Interior of a room for a teenage boy.

Youth room - this is his world: personal things, secrets, posters with images of movies, music, idols.The younger guy in this room should feel safe and comfortable.Therefore, furnished interior room for a teenage boy, be sure to consider the views of the child.The design, color scheme should be fully consistent preferences and needs of boys.

Which style to choose?

adolescent boys interested in these styles of rooms:

  • high-tech;
  • sea;
  • techno;
  • Japanese;
  • Africa.

To recreate them, you must adhere to certain rules.Thus, for high-tech style is characterized:

  • maximum practicality and functionality;
  • predominance of straight lines in furniture, decorative elements;
  • availability of modern technology (laptop, stereo, computer);
  • predominance of metal, plastic, glass;
  • monotonous design or contrast;
  • preference for glossy surfaces;
  • minimum of furniture.

If the choice is stopped on the techno style, to create the interior you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • minimum of furniture;
  • built-in appliances;
  • presence of unusual forms (for example, rounded chairs);
  • preference should be given a light gray tones with bright accent (paintings, accessories, textiles);
  • predominance of leather, plastic, metal;
  • furniture selected low;
  • fittings and fixtures are executed in the style spaceships.

wish to create an interior room for a teenage boy in a marine style will help the following recommendations:

  • colors blue-white or sand;
  • welcome details of turquoise, green, blue shade;
  • presence stylish accessories (steering wheel, seashells, globe, ships, hourglass, treasure chest, map);
  • preference for wood, natural textiles;
  • good solution - bed in the form of a boat or boats.

If you prefer the African style, then pay attention to the following characteristic features of it:

  • availability of natural motifs;
  • unusual accessories (carpet, resembling the skin of a leopard or a tiger, and so on. D.);
  • in a room dominated by wood, stone, natural textiles, ceramics;
  • preferred a simple low furniture;
  • colors brown with shades of yellow, orange and red;
  • recommended textiles saturated natural shades, or with an animal print.

Japanese style means:

  • low furniture;
  • functionality and minimalism;
  • spacious room with a minimum of furniture;
  • predominance of bright colors;
  • screen, partition oneself off the room;
  • eastern Accessories (ikebana, characters, decorative katana).

Theme design

Discuss with the younger boy ideas for the interior.For the guys relevant computer, pirate, sports themes.Teen may be interested in space travel, sea, fantasy.Some will prefer the design of the room, reminiscent of a music studio.

ideas for the interior can be found in the games or books that interested in the boy, "Star Trek," "Lord of the Rings", detectives, fantasy, "James Bond," "Indiana Jones" and so on. F. Discuss with the future owner of the room itdesires and preferences.Be sure the child is sure to appreciate.

recommended above style rooms may be the perfect basis for a thematic design.Marine style allows you to create the perfect pirate room.At the heart of the cosmic threads can lie techno style or high-tech.The room is perfectly in the spirit of the traveler is created from the African.

sure to consider the child's hobbies.Young composer and guitarist for the soul is a music studio.Teens who are addicted to martial arts, Japanese style suit.PC gamers will like the idea to create a fantastic and futuristic design.

Colours and wallpaper

decorated rooms should start from the walls.You can make a whitewash.Many designers are advised to pokleit wallpaper.After all, teenagers are attached to the walls of a variety of posters, photos.On the wallpaper glue posters much easier.

Moreover, in this age, a child's taste is changing rapidly.Thus, the room of a teenager 12 years can be filled with posters of various adventure films.And when the child reaches the age of 14 this design is able to completely lose one's attraction.Perekleit wallpaper is cheaper and easier than re-doing whitewashing.

In what color to choose wallpaper in the room for a teenager?It is recommended to choose shades of natural colors: sand, beige, light blue, pale green.Bright accents are orange, yellow, red, brown, turquoise.Designers recommend to avoid the predominance of red, purple and black.

effort to create an interior room, which is not only in harmony with the tastes of a teenager, but also create a psychological comfort, it is important to remember:

  1. Blue promotes calming, gives a sense of security.However, he awakens in adolescent creativity.
  2. Green promotes relaxation.It perfectly activates the creative and mental concentration.
  3. Yellow perfectly uplifting and visually expands the room.
  4. White also contributes to space.In addition, it greatly helps to concentrate.

simple and budget way to make room boy memorable and unique wallpapers are.Pick an image corresponding to the child's interests and hobbies: urban landscape, the theme music or sports, lettering, a variety of bright figures.

