Pleated Blinds How Fashion Trend

Pleated Blinds - though expensive, but very functional and versatile.Any possible application solutions.

technological possibilities of any form.We can see them in the form of trapezoids, triangles, circular, etc.For skylights is simply irreplaceable solution.Sew technology is that the curtains are sewn so that sagging tissue impossible.The architecture of our houses sophisticated shape of the windows sometimes very different and original.But this raises the issue of how all the same to emphasize to decorate their, sometimes very atypical windows?This will help us pleated curtains that look great in any room.Create comfort.Pleated blinds are freely hanging and tension.Freely curtains simpler.They are attached at the top and move ibid.Tension also mounted on both sides, and often they are used to limit the room lighting, lifting them from the bottom up.Managing them is almost always carried out automatically.Pleated can be divided into several systems: the system of "day and night" is designed for

different times of day and adjusts the penetration of light into the room.So during the day there is a desire to hide from the scorching rays of the sun, we zashtorivaem window dense or dark side.If the light we need, then, for this we need light or transparent side curtains.System «two in one» combine the two types of tissue.Fabrics can be different densities and colors.This system is suitable for design as well as functional.It allows you to adjust the brightness of the room.Crepe fabric may different ways.The system of "duet" allows not only to regulate the light, but easily disperses it thus regulates and room temperature.System 'duo' - a system of fixing the eaves as "hundreds."Also, pleats, which are offered in our market there are such categories: - pleated paper - they are only used during the renovation, the life of the small, so they are cheap;- Pleated fabric of Polish - medium quality and the same level of price;- Pleated fabric in Germany - a "premium" class with a corresponding price.What pleated curtains, carry so many opportunities, both functional and design.This provides them with additional benefits.So varying systems, the tension, as the fabric we can reach different prices, making them accessible to a large segment of buyers.Pleated Technology - is one of the fastest growing trends in the world of decoration windows.