Loft apartment: what is it?

5-6 years ago in our country, only a few were aware of what it means to "loft suites."But today more and more people with the means to view them as a good alternative to apartments in luxury buildings.In addition, some developers are now erecting residential complexes, a stylized lofts.

Loft apartment - what is it?

In the first years after World War II in the heart of New York began en masse to close the old factory.Their buildings were abandoned for a long time, despite the fact that housing prices in Manhattan rose day by day.Then came the idea to convert the former factory shop for housing.Initially, these apartments, called attic, began to settle artists, mostly painters, who were attracted by the spacious and excellent coverage provided by large windows.

In 1950 Lofts acquired the status of luxury housing, prices have gone up several times, and they started to become successful financiers, executives and well-known lawyers.Today, in many cities in the US and Europe at the site of the former

industrial quarters that as a result of proliferation of settlements at the center of the city, there were entire neighborhoods, where you can buy or rent a loft apartment.Even formed a special style, and some super elite buildings are made specifically for housing, arranged in former industrial plants.


So many questions asked by those who are thinking about whether to buy a loft apartment.What is the housing can give in terms of comfort?First of all, these apartments can be reprogrammed at will without having to agree on changes to the state authorities.Equally important is that they are usually located near the center of the city, in places with excellent transport accessibility.

What else can you say about Loft Apartments?What housing is on average 18 percent less expensive than apartments in nearby buildings with a similar level of comfort and the meter.In addition, they can be used, including an office or showroom that we have in the country in an apartment is strictly prohibited.


Now the drawbacks.It must be remembered buying a loft apartment that such housing is not entitled to a residence permit.It entails a lot of problems, since it is impossible to put the children on the waiting list to kindergarten, to attach to the clinic and ending with employment difficulties.Thus, these loft apartments in Russia can buy only those who have registered in another apartment.Another option - to be registered in the country and live in a "loft" apartments.Among the disadvantages of such housing can be noted, and the fact that public services will be provided to tenants at the rates applicable for offices.

main design features

As already mentioned, in addition to the original, today created a lot of residential complexes in the style of lofts.The main features of the design in such apartments are:

  • lack of partitions.First lofts have attracted buyers who were mostly artists, that spaciousness, so the main characteristic feature of these apartments is the lack of partitions.At the same time actively applied zoning by use of multiple types of finishing materials.Specifically, typically one of the walls of a different color dye or leave plastered.
  • elements that emphasize the value of the original industrial premises.In these lofts is usually not recommended to dismantle the various tubes, wall ladders, large industrial fans and other equipment.All this crumble into unusual color and is used in unexpected ways.If we are talking about apartments, stylized loft, the designers decorate them with various items that can be found in the dumps, remaining on the ruins of the industrial enterprises.

  • modern furnishings.If the decorative elements used in lofts trash that give new life, then install the most modern furniture, most of the chrome in a minimalist style or high-tech.At the same time welcome the combination of old and new.For example, you can install an old chest of drawers next to the dining area, consisting of a table with a glass top and shiny metal chairs without upholstery.
  • Windows.Loft must have huge windows, preferably from floor to ceiling, which is not recommended drape or arrange some other way with the help of textiles.

Loft apartments in the capital

first apartments of this type have appeared in Russia in Moscow.Initially, they were not in demand.It was rare to find a family that wants to buy a loft apartment.Moscow appreciated the advantages of these apartments only if they were to rent and buy well-known businessmen for their grown offspring.They quickly became popular, especially since most of the first lofts were in the immediate vicinity of the center.

Among the first successful project rework the former industrial sites under the comfortable accommodation can be noted "Danilovskaya Manufactory" and the Manhattan House, located in the buildings of the late 19th century and the 30s of last century, which quickly turned into one of the most prestigious residential complexes in the capital.And soon began to be built, and the building, stylized loft apartments.Moscow has thus become in line with other world capitals, and Muscovites were able to more diverse selection of lodging options.

"Loft Park" - apartments in Moscow

Among LCD business class capital can be noted from the apartment complex Golovinskoye ponds created on the basis of old cloth factory buildings "Iokish."The "Loft Park", depending on the case, you can buy an apartment at a price of 5.2 or 6.2 million.The complex has a developed infrastructure with a variety of public landscaped areas make living on its territory like living in an old manor.

Apartment "Loft River"

As for styling, one of the best examples of such an option property is located in the Moscow River Park, just ten minutes walk from the metro station "Tushinskaya".This club residence "Loft River."The apartments are built on the author's design with the features inherent in the loft style.A total of two residential housing complex made of red bricks, which are along the promenade area of ​​the facades and the opportunity to enter the roof.They are located 1,2,3-level apartment, which can optionally be installed fireplaces.Since three sides surrounded by the territory of the complex VSK "Petrel", residents can use the tennis courts, and their children have the opportunity to attend free classes in rowing and other water sports.

loft-type apartment in St. Petersburg

Those who are familiar with the northern capital, confirm that there is a lot of old industrial areas, just made for it to be converted into a comfortable business-class housing.In particular, very promising at this point is the territory on the island of New Holland and Bypass Canal.At the same time the real estate market experts state that the loft apartments in St. Petersburg is much less demand than in Moscow, and such projects, including styling, currently sold only a few.The reason probably lies in the lack of knowledge and lack of proper advertising for this new type of Russian residential real estate.

apartment on Vasilevsky Island

autumn of last year it was announced the start of sales of apartments in the LCD Docklands.This comfortable loft apartment on Vasilevsky Island, more successful pastiche "attic" housing.The complex consists of several ten-, eleven-story building, where you can buy 1,2,3 bedroom apartments.In total, the building offers 527 apartments with panoramic windows with trim and without.Most apartments offer superb views of the Malaya Neva.In addition to residential buildings, the complex has two towers, where rent Office rooms of various sizes, and a number of three-star hotel is designed including for persons who come to participate in business meetings and various events held at the conference hall of the business center.