Son delighting street art or street sport, come to a complete delight from the opportunity to paint the walls of the room manually.Graffiti - it is one of the ways of self-expression, is extremely important for any child.

Zoning space

Interior room for the children implies a separation of functional areas.To isolate zones using different methods:

  • specific placement of furniture;
  • different levels of the ceiling;
  • contrasting color of the walls;
  • use of screens;
  • mat - in the bedroom area, the bare parquet - in the work.

What areas should be in the room a guy?Recommended Four:

  1. bedroom.It must be present bed, a small table or nightstand.
  2. workers.In this area there is a table, chair, shelves for books, CDs, notebooks.
  3. Recreation Area.It is better to place all the necessary for the physical development of the child.It can be wall bars, fitness center, bar.In this area you can put a chair or small sofa, stereo.Equipping it take fully into account the growing preference of the owner.
  4. storage area.If space allows, it is recommended to allocate land of the room, which will be located wardrobe, bedside cabinet for sports equipment and a variety of small things.

Tips on choosing furniture

Another important element is the placement of interior items.It is recommended to buy furniture for the teenager following:

  • bed (can be a sofa bed);
  • desktop;
  • racks, shelves;
  • seats (chairs, stools, pillows);
  • cabinet for personal items and clothing.

The most important rule to be followed when choosing furniture for a teenager - a selection of items from environmentally friendly raw materials.

guys might be interested in Transformers.Boys prefer unusual designs, especially appreciate the opportunity to change something in my room.Therefore, they may be interested in the furniture on casters or folding options.


table at modern teenagers performs several functions.This job, for whom the child does his homework, and computer desk designed for relaxation.Children spend a lot of time sitting.Therefore, special attention should be given to the chair or computer chair.This piece of furniture should be the correct size and fit perfectly to the table.Preference is given to the chair allows you to adjust its height.Choose a comfortable, quality furniture.

Modern tables have many convenient devices: shelves for stationery drawers.A good solution is a table equipped with a special stand for the monitor, a sliding panel, designed for keyboard and bottom shelves on which put the system unit.

table is desirable to place the wall.Youth room should have plenty of space for games and entertaining.

Sleeper Bed

purchasing, guided primarily by convenience and comfort.Modern room for a teenager can have a folding sofa bed instead of a classic.In this case, the child receives a great place for entertaining.

If the room is small, you can consider the option of bed, built-in wardrobe.A good design solution is a loft bed.In this case, the bed is on the second floor.Directly below it is placed in writing (computer) table.

Another interesting designer's advice is to place under the bed or sofa drawers for clothes, sports equipment.

Sleeper desirable to buy, given the further growth of the teenager.The recommended size is 190 x 90 cm. Well, if you think over the existence of an orthopedic mattress.Indeed, in a period of growth all the bones and muscles during sleep should not experience excessive load.

Keeping things

An excellent option is the development of a modern and practical design.This is the wardrobe.In a large room can accommodate two such items.The first will be used for clothing, and the second is expedient to allocate to various little things and books.The latter option can be perfectly replaced by a chest of drawers, shelves or rack.

unlikely that you expect that your son will be neatly folded in the closet their belongings.Therefore, make it private.In this case, the room will always be a semblance of order.Not recommended for deep cabinets.The child must be easy to find everything he needs.

For a variety of interior room, you can use the trunk or a large cabinet.The teenager will be able to store them musical instruments, sports equipment, or any other things.

lit room

Thinking interior of a room for a teenage boy, pay attention to the selection of chandeliers, lamps.Child's room should be bright, always well covered.

central chandelier perfectly replace spotlights.They look modern and stylish.Do not forget that the desktop is obligatory lamp.

teenager who loves to read, the bed or the chair is recommended to place a floor lamp.Today, we developed a lot of interesting designs.Teens will be satisfied with interesting sconces, decorated in full compliance with the interior of the room.For example, consider the medieval lamp, crystal ball, flame Globe or ship.

One of the walls can be decorated with a garland LED.

Choosing curtains

This is another important point to be faced by parents, furnished room teenager.Pick up the curtains, harmoniously combined with the style of the interior.

there are many options.So remember the main thing:

  1. Curtains should be made of environmentally friendly material.
  2. They must fully meet their objectives - to adjust lighting and create comfort.


Room Man - a separate area.Think over and create an interior room for a teenage boy with your child.Then the child will be happy to you in their territory.The ability to find a compromise, respect, the ability to appreciate and listen to the son, manifested in the regeneration of the room will allow to improve relations and to find a common language with the grown man.