Glass iterere cuisine.

Many interior designers are convinced that any room can visually enlarge by applying certain rules.There are many such tricks.The most common and simple are the following: The predominance of bright colors in the interior.Bright cold gamma expands the space and makes it more lightweight.Furniture in the room must not conflict with the basic colors of the interior.All furniture should be in one color and the "make friends" with each other.To the room seem more spacious, it should not pile up small objects.

Good lighting

The windows should not be heavy curtains and draperies, make better use of light, floating tissue, not impeding the penetration of light, because it fills the space air.Artificial lighting should ideally be a point or a flat.The large central chandelier in the ceiling space eaten, focusing on a lot of attention.Light must not only on the ceiling, and walls, wherein the mirror lighting, and glossy surface.Highlighting the floor around the perimeter or in a particular part will create a

sense of soaring space.


should abandon the massive pieces of furniture, bulky cabinets and drawers.Furniture should be soaring, a small, but bear in functionality.An excellent option will clear acrylic furniture, glass, low sofas with miniature comfortable armrests or no, tables and chairs with thin or delicate legs.In small kitchens rational use folding tables, built-in appliances and flat hood.


In areas that require increasing the visual, do not lay carpets large volume, if necessary, you can use a small rug.The floor surface must be reflective, glossy, then multiply the floor space.


Even a small size mirror is able to push the space of any room.You can arrange not only one wall mirror, but two opposite each other, in this case, will create a sense of infinite corridor, this technique is very interesting and is always working.Design wall mirror groups not only increases the room, but also creates an interesting play of interior items.Placement of mirrors in the places where they are able to reflect light rays penetrating into the room space will increase double.

current trends in the design of the kitchen is iterere space and high-quality lighting.The spacious room - the dream of every housewife.Transform interior design ideas using with glass and mirrors.

Glass Glass - an environmentally friendly material.Tables look great in a combination of metal, wood and glass.Effectively look transparent windows, facades and the shelves, which are almost impossible to break.The increasing popularity acquire a transparent box of colored and frosted glass.Organize the window tastefully furnished area for careful hostess.Comfortable and stylish kitchen area, where all representatives of generation is carried out for a long time.It is always possible to accommodate functional elements and furniture items.Make changes to the interior and buy some new.Designers are now offering a huge selection of interesting solutions.The kitchen can be separated by glass sliding doors into several areas, such as dining and working.Maximum free space of the room will help built-in furniture, built-in lights.The main feature is that all should be constantly at hand.Sink, stove, table, cupboards with spices, bedside tables and a built-in refrigerator in the kitchen furniture.Transformable and multifunctional home furnishings for the kitchen evoke the brightest imagination.Think about all advance to the smallest detail to obtain a compact and beautiful.For quick cooking culinary necessarily necessary to organize the territory cuisine.Will give a spectacular view of the interior floor mats and light curtains.Will refresh the kitchen space Glassware and a folding table with a lace tablecloth.Do not clutter up the room and look luxurious glass shelves.Bar and glass kitchen apron decorate your kitchen work area.Glass in the interior - the pros and cons of using, can be found here