Wooden Kitchen Sink, Made In France

All outstanding achievements in the field of kitchen equipment is brand LUISINA .The campaign produces kitchen sink stainless steel, naturalita, ceramic and granite kitchen sinks in the style of a French retro and country and even the washing of wood.Wooden Kitchen sink - perhaps, whether it?Although pervosti it is hard to imagine, in our time not only real, but also very stylish and fashionable.

certainly not one of the well-known manufacturers of kitchen sinks releases wooden washing .But in this article tells about the brand LUISINA.It is no coincidence, since LUISINA designs and manufactures kitchen sinks and accessories that combine practicality and comfort with the German and French charm functionality using exclusive materials and architectural design.An example of such a refined and stylish kitchen sink produced from wood, a washing Tenor from the series Luisiwood, about the features of which will be discussed in this article.To sink for the kitchen meets the mandatory requirements, name

ly high resistance to decay, humidity, to high and low temperatures, as a material used tree with incomparable quality properties - which grows in Burma teak.

over the production employs highly trained specialists, cabinetmakers.Woodworking is on environmentally friendly equipment, using modern production technologies.The material obtained in the compound thin slices of wood.The surface of the finished product is coated with several layers of high quality varnish, which makes cleaning obligatory for her performance.The successful combination of research and designers and artists living material - wood - allows you to recognize the wash really unique.It should be added that each wooden sink handcrafted.Through this model, all are somewhat different from each other and, ultimately, unique.

Thanks lacquered and specially selected wood, washing kitchen becomes an element of high quality kitchen furniture at the most exquisite cuisine, occupying a prominent place in a number of built-in kitchen appliances.If sufficient care and attention befitting such an object, its owner to make sure that all his expectations were fully met.Some simple rules that it is desirable to perform, are specified in this article.

• For daily cleaning use a soft sponge and water and soap.To remove more complex, including lime, stains can be applied slightly warm vinegar.Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, as well as many aggressive household products - for degreasing, cleaning agents containing acid, the chemical composition and undiluted bleach.

• Protect the kitchen sink from excessive heat - over 90 ° C.It is enough not to sink in the warm food containers, pots, pans and spill boiling or very hot liquids.

• To protect polished coating from damage and scratches, it is recommended when working with products use cutting board and basket, which can be purchased together with the sink.To correct small scratches or damage that does happen, you need to immediately carry out repairs with the help of polish.

• If you want to keep the sink, it should be placed in dry and ventilated area with an average level of humidity and temperature.

Provided follow simple rules specified care and precautions, kitchen sink , made of wood, as the true family values, for a long time will bring joy and pride the owners, maintaining its original appearance.Preview of the different models of wooden sinks for the kitchen and you can buy your favorite version of the online store Atlant-Yu through the site http://www.atlant-u.ru.