Modular furniture for the living room - the constructor to create an individual style

Well-known furniture wall that appeared in America and Europe in the middle of the last century and firmly conquered the market is still quite popular among buyers.And popularity is well deserved.These groups, consisting of several cabinets for storage of all kinds of household items: clothes, books, dishes made in the same style and collected in a single monolithic set of really indispensable in the small area room or studio apartment.Only, perhaps, the lack of such a case furniture - it is cumbersome, too high and large size cabinets make it up.Fashion at the light, bright interiors and mobile, that can be transformed easily and quickly convert, minimalist design and the arts, have given rise to new solutions in furniture design.In place of a massive and high furniture "wall" came a new modern light and mobile, modular system, which, although based on the same principles as the connection into a single complex of separate cabinets, but much lighter and sleeker.Modular furniture systems - is a tribute

to modern constructivism, which is widely used not only in design but also in construction.

modular furniture for the living room - it is lightweight durable and beautiful elements of a kind designer, which are easily assembled into a single composition according to individual taste and needs.Each buyer of such "designer" itself becomes a designer experimenting with modular forms and creating original furniture groups.Modular living room furniture is now produced almost all of the leading factories of Russia and European countries, legislators furniture fashion.The catalogs of famous Russian and foreign manufacturers can be seen proposals representing individual elements of modules, of which groups are going to different heights, lengths and configurations.Each buyer can score as many modules as you need it.

design and color of such furniture is very diverse groups.The most fashionable and popular colors and stylistic solutions can be seen in directories.You want something bright and exotic?Modular furniture for the living room "wenge" will decorate the modern interior made in contrast graphic quality light beige and dark brown colors.

Speaking about the arrangement of the living room, it is difficult to ignore the soft furniture, because they are an integral part of the recreation area, the more that modern, modular systems are used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture.What is upholstered modular furniture for the living room?This is also the designer, whose individual parts - are elements of soft furniture Group.Because of this designer sofas and chairs are going to all sorts of configurations.Sophisticated mechanisms that help to regulate the height of the backrest and armrests are complementary sets.Soft modular furniture can easily be transformed, for example, in the bed or sofa.Its length and shape depends on the number of its constituent modules.

But perhaps the main advantage of modern modular systems is that they provide an opportunity to escape from the interior to create templates and standards.While they are going from a simple and standard items, but the possibility of creative experimentation and manifestation of personality allow you to create original compositions.Modular furniture in the living room, collected in accordance with the tastes and desires of its owner, lets bring in his own vision of style interior.