Track LED lamp house

LED lighting, in particular, track lighting, are gaining in popularity every day.They use them mainly to illuminate the advertising blocks, exhibition and salesrooms.

LED lighting saves energy and simplifies our lives.Benefits track fixtures recognized by many, so they are used not only for the retail and advertising space, but also for domestic purposes.

LED lighting - benefits

Track LED lights are in high demand.Such lighting is used not only for lighting sales areas and showrooms, but also for the improvement of conventional apartments.At its core, track light - a busbar with the suspension and connections.Due to the special mounting such fixtures can be installed on absolutely any surface, including the slope.

LED track light to have their main busbar and distinct advantage - they are very easy to install.For the installation does not require any special equipment or special skills.

LED lighting in retail outlets

As is known, in order to attract customers, you should use bright and un

interrupted light source for lighting products.The use of conventional lamps in this case is unacceptable, especially since they consume quite a lot of electricity.In this case the track LED lights are the perfect solution.They consume a limited amount of electricity, easy to install and provide a bright and pleasant light.

LED track lighting for shops convenient by the fact that, due to the design, they are easy to rotate around its axis.Thus, the direction of light can be changed if necessary.

Design LED lamps

Track LED lamp in addition to their main functional advantages are an excellent design.They can be installed not only in shops, but also in residential areas.

Track LED lighting distinguished by their mobility.In the house or apartment they can be used to provide both basic and additional lighting.For example, you can place the wall paintings or other works of art, and to illuminate them with the track lighting fixtures.This lighting will make the original design of the room, will add mystery and elegance.

If you have a fantasy track LED lighting can completely transform a room and make it original and unique.


LED lamps LED lights can not be called cheap.They cost between 1 and 8 thousand.But it is, perhaps, is their only drawback.The fact is that if you buy and install the track LED lights in his apartment, you can for a long time to forget about the need to buy new light bulbs, change the wiring.With LED lighting you will forget about such problems.If you bought a quality product and stick to the rules of operation, the LED lights are able without any problems last you quite a long time.

Choosing LED lighting for home

If you are not a professional, it is your own to choose the right LED lighting is almost impossible.It is best to initially consult with experts, to make all the necessary calculations and choose the best.

In order for such lighting fits perfectly into the interior design, it is best to also initially consult with professionals.If you want to set in the apartment or house track lighting (LED), a photo can really help you.View photos have made LED lighting, you can appreciate its advantages and disadvantages, to receive a full picture of how it may look like your room with LED lighting.

Where better to install LED lighting?

If you want to buy LED bulbs, you need to think in advance where they are best installed.Track lights can be used as the main and additional lighting.With such lamps can be, for example, to illuminate the working surface of a kitchen, to designate one of the walls in a living room, to allocate a specific area.The most important thing - the presence of fantasy and desire to transform your home.

Calculation of LED lighting should be done only with experts, otherwise you risk to make conditions in a room uncomfortable.Install these lights can be in any room, regardless of its destination.Of course, you can perform the calculation on its own, but it is necessary to work hard and know at least the basics of the simplest mathematical calculations.


Install LED lighting can be independently, but before that should be carefully studied the rules and sequence assembly.

Mount LED lamp can be on virtually any surface, especially because almost all of them are available with standard socket.The very system of fixing a bracket lamps that are moved by special brackets.The lamp can be mounted on a horizontal surface with special suspension chains or vertical bracket.

Connects lamp also quite simple - you need to insert the adapter into the slot shinoprivoda.Remember that the adapter on the left and right side may be slightly different from each other.

the most difficulty, installation of LED lighting can take you no more than 2-3 hours, depending on the number of lamps and complexity of the work.

Disadvantages track lamps

As already mentioned, the main drawback of LED lamps is their high price.However, after some time, the lack of a fully paid off, because the life of these lamps is much higher than normal.Within 3-5 years, you can not worry about replacing lamps, thereafter LEDs are gradually beginning to fade, and then completely extinguished.

Many say that the track is very bad light emission spectrum, to ensure coverage of their normal habitual may need a much larger number.

Another significant disadvantage of LED bulbs is that they require a powerful and uninterrupted power supply.Most often in our conditions there are interruptions and voltage fluctuations, thereby lamps deteriorate and fail.Moreover, such illumination requires adequate cooling, which can not always be ensured.Also worth noting that our country only in words is interested in saving power, because, in fact, saving leads to lower profits.

All costs for the purchase and installation of LED lighting completely fall on your shoulders, so that only you can decide what you actually need, and whether to acquire LED track light house.