Blankets: sizes for children and adults.

Comfort and pleasant climate in the house - things are undeniably important.Our mood and relationships with each other are made up of little things.We always feel better in a room where there is order, all items are on the ground.If life is adjusted correctly, there may be another reason for quarrels.After reading this article, you can avoid such troubles, as the unsuccessful purchase blankets, the dimensions of which do not suit you.Therefore, save your money and nerves.

buy blankets, whose dimensions are selected correctly, probably frustrate you more than, say, poorly chosen fabric for bed linen.So, to choose the right size, you need to remember the simple rules.

What should consider

Size bed and duvet covers need to know before they go shopping.Very unpleasant, if it appears that a blanket, for example, will be considerably more than cover it.Neither of which convenience and comfort in this case, and can be no question.Also, the blanket should not hamper the movement during the holidays.Thi

s is especially true of married couples.If the husband and wife love to relax, comfortably wrapped in a blanket, you should think about buying the Euro or a family kit and appropriate bedding.

now proceed directly to the consideration of the size of the blanket.The modern market seems to be so diverse that the choice of almost any product, most people currently travel through the Internet or read the specialized literature.This is particularly unusual members of that generation, a significant part of the active life who came to the Soviet era.

Select a blanket: the size, the standard

At the beginning of XXI century was adopted by a separate Standard, which regulates the size bedding.There are one and a half, double, euro, family and children's sets.Here, everything is logical.Names are made up of matter what size bed.

semi blanket reaches the meter in width (such options now produce very little, because they are not quite comfortable), or 1.5 meters, double - 2 meters.Separately, it is worth noting custom comforters, which are sometimes just gigantic.Their width sometimes reaches five meters.

When buying pay attention to the fact that the size of the package has been put down in two versions: the European (lettering), and Russia (in centimeters).

Single or semi-double quilt

It is designed for one person.If, for example, the couple sleeping on separate beds, composed together, it will also be more convenient to stay in this type of bedding.Single size blankets may vary, and the options are many.

  • 155h215 cm - the most common size.
  • 140h205 cm - a classic twin size blankets, adopted back in Soviet times.These bedding is ideal for those who have a small bed.Also, this type of blanket purchase recommended for grown up children.They are bought and soldiers carrying military service.
  • 160h205 cm - the size of a semi blankets, which is rare and is non-standard.
  • 160h220 160h215 cm cm - non-standard options.

European notation: 1-bed, 1,5-bed.

size 2 bedroom blanket

  • 200h220 cm - the most versatile and very comfortable products for which it is easy to choose the linen, which is important.
  • 200x200 cm - blankets square shape, the Russian market they usually do not.Widely distributed in Germany, Italy and France.
  • 195h215 cm - less common European size, not as popular as the previous one, because a little less comfortable.
  • 172h205 see - familiar to residents of the former Soviet Union "Soviet" blankets, which are also called "English", because, apart from the Soviet Union, they were popular in the UK.

  • 220h240 cm - the size is perfect for anyone who is the owner of a large bed - more than 180 centimeters in width.These bedding are also called Euro-maxi or royal blankets.They are ideal for large people.If you stop your choice on this article, remember that by its dimensions to choose linens will be difficult.Buying blankets large fraught with additional costs.

European designation:

  • for Double - 2-bed;
  • euro maxi or king - king-size.

Nursery Bedding

Dimensions blankets for newborns, tend to be 100h135 see 100h140 or see. The child may hide them until about three years later it would be better to buy a semi-option.

There is one children size - 90x90 cm. This blanket is ideal not only for the cot, but for the cradle.It is used typically to three to six months.Also, it is possible to cover the baby in the stroller.

Note, however, that newborn children always take off the blanket, so it is better to stay on the size of "a reserve" to be able to tuck under the mattress product.For the same reason the manufacturers produce models with laces and Velcro.

Quite often blankets for babies are sold complete with sides and beautiful linens.It is very convenient to buy a set, because they do not have to worry about buying products to meet each other.

Separately should specify the size of blankets for newborns to be discharged.The most convenient option - 100x100 or 90x90.In such products easy to wrap the baby, and your precious "bundle" will not look bulky.

European designation: kids or children.

requirements for children's blankets

Regardless of the size bedding for children should have the following properties:

  • be hypoallergenic. Every year the number of children with allergies is increasing, and create unnecessary threat to the health of the child to anything.Hypoallergenic baby blanket reduces the risk of irritations and allergic reactions.
  • be quite warm, warm the baby.
  • pass air , so even with the head covered baby could breathe without problems.Otherwise creates a greenhouse effect - the child will be hot and uncomfortable.Count on a peaceful sleep under the blanket so it is not necessary, moreover, increases the risk of hypoxia.
  • be hygroscopic. Kids often sweat during sleep, and the blanket should not prevent the evaporation of moisture.
  • easy to wash and maintain the shape and properties of after washing and drying.

Unusual model

considered the standard size blankets need to talk a little bit about those cases that do not meet state standards.This, of course, include the "king" of the model, which, as mentioned above, specifically designed for large people, and large beds.Another category of non-standard blankets - a product unusual shapes: round, oval, square.

Preferring an unusual size or shape, think about how you need it.If you have a large bed or you, for example, the owner of a posh round beds, while the acquisition is justified.Remember that for the blankets, the dimensions of which do not conform to generally accepted standards is always difficult to choose linens.Think about it in advance to the subsequent purchase of a new you did not disappoint.

Now let's talk about the little tricks you need to know when choosing a duvet and bed linen.

Take kit "with a marginĀ»

choosing bedding, remember that the duvet cover is better to take a few centimeters more (both in length and width) than the blanket.To fill it would be much more convenient.If you stop your choice on a quality bedding and will comply with the prescribed temperature conditions, it is, of course, will not sit down.However, if you, for example, to wash the duvet cover at a temperature of 60 degrees, when the manufacturer usually recommends that mode is not more than 30-40 degrees, then you can wait a nasty surprise - the laundry can be significantly reduced in size.Therefore it is better to take the set with a margin.

Trust, but verify

When choosing bedding you may encounter the following problem: the manufacturer stated that the width is 200 cm Quilt cover, but in fact it turns out to be less.If possible, measure the width and length of the product directly to the store to avoid trouble.

as blankets can resize

buying a product with a filler, such as swan's down, which also sewn not very often, keep in mind that it can "raise" slightly decrease in the total area (up to 7centimeters).This is due to the fact that the product is usually stored in a vacuum-packed, and at the time of the presentation, they may not yet fully dealt.

When selecting the size of blankets - one of the most important criteria.It is also necessary to pay attention to the product filler.No matter what you give preference to stuffing, it is important that the blanket helped to maintain body temperature during sleep.It is believed that fillers such as bamboo and eucalyptus fibers are universal, that is cold in the heat and warm in the cooler months.However, most people prefer the old fashioned way to buy two products - one for the winter, the second - for the summer.Here the choice is entirely up to you.Knowing the standard size blankets, you can pick the one that is necessary for you.