Design room 18 square meters.

Recently the increasing popularity receive a large area of ​​the room, which are both an entrance hall, living room, kitchen.To achieve this, many residents rebuild an existing layout, connecting adjacent rooms.

majority of our compatriots are accustomed to the standard layout.Today we will discuss how to design a room 18 square meters.m. Th

e hall of this size is not too many options for interior decoration, but they are there, and today we'll introduce you to them.

Features small hall

guest room is designed to be the venue for the evening with your family.Undoubtedly, it is easier to issue the interior design of the hall, which is completely designed for relaxation.It is quite another thing when in a room planned for family dinners or device sleeping area.How to be in this case?The answer is quite simple.It is necessary to divide the room into functional zones.

How to choose the style

Do not try to blindly copy the page from the magazine, creating the design of the room 18 square meters.m. The hall of this size requires a special approach.You must apply a fantasy look unusual look at usual things.And most importantly, decide what style will be your living room.

small size room will be more dynamic and brighter if its interior is complemented by decorative panels of bright contrasting color tiles.

Comfort and simplicity of the room made in the ethnic style is emphasized unusual shelves.Recreating the idea for the room, it is important to comply with the measure, do not overload the room with many details.Several of the original decorative techniques much more effective clutter decor.

color scheme of the room

Modern design involves the use of the hall light palette.Take advantage of some proven methods of designers with experience of working with such facilities.

  • In the small hall of mirrors to be used.
  • Do not use vertical stripes at all, or combine it with a horizontal pattern.


special approach is needed in the choice of furniture, if you create a design room 18 square meters.m. The hall of this size should be fitted with a compact and functional furniture appropriate dimensions.It is desirable that the furniture was not contrasting colored wallpaper.

choosing a sofa, you should consider how often you go away.If you often get friends, it is advisable to buy the corner sofa that can accommodate more people.It is best to install in the opposite corner of the room from the entrance.

White Hall: the pros and cons

As we have noted, it is desirable to use bright colors, creating a design room 18 square meters.m. The hall will seem taller and wider.

Some designers go further and offer a small living issue entirely in white.In this case, the walls are white, furniture, floor.

design rooms with or without balcony looks very stylish in this version.You can use the stretch of white ceiling.For him, you can select both glossy and matte paintings.Encased in a more appropriate design spotlights positioned on both lines, width and length.Fitters at the site will be able to tell you another version of the original mount fixtures on this snow-white ceiling.

Retail Network (as well as online stores) today can offer white parquet flooring, laminate or linoleum.This should be diluted with white interior bright (possibly with a picture) coloring cushions for sofas, paintings, watches with an original design, vases.This is necessary to ensure that your living room did not look like a hospital ward.

For the sense of space makes sense to add a glass table, use transparent partitions.We should not forget that this will require a very refined interior caring attitude to all its elements, neatness and cleanliness.Most people in the photograph like white interior, but in the apartment they do not want or can not use it.Undoubtedly, if the house has a small child, to maintain the beauty of the white long hall unlikely.


Another important detail that should be taken into account those who create such a complex design.The room should have a corresponding design of the window.

One option may be to consider the use of transparent tulle without dense curtains.

Even the most stylish interior is unfinished, if not carefully thought-out design of the window in the hall.

many of our readers concerned with the question: "How do I choose blinds or curtains, sophisticated models with drapes, ruffles and countless folds or use a simple form of curtains?".First of all, creating the design of the windows in the room should reflect the overall style of the room, its light and color palette.It is absurd and inappropriate will look heavy and voluminous curtains of velvet or satin in a room in the style of hi-tech.Conversely, laconic blinds do not emphasize the elegance of the Empire style.

Because today we are talking about a small room, it is better to give preference to air and transparent curtains of tulle, organza.It is not necessary to overload their intricate details.If the room is very light, you can use curtains and blinds or thin translucent curtains and thick curtains that protect from bright sunlight, especially if the room is organized sleeper.The room is decorated in bright colors, you can decorate the window curtains saturated colors, or use a cloth with a pattern.