Minimalism what?

Today we tell about the brightest and most controversial style of the XX century.

Minimalism - a style of design that is characterized by simplicity, brevity, precision and clarity of the composition.Minimalists use natural materials of simple shapes, neutral colors (gray, black).

General characteristics

Designed in the style of minimalism - is to create a space with only the most necessary items.

When creating such interiors is most important is well-planned space, full of diffused, quiet light.In this room there is an impression that the light emitting ceiling and walls.

to apartment in the style of minimalism seem wider and more spacious, it should be freed from internal partitions.The room should be large windows that fill the space with natural light, connect housing to the outside world, making it an element of the interior.

Features style

People often ask, "What features has the style of minimalism?What is the design of housing in this direction? "The main rules are as minimalistic fr

ee space (minimum of accessories and furniture), zoning space, stacked light.

Color Picker

sophistication and original style of minimalism.What is the design of the home is perfect for modern energetic people who can not speak.

Minimalism involves the use of light and color palette based on a play of semitones.Preferably a large amount of white, black or gray underlined.Interior colors complement the natural metal, wood, brick, glass shine.

use natural finishes, often raw, with rough texture: concrete, brick, wood, plaster.Shapes and lines are very simple, often there is no decoration on the walls and windows.


interior Today it is very popular minimalist style.What is the design of appropriate and in a spacious apartment in a very small, according to many designers.

It originated on the basis of high-tech style to become more adapted to everyday life.From a pure high-tech design in a minimalist style characterized by the absence of an open valve and pipes.The main emphasis is on texture, material and shape of the interior.

choice of materials

steel (stainless and chrome), various plastics, glass, ceramics, textured and polished wood, natural or artificial stone - a material that are characteristic of the style of minimalism.With such diversity provides a huge space for imagination, leaves no doubt.


Deciding to establish in his apartment a interior, you need to pick a particular case furniture.Minimalism involves a large number of flat facades.Milling is unacceptable - just a flat surface.

outer part of the furniture is finished with plastic, which can mimic natural wood or any drawings under it.You can use glossy or facades made of akrilayna.

more expensive home furnishings can be made of wood.Furniture in the style of minimalism can have facades made of stainless steel.Often cabinets adorn graphite or bronze mirrors.Classic rarely used.

front hardware is based on simple geometric forms.For example, the interior may be used by the original table.Minimalism welcomes applications for stainless steel work surfaces, and for countertops - polished wood.In addition, the surface looks very impressive table, made of artificial stone.

All the same can be said of upholstered furniture - simple shapes, pastel upholstery made of natural fabrics.


apartment in a minimalist style should not have any, even very small, parts borrowed from other areas.

The walls are preferably made in two, maximum three close shades.You can use two contrasting colors.

designers most often used wallpaper with softly pronounced pattern.In addition, it looks interesting textured plaster.

quite original look pasting wall panels of synthetic or natural materials - steel, textured wood, natural stone.

Important details

As already mentioned, this is a very laconic style - minimalism.The room, decorated by its rules, almost devoid of decoration on the walls and windows.Lamps have a simple form, often mounted in the ceiling, wall or floor.

minimalist style is no different variety of accessories.On the walls are pictures in the appropriate fine may have metal frames.

apartment in a minimalist style - a space, a minimal amount of furniture.Light and space - the motto of this trend.

Living in a minimalist style

Although this design looks good in small rooms, in the spacious living room it will look amazing.Consider the stages, it will be there to show.


Let's start with the flooring.In accordance with the laws of minimalism, organically look like dark and light flooring, carpet without drawing, ceramic and even monochromatic linoleum.From the patterns and ornaments should be categorically refused.


Ideal consistent with the principles of minimalism transformed furniture.It is capable of the required minimum objects to perform all the necessary functions.According to this principle, selected case furniture - a minimum of subjects + maximum functionality.

often living in a minimalist style heralded wardrobe.Their facades are made of frosted glass.Modular systems fit perfectly into this design.They preferred glass and mirrors that displace blind facades.

advance should consider the place in which you can "hide" the wires from your home theater or music system.Computers, for that matter, any other machinery used in the living room should be incorporated into the furniture.


This is very important in the design of the living room, therefore, this matter should be given special attention.It is necessary to use it to achieve the maximum effect is bright and spacious room, filled with air.To achieve this goal, you can use two methods - either completely eliminate the use of all types of curtains, or apply for registration window laconic Japanese panel, roller or Roman blinds.But since we are talking about the interior of the living room, you can try to slightly soften the austerity of the style and add to the selected design window light tulle or organza.

We have already said that the window size should be as large - it works to increase and extension of the living room.

Despite the fact that the lighting in the interior is of paramount importance, ceiling lamps in it are extremely rare.Preference is given to the spotlights in the ceiling structure.Very stylish look LED strip, anchored in hidden panels, walls, furniture and floors.

Floor and wall lamps also quite appropriate when issued Living in a minimalist style.But we should not forget that their design should be fairly quiet.


Many of our readers are interested in how this might look like a modern style bedroom.Minimalism in the interior of the room - is, above all, functionality, no-nonsense, calm color scheme.Properly crafted design makes bedroom air and light, provides plenty of space.These feelings arise because there is no clutter in the interior pieces of furniture, textiles, accessories, every detail thought out storage necessities.

You can not even imagine how to transform your bedroom.Minimalism in the interior of this room allows you to take as a basis for different styles: high-tech, ethnic (for example, Japanese), a classic.Depending on the kind of minimalism, selected accessories, furniture, decorative items.In this case, the style involves the use of similar shapes, but different materials:

  • in the bedroom, made in a classic, traditional design, should be a natural wood furniture;
  • minimalist bedroom heralded high-tech furniture with glass, plastic and metal;
  • Japanese style in the bedroom should be decorated only with natural materials or their quality imitations will certainly be present ethnic elements.

color in the bedroom

designers recommend for bedrooms in a minimalist style to use for the background color neutral, pastel shades.To emphasize this style can use a maximum of three colors.The most striking of these is used for small surfaces, and the other two shades distributed among home furnishings.

most advantageous combination is considered to be white tone with pastel shades (beige, gray, light brown).

can emphasize the interior in gray or black and neutral shades to complement the bedroom better than wood, metal, glass accessories.