High-quality and stylish kitchen countertops - The dream of every housewife.

important element of the kitchen is a kitchen table .The kitchen table has to be practical, beautiful, comfortable and durable.Designers offer many different types of countertops.Which are made of wood, glass, marble, metal, stone, artificial stone.Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages.Tables come in different shapes: round, square, rectangular and others.Choosing kitchen table depends on what the size of your kitchen and how often you use the table, and how many people in your family.

kitchen countertops made of wood.

wood creates a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and get on with ceramic dishes much better than stone.Stains from conventional products and scratches on the wooden table displayed good polishing, but what spit water - that is, of course, negative for wood countertops.If you have decided, then this kitchen table, you need to choose the appropriate hardwoods: oak, beech or cherry.Countertops made of dark wood - chestnut and rosewood - combine well with light-colored f

urniture, by the way, it is now in vogue.

kitchen table made of metal and glass.

At these countertops will be immediately noticeable scratches and fingerprints, so you need a very tedious hostess who will take care of a countertop.Stainless steel material is strong enough, but it betrays the kind of kitchen restarannogo type.To glass table was strong, the sheet thickness should not be less than 19 mm.

kitchen table made of stone.

beautiful natural stone material, so that such a countertop looks original and refined.Now the popular granite countertops with polished matte surface.Stone beautiful and durable.But also has some disadvantages: the natural stone is very sensitive to various acids, as well as sudden changes in temperature, and the temperature change in the kitchen in deficit.So think twice before making a decision.

kitchen countertops made of artificial stone

Artificial stone (also referred to as acrylic) is absolutely homogeneous, strong, durable and environmentally friendly material.Let you are not afraid of the name "artificial" - this material is composed of 90% natural stone, and the remaining 10% is acrylic resin, which betrays rock perfection.Countertops made of artificial stone does not have micropores that not allow the maerialu absorb moisture and different smells.Ustoycheva to temperature, and no chips and scratches. countertops artificial stone - can take any shape and configuration that will allow you to choose a table even in the sophisticated interior and it will "highlight" of your kitchen.Apparently, such a table top - is the dream of every housewife .