Interior: Construction of premises in the eastern style.

With the intention of obtaining a comfortable and cozy apartment space, it is recommended to select the most optimal connection of first-class materials and colorings.
in the East assumed (Science " Feng "), that color can play an extremely important function.He is able to convey everything.In accordance with the norm, most preferably juicy, rich, intense colors.In the eastern interior is used, red, spruce, blue, sky, pink, emerald tones.They may be used separately or together yet.A good addition to these colors become classics, iewhite and black color.A very good way to soften overly saturated colors coffee background.There optimally used natural materials, such as all kinds of stones, natural fabrics, wood.
The interior oriental style all kinds of fabrics are always in abundance.With their help the home to become more comfortable and enjoyable.Divinely may look organza, velvet cloth, brocade, real silk, as well as many others.This variety there is no edge.They do not apply solely to the design of c

onventional windows.Can often be used for coverings of furniture, wall coverings, and among others, are used as partitions for dividing rooms.
Prerequisite for the house in oriental style design - flooring soft fluffy valuable carpet on which deliver an incredible pleasure to walk barefoot, that is not only good, but also useful.Unlike other design styles, where the advantage can be given and plain carpets, oriental style using bright, beautiful carpets with diverse patterns.
furniture here too requires unusual.She is a little lower than normal for us, traditional furniture.It does not apply ordinary chairs.And in the course are low stools made of wood.Although it is not mandatory.Often, one may use special pillows.As a rule, these pads are stacked around the table, pressing his feet.
So when you definitely decided to create exactly the oriental style, then you need to completely forget about conventional cabinets.Now things should be exclusively on the shelves.Also, do not spoil the oriental style design furniture.In this case, important to drapery and coloring fabrics were able to fit in the whole situation.
important condition for the creation of oriental style - there must be a minimum of items.Of excess and unnecessary need to get rid of.