Furniture for a small kitchen

In typical houses the kitchen tenants do not indulge their size.They can be considered small if they are no more than 8 square meters or more, though the area, but with the inconvenient layout (narrow, L-shaped, etc.).How can optimally accommodate furniture for a small kitchen area that seemed more?Let's talk about techniques to do it.

is very important to the working space, including a fridge, stove, sink, washing machine and so on. E. To arrange so that the items do not interfere with the passage.Sink and stove is not tightly tied to a gas pipe and sewage sludge.By using flexible hoses and gas hose, can be placed in the kitchen area with the greatest ease.At the same time we must remember that cleaning is not placed next to the stove.Between them, the best place a cutting table.The plate should not be placed closer than 30 cm from the kitchen window - the wind can blow out the fire.From its door should be more than 1.2 m to the opposite wall or furniture.

working surface - a total area of ​​cutti

ng tables, floor cabinets and pedestals.It is best if it is made as a whole countertop.It must be particularly strong.For its manufacturing is well suited POLIGRAN, a special composite material, durable and hygienic.Placing furniture for a small kitchen, high objects (cupboard, refrigerator) should be put on the edges of the working surface, without tearing it.Wall cabinets hang so that the bottom of them was about 60 cm above the table surface.Above the hob extractor located.

To visually expand the kitchen, it is recommended to make a sliding door or even remove it and expand the doorway.This will give the effect of the so-called open space.At the same time, using the furniture for a small kitchen with beveled or rounded cupboards and open shelves, it is possible to compensate for the lack of space in the closets.If you prefer to leave the door, you can select it as a folding partition that takes up little space.She is going to function like an accordion and it is enough for 10 to 20 cm doorway.

choosing a set of furniture for the kitchen, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that the smaller the number of objects to be placed on the same square, the room will seem more spacious.So instead of 4 small tables and 6 small hanging lockers should buy a kit with a smaller number of subjects, but the normal size.The small size of kitchen furniture create a kind of excessive clutter.

impression of additional space can be created by selecting the appropriate color and lighting solution.Good lighting, light-colored walls and furniture make the kitchen visually more spacious.Do not use too colorful and mnogouzorchatye wallpaper and textiles.So the furniture for a small kitchen is better to take pale shades lighter.It is better if it is glossy.Light reflection visually enlarge the space.Well, if something is in the furniture set will be extended up dimensions (cabinet, sideboard).

If the kitchen is very small, with a width of 2 meters and the door is opposite the windows, the furniture in it is best to place along the walls, which are arranged communication.Here fit floor cabinets with double doors and a very small dining table on the opposite wall.

for kitchens 2,5h2,5 square meters, with doorways and windows on adjacent walls, more appropriate placement of furniture in the form of the letter H. If the adjacent walls of the deaf, in the L-shaped alignment can be refined and a dining area.Refrigerator can be set on the edge of the working surface.Another option - to buy a refrigerator with a height less than the work surface and place it under the table top.It can be placed near the window, between the adjacent wall and the window.Placing furniture L-shaped or in-line, you can plan a small kitchen area and any shape.

Experiment boldly - and you will succeed!