The design of modern apartment.

What should be the design of modern apartment?Perhaps the answer to this question, everyone sticks to his tastes and financial capabilities.However, there are certain trends that should definitely consider if you want your home was stylish and original.

Design modern apartment is different monochromatic surfaces.With its creation, using materials with cool drawings, at least the various little things and accessories.This interior does not differ too much warmth and comfort, but it does not mean that in such an environment to live uncomfortable.

its advantages is that it does not have any strict rules and regulations, so each owner can experiment to create your ideal apartment.

general rules of modern design

This design assumes a straight line.Effectively look simple geometric shapes - sphere, cylinder.Modern apartment should not be framed in bright colors.Today, the most used are shades of beige, gray, white.However, one or two bright accents still needs a modern apartment.For example, you can

draw a bright room.

apartment in a modern style - a free room without walls or borders.The more it is light, air - the better.It must be harmoniously divided into functional areas by the right of straddling furniture.

If you do not want to give up the carpet on the floor, use them.But they should not be too bulky and hairy, choose a light product with a geometric pattern.

design of modern apartment can not be created without the use of gloss.But at this point it is important to comply with the measure - an abundance of shine might look vulgar.

choice of furniture is very important to choose the right furniture.In this respect, modern style puts strict requirements: perfect shape, clear lines, the complete absence of draperies and slipcovers.If you tire straight lines, dilute their round table and a low sofa.

Making windows

should not forget about the windows.It is desirable that they were big and occupied an entire wall.To minimize the annoying glances neighbors, be careful with the outer coating on the windows.The design of the windows in a modern apartment is better to use narrow blinds, Roman blinds or mesh screen.

such an important part of the interior as accessories, too, must be chosen very carefully.There should not be a lot, and arrange them around the apartment should not be random, but in accordance with the chosen style.

bedroom apartment

Modern design studio will require a special approach.After all, in a single room, you must place an office, living room and bedroom.It's easy to do, if the room has a free plan.But what about the owners of the typical one-bedroom apartments?


In recent years, the most common form of this transformation is a studio apartment when the demolished wall between bathroom and kitchen.They are replaced by light partitions.For example, the bar, which successfully shared a room in the area.

design small modern apartment is usually created using a variety of sliding partitions.They indicate the correct zone.Problems with finding such an element of the interior today is not there - in the order you will make any partition, for example, with inlays of frosted or stained glass that will create an atmosphere of ease in the apartment.

Opponents of sliding partitions and screens can be zoned apartment without them.In this case, a different finish floor or ceiling of the room.For example, the carpet can continue laminate or tile.Immediately it becomes clear where it ends and begins working area recreation area.

Very stylish interior of modern apartment looks podium.Looking up at him chairs and coffee table, you achieve diversity in design.

small one-room apartment, of course, decorate the light and functional furniture.

modern design kitchen in the apartment

Often, we come to the conclusion that it is time to make a change in the design of our homes, and in particular food.The reasons for this can be many: tired old furniture and appliances, floor and wall coverings is not pleasing to the eye, the desire to make some refreshing touches to an existing design.In each of these cases, you must perform different amounts of work, respectively, and the budget will be different too.

If you decide to radically change the design of the kitchen, it is possible to use a method of zoning with the help of illumination, built-in ceilings (suspended) or furniture fronts.

creating the design of the kitchen in the apartment a large area, you should start from the premise of the degree of loading.In other words, if you attach a lot of time cooking, and you have a lot of kitchen appliances, you will need a variety of spacious closets with sliding systems, special storage for combines, toasters and kneading machines.

If the cooking for you is not a priority, you can use multiple cabinets with the original design instead of the overall U-shaped wall.

creating the design of the kitchen in the apartment a large area, the lack of usable area is not particularly noticeable.For such a modern kitchen look, you will need to wall with cupboards and stove with oven, dishwasher, washer-dryer, refrigerator and seating area - table, chairs, sofa.

In a large room you can afford and a kitchen island.Today it is a very trendy design element.

young people are happy to use the design studio apartment.This is not surprising, because the open space for the realization of a large number of original ideas.

Design kitchen-living room is to use the appropriate furniture upholstery, which is able to cope with the impact of moisture and odors.An interesting solution to this problem may be a sliding glass wall.It is able to create a sound and reliable zapahoizolyatsiyu.

Modern classic design apartments

modern classic - the harmony, elegance, and beauty.The interior in this style is not overloaded with unnecessary details, because it involves a lot of free space.Muted tones, multi-level ceilings, niches, arches, fireplaces - all indispensable attributes of a modern classic.

features modern classics

This discreet style differs straight wall surfaces.They can be covered with a cloth.Furniture must necessarily be made of expensive wood.Every detail is made by hand in classic proportions, whether the piece of furniture, lighting and tableware, holds a special appeal and value.

design of modern apartment implies the presence of a large number of mirrors visually expand the room and give it lightness.Harmoniously decorate the interior columns with capitals or fireplaces, beautiful marble.

Today, a special textile, developed by special technology.It retains decorative properties inherent classicism - a large variety of colors of flowers, a special strength.Such fabrics are perfectly combined with soft furnishings and shades of wood and fit into modern interior design apartments.

Draperies and curtains on the windows have a complex but elegant form.To finish using a brush or similar in texture and shade fabric options.