Four-poster bed as a highlight of the bedroom

Most of us dream about extraordinary interior bedroom.Fortunately, there are many different ways in order to realize his dream into reality.One of them - a four-poster bed.So what is the canopy - a fashion trend or an anachronism, a convenient form of construction or pretentious?These are the questions we try to answer through this article.

When we hear the word "canopy" in our imagination arise chic royal apartments, or at least, the bedrooms are very rich and noble elites, as well as a fabulous room to the east.

In ancient times four-poster bed to perform not only a decorative function.Yes, the bed canopy is fenced off from the outside world by a light chiffon or silk curtains, but at the same time bringing undeniable benefits.The spacious rooms with high ceilings, it was cool enough, no matter how well they are not heated, and for the canopy was much warmer and cozier.In addition, with the help of the canopy can be set up border private "intimate" zone for noble owners of the castle.It is often

served as a huge hall bedroom, where, together with their masters and the servants slept.

We all know that the canopy is considered to be the birthplace of the ancient East.In this country, canopy over the bed was used as a protection from drafts and insects.Just a big umbrella (nice canopy) protect the king from the wind and rain.

Today, protection needs a comfortable sleep on the climatic and weather conditions modern humans do not.However, the four-poster bed still relevant, though mainly used for decorative purposes.It can be seen not only in Versailles, or any other seals, but also in modern homes and buildings.With this unique item you can create an exotic atmosphere in the room, to aspire to not only VIPs, but also ordinary people.

masters from earlier canopy dense and heavy fabrics, but now the preferred light and flowing matter.At its creation wizard have spared no expensive fabrics and embroidered with fringe or abundant gilding.Every year it becomes more and more beautiful, acquiring more modern forms.

Not every owner can boast four-poster bed, however, argue that it is able to create a certain atmosphere in the interior, it is impossible.These beds in furniture stores or catalog pages engage the attention, but beyond that it usually is not.And for good reason.After all, this bed looks expensive, stylish and elegant, not only on the avenues of luxury design magazines, but also in the common areas.

most often with four-poster beds to acquire children's rooms.In this case, they play a role not only decorative, but also are functional purpose.Today canopy for crib has become an important accessory, because it promotes healthy sleeping baby, protecting it from drafts, dust, insects, light lamps and sunlight.With all these indisputable advantages canopy looks impressive and expensive, decorating the nursery, and turning in bed heavenly bed.

Earlier, four-poster bed is a massive structure, now it is transformed into lighter canopies.In total, there are several variants of such frameworks, which are adapted for a particular style and live a full life in any interior.

One of the most popular options - bed four-poster, or, for example, four-poster bed is round.Such designs often want to see in their homes, modern city dwellers.

But some would have you choose a sample four-poster bed, you can be sure that your bedroom will complement the best piece of furniture.Canopy perfectly fit into any interior and bring a certain flair to the room, which did not go unnoticed either you or your guests.