition.If t

he water in the composition will be very much, the solution loses its adhesive properties.The solution should be used immediately until it "fresh".

to apply the solution on the tile you want to use special notched trowel.The layer of the solution is one of the main indicators, which determine how to keep tiles.Optimum layer is not more than 4 mm.If it is more, in the future perhaps peeling from the surface of the tiles.

important point is that the adhesive must be applied to most of the tiles.A huge mistake people make when trying to save on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.Tiles bonded so easily moves away from the surface.

Types adhesive for ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles :

1) Primary - its low cost, suited to this part of the wall tiles of small size (20 * 20 cm., 20 * 30 cm.);

2) reinforced - suitable for fixing floor tiles and porcelain tiles of large format.Sometimes it is used for external works;

3) of natural stone - the composition is used for exterior trim and heavy natural materials;

4) Adhesive for bonding the tiles in the pool;

5) Tools for finishing stoves with ceramic tiles - withstands high temperatures

lost in the variety of choices adhesive for ceramic tile is not difficult.Most importantly, choose a structure that is right for your type of room.Stick to the guidelines that are given no packaging.Do not try to save money and buy a very expensive mixture.Stick to the rules of the golden mean.