Skylights as an alternative to electric lighting.

In today's world, a daily electrical energy and something to take for granted.People used to use it mindlessly, almost automatically.Understanding what electricity is indispensable and firmly established in our lives arises particularly acute when it is switched off.For electricity, along with nuclear and hydroelectric power plants are using petroleum products, which is not cheap, especially in recent times when the cost of a barrel of oil had topped 100.e. We have not yet learned how to produce electricity, using only the power of wind and sun, so to conserve minerals need to spend it sparingly.Use light bulbs saves a lot of electricity, but does not use electric lighting during the day does allow skylights that illuminate the room with sunlight.Natural sunlight has a sparing effect on the human eye does not cause fatigue, loss of attention as in any modern lighting facilities lamps.
Due to the fact that skylights can significantly save energy and beneficial effect on the human body they increasingly

include projects for new buildings.Sometimes they include an estimate of repair and decoration of apartments.Not complex design lamps consisting of a flat base and a transparent dome allows them to be mounted in the roof of the existing buildings.Installing multiple skylights helps create the translucent surface of the roof and to provide insight into the space sufficient light during daylight hours.
skylights differ not only by the process of fixing, but also the type of material from which made the dome.There are two kinds of material is polycarbonate and acrylic.And the first favorably with high strength acrylic.It is necessary to take into account that the dome must support the weight of snow, hail strikes, a possible mechanical effect.To increase the strength can be assembled multilayer dome, which will have enhanced thermal insulation properties.Polycarbonate lamp is an effective protection against ultraviolet radiation.
skylights different mode of mounting anti-aircraft and ridge.Skylights located on sloping ground to roof lighting of separate rooms in the building.Ridge lights mounted one behind the other along the top edge of the roof on the ridge.This allows sunlight to illuminate fully all premises in the building.The base of the lamp must be placed at a height of 30-50 centimeters, which will not lose a significant portion of sunlight.
have skylights there is one more feature is the ability to use them as another outlet on the roof.By means of unlocking the door to the roof skylights are divided into the following types:

  • automatic way the opening passage by pressing the button on the remote control;
  • mechanical process is carried out turning - off toggle switch;
  • manual way to open as usual window frame;
  • not open lights.

lamp fitted with an opening part may help in the future not only for easy penetration to the surface of the roof, but also to quickly ventilate the room.
When installing skylights, it is important to pay attention to how they fit into the overall look of the building.It should be noted that the shape of lights may not necessarily only be rectangular, square, substantially triangular and octagonal embodiments.The degree of convexity of the dome is calculated based on the angle of incidence of light, the perfect location - it is perpendicular to the light rays.
light-transmitting part of the lamp can be either transparent or opaque.To give the building individuality can install stained glass.
use of solar energy, can significantly save electricity, as well as environmental skylights make more and more popular in today's world.