Designs bedrooms with their own hands: photos and tips

In every house, even the smallest, certainly there is a bedroom.It is a place of rest, relaxation, this is the area where people can forget about their everyday problems and relax.Because the interior of the premises should create an appropriate atmosphere in terms of color, and in terms of form.Now we look at how to create a design bedrooms with their own hands, and that it must be considered.Also, we will highlight the main types of sleeping quarters and their main features.

Where to start drawing?

Before you create a variety of designs and has with his hands, should define the functionality of the space.In some homes, it is intended purely for sleeping.In this case, you can afford a minimum of furniture, which will be the most functional and comfortable.Also, do not overdo it with accessories, as they pile space.The second type of bedrooms - this is when the room also serves as a place to sleep, and a living room / study.Then it makes sense to buy a folding furniture that will quickly and easily b

e transformed (for example, a bed into a sofa, table, book shelf, and so narrow.).

two main stages

Mainly need to decide with what look of your room will get renovated.When professionals are creating new designs bedrooms with their own hands, they always repelled by certain ideas.The same thing can do, and you select a sample from the interior of the magazine or other source.But this does not mean that your room should be all exactly in exactly the same way.Select the accents, colors, certain shapes and textures, and the rest - a problem for your imagination.Step Two - is budgeting.Initially is defined with which materials you'll use - natural or semi-synthetic, how unique is your furniture (standard or made to order), and so on.We note only that professionals recommend the following: creating a variety of designs and has with his hands, it is necessary to give preference to natural materials.This tree, bamboo as a textile can be used linen or cotton.All you need to pre-counting, and as a result you will know how much will have to spend resources on the design of the room.

main types of bedrooms

order to properly learn how to create designs bedrooms with their own hands, you need to know their purpose.Because of the main types of rooms:

  • married.
  • Bachelor.
  • Children.
  • bedroom for the girl.
  • Total spalenki small.

It is clear that each type will have its own color palette, its accessories and type of furniture.Well, move on to a detailed examination of each of them.


This traditional "rest", which should be the place for rest and relaxation.Because pay maximum attention boudoir area and least - accessories and other pieces of furniture.Colours suitable for such facilities - dark, but muted, without the bright patterns and ornaments.Wallpapers of coral, ocher and purple tones perfect for spacious rooms with high ceilings.If you arrange the bedroom design with their own hands in the Khrushchev, should give preference to lighter tones.This beige, milky, pearly-gray and light turquoise color.Also important issue of lighting.Apart from the main, be set in married quarters red and blue lights.The first will be used for sex, the second - for the rest.The bedroom should be supplemented by textiles.It will make the room cozy and warm, so you can relax there at any time.


This room is usually combined sitting area and work.This is the case when it is possible to create the most simple design bedrooms with their own hands in terms of pretentiousness, but all elements of the room should be as functional.The main three elements of the room - desk, bed and wardrobe.The latter can carry out the function of the separation between the sitting area and office.The color scheme - mainly dark.Around the beds are cool colors - gray, pearl, khaki.Zone work is desirable to draw in shades of green or in the lighter.


Designs bedrooms for teenagers are divided into two types - for girls and boys.But in both cases are similar rules, among which the first - is light.He should be here very much, and if the window can not cope with this problem, install as many lamps in different areas of the room.Rule two - colors.We prefer bright wallpaper, but their color - it is a matter of taste of your child.Girls often choose yellow, turquoise, pink tones.The boys like to draw your bedroom in blue, green, gray and blue shades.As a rule, the design bedrooms for teenagers - it's not what you have in mind initially.Child's room is completely created with time due Baubles, posters, crafts and trinkets that collects your child.Also note that the child must have enough storage space for all things baby.This is not only a wardrobe, and shelves, cabinets, drawers, where they will lay up schoolbooks, toys, personal blogs, and more.

bedroom young lady

When the room she lives alone, the room suddenly becomes a cozy, fabulous and very comfortable.Designs of bedrooms for the girls are due to major parts, and accessories.And that, and we'll talk about something else now.Basic requirements for the ladies room - is the presence of a spacious wardrobe, a bed with a cupboard and a lamp, computer tables and chairs for entertaining.Auxiliary elements of the premises - it bookshelves, paintings, pillows, certainly curtains, carpets, souvenirs and other small accessories.By its color scheme designs of bedrooms for the girls can be both bright and light - it all depends on the parameters of the room.Type of furniture can also be varied.You can choose a standard bed, which has called the wall or round ottoman, which is located right in the center of the room.

General or combined bedrooms

If you live in a one-bedroom apartment, or have a studio apartment, a place to relax and at the same time becomes a living room and an office, and even dining.In such cases, there are two options: use the furniture-transformer, or select the style of minimalism.In the first case, you can buy a wardrobe of which will be nominated by the bed.Also bed can be converted into a sofa for entertaining.Similarly, to move the desktop, which will be transformed into a secretary and other elements of the room.In the second case we put a minimum of furniture in the apartment.It can be an ottoman, pillows instead of chairs, built-in shelves and cabinets and niches instead of the thumbs.For zoning premises is possible to use screens and Japanese curtains.


Create specific interior suggests that you make a pre-repair bedrooms.Design your own hands is always easy to set up, if you have the imagination and the means to carry it out.Repair work also includes more advanced stages, which can cope with a master.This rearrangement of walls, installation of doors, niches, ceilings and floors, interior surfaces and lots of other work.