LED lamps with a remote control: the variety and reviews

Modern Chandeliers with remote control - a lighting equipment which is not only a stylish look, but also the functionality and ease of use.Especially when you consider that the lamp will promptly respond to the wave of your hand.What is so special chandelier with remote control, and how to choose the right model?

Features Remote Control

adjust the lighting via remote control - is the dream of many of us.In addition, these devices are functional and easy to use.Sometimes you do not want to get up and turn off the light.And the chandelier with a remote control - an excellent opportunity to achieve maximum comfort, while saving on electricity spending.The main advantage of such a lamp - is the ability to enable or disable it literally from the couch without even getting up from their seats for this.

Such lighting equipment is controlled from a distance of 30-100 meters, and the switch it can be even in the next room.As for the external design, these products are similar to conventional chandeliers

and do not spoil the look of the room.

How it works?

Chandeliers with remote control LED light can operate in different modes, depending on the type of lamps and their number, as well as on the presence of the backlight.Most often it is based on a few basic colors, so some of them can be left, while others turn off.Some models come with a smooth change of color: that is, the device will change color according to your wishes, with basic lighting and may be different due to the partial shutdown of lamps.Ceiling chandelier with a remote control will be effective solution for any interior design, creating it amazing beautiful design.

With regard to the remote control of lighting, it makes it possible not to use a fixed switches and dimmers.However, if the battery will fail, you can resort to the help of a conventional circuit breaker.On the panel there are buttons that are responsible for the operation of the device in a certain mode - namely, separate or integrated lamp is on.Depending on the chandelier lamp can be switched on in several modes:

  1. All lamps are lit at the same time.
  2. Half lighting when lamps are only included in the outer circumferential row.
  3. Half lighting lamps with the activation of the inner circular row.
  4. mode off.

Selection Rules

Chandeliers with remote control should be selected in accordance with the five attributes:

  1. type of light source.The cheapest models are fitted with incandescent lamps.The devices cost several times more expensive energy-saving and halogen lamps, and LEDs.However, they are more reliable in use and effective in terms of coverage areas.
  2. Power chandeliers and lighting levels.This option depends on whether, in what room will be mounted ceiling fixture.It is necessary to bear in mind the following rules: in the living room, kitchen and dining room lighting level should be at least 200 lux, and in the bedroom and children's room enough and 150 lux.In the hallway the optimal level of illumination of 100 lux.
  3. range of the remote control.If you install a chandelier with a remote control in a standard apartment, it will suit any capacity control.And in a country house, it is likely to require more powerful lighting equipment, respectively, and the remote control should be more power.
  4. dimensions and design of the chandelier.There are important dimensions of the room, style and color selected for interior decoration.
  5. Features.They need to be taken into account if the fixture is to be mounted on a tension ceiling.Their peculiarity lies in the instability to high temperatures, so the lamp should not be heated during operation.For suspended ceilings should choose halogen lamps with remote control: they will heat up, thus damaging the ceiling.The optimal solution would be the equipment of LED or energy-saving lamps.

manufacturer Which to choose?

If you want to install in your house or apartment quality lighting equipment, carefully think about the brand.The modern market offers a wide range of proposals, but it is dominated by devices in China.We can not say that the Chinese chandeliers with control of low quality.In fact, in this country a huge number of factories which are located the owners from Europe and the United States.Accordingly, it is closely related to the quality of the product and its compliance with existing standards.Furthermore, the cost of manufacturing is even lower than the same device, but produced, for example, in America.When choosing a chandelier with remote control, pay attention to the availability of quality certificate.If not, most likely before you fake.

Types chandeliers and features

most popular and beautiful chandelier with remote control - LED: it will be harmonious addition to any room.The second most popular halogen models are equipped with lights, the amount of which can reach up to 20 pieces.The classic choice for any room is a chandelier that looks like a true work of art.Chandeliers with remote control LED - it is also possible to save on energy costs.In general, these species attract the attention of customers by the following features:

  1. durability.Models equipped with special transformers, which convert the voltage down.This enhances the life of light bulbs.
  2. economy.The peculiarity of the LED backlight is low power consumption, so it can be left on overnight, for example, in the nursery.
  3. Modernity.Very stylish looks and impressive chandelier with a remote control.Photos are another proof of the fact that these devices perfectly complement any interior.The number and color of LEDs can be very different, and thus the opportunities for room design has set.

To connect

As already mentioned, remote trimmings - is the ability to remotely switch between different modes of operation.Management is carried out by means of radio remote control, that is, it is not necessary to point the remote directly at the chandelier.Operating range of remote and different, and it is always used in conjunction with a receiver tuned to the same frequency.To switch effects, you need to press a button on the remote control.Driving chandelier with a remote control is simple: light consists of a controller, receiver, electronic transformers and power supplies for the L LED or halogen lamps.All of these components are thoroughly attached to each other so that they do not hang in the housing chandeliers.

Features repair

As with any other device in the luminaire can be problems with this or that element.Repair chandelier with remote control often reduces to the replacement of some components.The most common fault occur with radio-controlled switch or remote control, as well as by the lights.Notably, in a review, but buyers often referred to that worn in the chandelier comes more than one LED, but several, with some continuing to work properly, but they have low light output.Accordingly, it is best to carry out the replacement of all lamps at once.

Customer Reviews

Chandeliers with remote control - is a novelty for today's buyers, but many have already appreciated the novelty and features of this device.The advantages of this method of lighting, they include:

  • modern and stylish appearance;
  • ease of installation;
  • possible to switch off or switch modes, without getting up.

the minuses celebrated difficult repair chandelier with remote control, the high cost of models and fragility.In addition, a lot of negative reviews about halogen bulbs, which burn out quickly and spend too much energy.


ceiling chandelier with remote control - it's a great opportunity to decorate your home and bring in items manufacturability.Each model is different stylistic direction and number of LEDs, so buyers have a great choice.Particularly impressive look LED lamps that can operate in several modes - they look like a Christmas garland, and create a festive mood in the room.

choosing a product, remember a few rules.Firstly, the chandelier should match the style of the room and the required degree of illumination.Secondly, by using a separate backlight can be harmoniously zoned space.Thirdly, the need to take into account the power used by the lamps and the load on the entire system.This will calculate whether the wiring is able to withstand the pressure of all lamps at once.Fourth, it plays the role of decoration.For example, a stretch ceiling is necessary to consider the permissible heating temperature, and therefore it is better to use a low-power lamp.

big role for the efficiency of the lamp plays correctly picked up the remote, the activity of its buttons and signal strength.Of course, these devices are not cheap, but you get full chandelier, which harmoniously design the interior of your home or apartment.