Decorative fountains as an element of the interior

Today, designers often use fountains to create their unique interiors.Indeed, beautifully and harmoniously blended into the room decor element will not only create a relaxed atmosphere, but also help the owners to relax after a hard day's work.Decorative fountains in the interior looked unusual and beautiful, they will decorate any room and deliver a sheer aesthetic pleasure owners.Next to it is pleasant to rest, because, as they say, the water flow can watch endlessly.

Fountains decorative room

There are at least two varieties of ornamental fountains.Some are designed for positioning in the room, the other - on the outside.The group of products, which are located in the premises include many varieties.Ornamental fountains intended for indoor represent devices completely different shapes, made of different materials, with the use of specialized pumps of different capacity.Let's get acquainted with the most rasprostanenie models of fountains.

Fountains decorative table

distinctive features of th

e variety of indoor fountains are their small size and, accordingly, acceptable price.In the bulk, table decoration placed in special ceramic pots or vases made of polymer, they are usually decorated with greenery.For the decoration can also be used natural stones or artificial substitutes.A small pump is built into the fountain is silent, which means that your quiet sleep did not exactly threatening.

Some ornamental fountains, the apartments have an additional highlight, by means of which element of the decor looks even more lively and expressive.This detail of the interior certainly did not go unnoticed by your guests.

Wall fountains

Even from the very name implies that this kind of fountains is fixed on the wall.Specialty Wall discs may be made of different materials, both natural and artificial.There are products on the basis of stone, ceramics, concrete or plastic.Note that if you choose the decorative fountains of heavy materials, the wall to which they are attached, certainly should be able to withstand the weight of the product.Construction of plasterboard is not suitable.

One of the most popular varieties of wall fountains are the so-called "pictures".In fact, this is the kind of picture, usually depicting a mountain landscape or any body of water.Such an image may be called a living, because the water in it is not painted, it flows smoothly down into a special device.This picture has another plus - noise effect, the murmur The orderly, creating a relaxing atmosphere.Those who really love the sound of water and its flowing energy, you just need to buy a decorative fountain house.

Another kind that is in demand among contemporary designers are so-called wet walls.The essence of the fountain as an element of the interior is that the surface of the wall as if covered with a thin plenochkoj evenly flowing down the water.Note that such a device in your room includes a special water intake, located at the bottom of the wall, as well as the necessary waterproofing of the floor covering.

Ceiling fountains

Ceiling decorative fountains are a ceiling, usually a circular shape, mounted on the ceiling, from which water flows to the floor.That is, of course, not on the floor in the truest sense, but in a special receiver.In the center of the column of water often establish various decorative sculptures or vases with plants offer.

There are many types of ceiling fountains, they differ in shape, texture and color.Everyone, even the most picky buyer will be able to choose the right product, all the more so today, even the fountains are made to order, taking into account all the wildest wishes and preferences of each customer.

street fountains

installing a decorative fountain in the garden, you will not only decorate your site, but also create a cozy corner where you can relax and reflect in a calm, peaceful atmosphere.Outdoor fountains can be placed in the center of your site (and thus focusing attention on it) or to install them, say, in the shade of the trees, thus creating a place for your vacation.

design products for the street may be different.They are made of various materials, especially elegant look of marble fountains, interesting look as models made of porcelain and plastic.In order for your outdoor fountain was even more stunning appearance, you can use additional lighting, which will give it a special charm in the evening.

Remember that to install the product on the street need a specialized set of appropriate equipment.


Today decorative fountains were widely spread and successfully used as an element of interior design.Modern technologies allow to make them out of different materials, making them accessible to almost everyone.Species diversity is striking, decorative fountains for an apartment - a great way to spice up the interior, give the room a special atmosphere.