Interior beautiful apartments: photos.

Beautiful interior - the concept is very subjective.Each person has their own idea about how it should look flat dreams.Some people prefer the functionality and minimalism in the interior, and for someone important - a luxurious carved furniture, paintings in a fancy frame and many accessories.At the same time, creating the perfect appearance of the apartment, you must decide on several common moments.

general direction

Interior beautiful apartments can be made in a variety of styles: minimalist, ethnic, classical, Art Deco, Pop Art and others.For each of them has its own features.These are defined colors, type of furniture, the presence and appearance accessories.For each person, depending on his temperament, lifestyle and preferences fit the style of a particular orientation.Interior beautiful apartments for energetic people with a hectic lifestyle - a decoration of Pop Art.Reserved people with permanent habits and good incomes can afford one of the areas classic style.Travel lovers give their p

reference for ethnic style.Thus it is possible to prevent a mixture of styles, especially close to each other.Just stick to one direction in the design of all the interior details.The minimalist interior with monochromatic furniture strict forms, functional shutters instead of heavy curtains and paintings in simple frames will look out of place a huge crystal chandelier with many details.

game with space

Beautiful interiors of apartments built on the correct use of their space.Regardless of the style of the room should not be an excessive amount of furniture and accessories.If there is such a need, it is possible within the same premises to create a number of different areas.For example, in the living room can be identified as a recreation area and a children's corner.This is achieved by the correct arrangement of furniture, construction plasterboard walls, a color separation space.With skillful allocation of floor space out very beautiful interiors of apartments.Photos kitchen, for example, demonstrates the proper association in the same space area for cooking with a large work surface and space for recreation.

Choosing furniture

choosing furniture, you need to remember not only the style of the interior, which it must comply, but also about its functionality.This is especially important rule when you make a kitchen and nursery.In the living room you can sometimes donate a very comfortable easy chair in favor of refined chair with carved legs golden color that will perfectly match the ancient style.In any case, a beautiful interior will not recreate the huge amount of cabinets, tables and chairs, and indeed necessary for a comfortable lifestyle items from sturdy materials.


Beautiful apartment, interior photo that attracts attention, are also distinguished by a well-formed light.At present, it has been increasingly used in spotlights.With their help it is easy to fill with light every corner of the room.If necessary, you can dispense the degree of illumination, creating room in semi-darkness.Spotlights fit in many styles of interior.However, the interior of beautiful apartments in antique style, for example, involves the use of exquisite chandeliers with lots of jewelry.A good option is also flat lighting wall sconces, which are available now in a very different version.


Beautiful interiors of apartments - is a well-chosen colors.With different shades, you can not only create a special mood in the room, but also to change the boundaries of space.Light colors make the room appear larger than it actually is.This ceiling should be a tone lighter than the walls.Dark same color visually reduces the volume of the room.The choice of appropriate colors depends on the destination space.The kitchen will be appropriate yellow or orange tones.They have a positive influence on a person's mood, increase appetite, energized.The bedroom will help to pacify the green.But the rich shades of red can make people irritable and aggressive.If no color to recreate the interior of the apartments can not be beautiful, it is better to use it in doses.Very impressive variety of accessories will look red: decorative pillows, vases and lamps.They essentially revive the look of the room.In romantic ladies look at your beautiful interiors of small apartments.Photos of premises reflects the pastel shades of pink, yellow, brown.It is important that in the flat colors correspond to the selected style in its design.Minimalism in the interior suggests a simple and pure colors cold colors: white, black, brown.The elegance and luxury of classicism underlined deep and rich shades of brown, burgundy and blue.

important stuff

without various accessories simply can not live a beautiful apartment.Photos of interiors can easily prove it.Whatever the style of any room is decorated, it seems empty with no pictures, statues, vases and other pieces of furniture.Accessories must, like the color scheme of apartments, consistent with the overall style, which is decorated space.Black-and-white pictures in inexpensive frames from a simple material perfectly fit into the interior minimalist or high-tech style.The decoration of the apartment an antique or classic orientation should be supplemented expensive luxury items.Reproductions of famous artists in expensive carved frames, gorgeous crystal vases, porcelain figurines - an indispensable attribute of all these styles.

Beautiful interiors small apartments

In the process of interior design small apartments have to solve a rather complicated task.The interior should be not only beautiful, but also functional.There must be a place for relaxation and comfort, storage, cooking and eating.In many ways, this task could be built in household equipment and convertible furniture.For example, a compact cabinet, is located along one of the walls can appear in seconds table, chairs and even a bed.Do not forget the true colors.No bright colors, which visually enhance the space, it is practically impossible to create beautiful interiors of the small apartments, the photo is usually confirmed.In a small room do not need to get involved in accessories.Shelves, cluttered with all sorts of trinkets, create a sense of chaos in the apartment.Another way to increase the space - use instead of curtains of heavy bulk materials lightweight and compact blinds.This is especially true if the window is a beautiful view.