Decorative mosaic - a highlight of the interior

We do not live in ancient times, but today the mosaic still popular, it can be used to supplement or enhance any interior.It is used in houses and apartments, public buildings, in the elements of landscape, swimming pools and saunas, as well as in architecture.It creates a decorative mosaic of virtually any material.

Properties decorative mosaic

The main advantage of the coating of the material - is stability.Mosaic is not afraid of exposure to various chemicals, it is not afraid of water.For such a coating does not need special care, the surface is very practical.To create a mosaic try to use cold-resistant materials, capable of withstanding even very low temperatures.

If mosaic coating made according to the rules, it will have excellent quality and will last about 50 years.Today mosaic is widely used, it is used for finishing interior and exterior walls, floors, domes or creating works of art.

Advantages and disadvantages of the material

Decorative mosaic, as well as any material that has

both advantages and disadvantages.


  • resistance, heat resistance, strength.
  • not fade for many years.
  • frost resistance, moisture resistance.
  • has a low weight, easy to clean.
  • glue dries about a day.
  • Large assortment.


  • When laying mosaic conventional adhesive is not suitable.
  • complexity of installation.
  • high cost.

Product Benefits completely cover its flaws, quality and reliability are some of the costs.

Decorative Panel PVC mosaic

Due to its technological features panel can help in the implementation of various design solutions, with high quality and fast.

Scope panel PVC is diverse: it can be used in the kitchen, between the countertop and wall cabinets, showers, locker rooms, on the walls of the bath and toilet in all rooms with high humidity, and, of course, just as the elementdecor.

fastened to the surface of the panel with a special adhesive.The shape and size of the mosaic can be corrected using scissors.

list the advantages that has decorative panel mosaic:

  • strength, easy installation, long useful life.
  • not support combustion, moisture resistance.
  • Easy to care for, odorless.
  • security, does not cause allergies.
  • variety of colors.

Mosaic plaster

Mosaic plaster - a mixture of acrylic resin and colored chips, natural or painted.

If you want to have in its interior original cover, you need decorative plaster.Mosaic will help to create a unique finish.

distinguish advantages of plaster:

  • set of materials that can be applied to mosaic: foam concrete, cement, bricks, plasterboard, plaster usual.
  • long time keeps the color, resistant to solar radiation.
  • Mosaic resistant to cold, heat, water resistance.
  • has a water vapor permeability.
  • Longer lifetime.
  • decorative mosaic has high elasticity, it helps compensate for the voltage that can occur under the influence of external conditions.


  • if damaged some parts to repair them is impossible.
  • If the coating is made of stone powder, water-based, without the use of special primers increases the likelihood of accelerating corrosion.

for finishing basements and facades perfect large stone crumb.Small is better used for the interior.Businesses are advised to use decorative plaster on large areas for decoration of office buildings.

If you started a repair at home or in the office and do not know how to make room for original and exquisite, to help you a decorative mosaic.This fine material used wisely, is able to add zest to any interior.It is easy to use and has a lot of advantages.Mosaic has a long lifespan and excellent quality.In addition, your attention will be presented to a number of different designs of mosaic, you can choose the design to your taste.