Minimalism - a ... What is minimalist design?

Want to know what is minimalism?This direction in art, design, architecture, characterized by the use of simple forms, monochrome, limiting the number of transformation and art materials.Now is a very popular concept of interior design.However, it should examine the specific features of the style to see if it fits the selected areas, whether your character and the rhythm of life.

little history

Minimalism - a style that came to architecture and design, after the First World War.Modern, with its luxurious decor and designs are now associated with the past, with the people, which led to war society.The new concept represents the maximum functionality of each part, the use of simple forms, the lack of a lush decor in the architecture of buildings, and in the interior.The Russian style started to come into vogue in the 20s.The twentieth century, in Europe, it was only in the sixties.In general, the fashion - is not static, it is constantly changing, in motion, cycled back to certain laws.Viewed our st

yle again becomes relevant when the society is tired of pretentiousness forms of excessive pomp and decoration.

Minimalism in interior design

Residence, made in a style reminiscent of the studio.It has no partitions, and one part of the house smoothly into the other.There is only a clear division of space on the service area and resting place.Minimalism - a way of life, worldview.It characterizes the single most creative people, poets, architects, editors of glossy magazines that most of the time is given to work.

hard to imagine a family with children living in an apartment with a limited number of things.When there is a child in the house a lot of toys and other accessories.The minimalist interior is all organic and concisely.Definitely no corners and cubbyhole, which accumulate unnecessary things.This method of organizing space for traditional Japanese and corresponds to the principles of Feng Shui, which states that all unnecessary objects obstructing the room hinder the movement of beneficial energy.Minimalism - a great option for the organization of recreational areas.

Space planning is often done not by walls but by dividing the floor into areas covered with different finishing materials.Also used semitransparent and sliding septum and glass fabric.

special role windows

In such an interior must is the abundance of light, so the windows have to be large.In typical homes, of course, have to settle for the standard sizes, but in this case should not hang heavy curtains.If the window a beautiful landscape, you do not live on the ground floor and not close to other houses, you can do without curtains.If you need to still hide privacy from prying eyes or to hide from the sun is too bright, it is better to use roman blinds, roller or Japanese, light pastel shades.

Round are decorative, often non-woven fabric with textured pattern that using a special roller mechanism is going to the top of the window.The drive can be either mechanical or electrical.Roller blinds are made of opaque fabric that unfolded looks like a flat sheet, and rising up, going in the right horizontal folds.Japanese curtains are reminiscent of the screen, where a large rectangular sheet moves along the guide rails.In each room you can use a different type of "clothing" for the windows if it will fit harmoniously into the overall concept of the interior.


it should be as functional, not clutter the space.Welcomes the use of different variants of transformation, when the sofa there are spacious storage drawers or a bed turns into invisible podium.The table is hidden in the closet, and expanded as needed.The computer is behind a sliding door cabinet.Preference is given to all kinds of modular and integrated design that allows to unload space.The necessary elements of furniture are put forward, are arranged as needed.

Upholstered furniture can be both one-color upholstery and fabric combining several shades.Despite the austerity of the interior, it is quite possible to use several contrasting pillows.

Interior Decorating

How can I arrange a house wall?Minimalism involves the use of natural, sometimes even rude materials.Distributed the following options:

  • brick;
  • relief plaster;
  • stone;
  • tree;
  • cork.

If the walls hang wallpaper, then usually selected paintings, intended for painting.As a floor covering used floorboard without a throw, a colorful pattern.

from decorative elements are acceptable in simple picture frames, black-and-white photographs, geometric sculptures.You can not get involved in the use of gifts and decorative elements.Minimalism - a sense of proportion in everything.To manually create the interior, you need to have an impeccable sense of harmony and taste.


minimalist style uses bright muted tones.Be sure to present:

  • white;
  • milk;
  • ash;
  • gray;
  • black.

latter two in conjunction with the first stress rigor, graphic quality of the interior.Usually two dominating selected chromatic or achromatic color, and thereto are matched in a small amount of contrasting colors.

How to create a minimalist style in the living room

Gone are the days when people just papered the walls of wallpaper, ceiling and floor are painted - in a word, using the fact that we were able to buy.Now the choice of finishing materials is huge.This significantly extends the range of design possibilities.Now everyone is trying to pick up the colors, textures, furniture, decor and accessories in accordance with any idea.It is a pledge of harmony and beauty.

If you opted for a minimalist style, studio apartment - the best option for this concept.In this room you will feel the freedom of the surrounding space.The main emphasis is put on the living room.You can make this room in a minimalist style even in an apartment with traditional walls and partitions.

materials, colors and light

central place of the apartment is usually the living room.Minimalism is suitable for it anyway.To sustain the interior within the strict limits of the concept, it is important to choose the right finish.To make better use of the laminate floor, but also suitable linoleum brown or gray tones.Pay special attention to the ceiling.It is best to use a cozy caramel, peach or coffee shades.The color of dark chocolate, you, of course, surprise guests, but will get the impression of a significant reduction in the height of the room.This option is suitable in the case of a high ceiling arrangement.Lighting sources make few, so that during the reception of guests use a stylish ceiling structure, and in the evening - for reading or watching TV - sconces.

living room furniture and decor

Buy Modular sofa-transformer, which may optionally be converted into a bed.Especially good are the angular model.They allow the most convenient to use the space of the room have large built-in storage compartments, and are combined with shelves for books, bars, small coffee tables.All the necessary kit in one set, take up little space.You will have a cozy living room.Minimalism around and comfort - things uniquely compatible.

choose bright colors.Dark should be used in small amounts, particularly in a small room.Remember not to get involved in the decor.You can hang on the wall a few pictures in simple frames, or even without them, put a floor vase to decorate or three contrasting sofa cushions.Good will look big mirror, only without the elaborate frame.It is visually expands the space, add light, succinctly fit into the style of minimalism.This is a fairly common technique used in this concept.

Other rooms

Also living in the house, of course, there are many other places where you can also use the design in the same style: a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom and even a toilet.All should think through the details.Better when all the rooms are designed in a single concept, even though it is not necessarily.

place where the hostess spends most of the time - the kitchen.Minimalism here involves no unnecessary decoration, some of the many traditional gifts, pot holders, vases, containers of bulk products, put up for public display.Everything should be as neat, restrained and elegant.

Minimalism in interior design involves the division of space into zones by a translucent light screens and partitions at half height.That may be so framed kitchen.It is made one with the dining room or living room, visually separating at the same bar, lighting, construction of decorative glass blocks, shelves with potted flowers.

Kitchen set to be the most functional.You can use a sliding or folding versions of tables, bar.Front color choose white, cream, gray - without ornaments and relief.Well look reflective glossy surface.As decoration pick up a beautiful apron with an original design.

So the house minimalism - a combination of functionality, harmony and brevity.If your presentation looks so cozy, try to organize the space of the apartment on the principles of this style.However, it is worth remembering that on their own to create a minimalist interior is not easy.It is necessary to constantly monitor themselves, not to overload the floor, ceiling, wall decor and color.