Metal racks and people who for whom

traditionally used in cases of overwhelming rack design are classified as special equipment, which is intended for wide use in various fields of economic activity: in sports halls, services, education, retail, production and industrial applications, etc.
Metal racks allow anyone to perform a complex task for our time Warehousing and storage a variety of commodity values ​​and equipment.Such designs are very convenient to use and fit perfectly into any store, make the best use of his living space.
Various designs and types of racks are designed for a wide range of operating conditions, and usually they all have their own functionality.Metal racks are divided into retail, library, archival, and pallets have their own peculiarities.In this design, the possibility of transformation is implemented as in any other element of the furniture.Installation height of shelves, their number, the assembly line or the shoulder, the various stops.Flight to fantasy, a place for things, freedom for you!
When ordering, it is important to clearly define the required type of product;It is necessary to consider not only the view of the fact that it will be stored, and the storage room, its settings, and storage conditions.Because choosing the wrong product for functional tasks, the load on the floor, shelf or section of your design can not sustain load and crash.We can offer you the following procedure for the selection of the stack in terms of security.First of all it is necessary to answer the question, for what purpose shelving Need.If you need a small structure with a small load-carrying capacity, they are needed only for a while, or for a small warehouse, the main criterion for selection may be the price.But if it comes to a large stock of class A, even a slight collapse of the rack from hitting the truck can lead to huge losses.So here we must focus not on price, and the beauty of the designs, and the reliability and safety, which are dependent on the technical characteristics.
Shelving, safest, most convenient and practical storage facilities.Warehouse and archive racks can withstand heavy loads.