The modern design of the windows in the living room: materials and interesting ideas.

By choosing curtains for every room every woman fits very responsible, and if we are talking about curtains for the living room - the main room in the house, apartment or villa, where the guests are usually collected by the owners or while away the evening, the choice becomes even more important.To date, a large popular are curtains in the popular Art Nouveau style, it is a modern style.First of all, the design of the windows in the living room should be in harmony with the environment and the interior is a beautiful part of the decor.

Modern Art Nouveau

particular style - a complete lack of rules and restrictions.Decoration of windows in the living room in a modern style can be performed any color shades and shapes, as long as they are well fit into the interior of the premises and liked their owners.Still, for the best effect should be some nuances:

  1. If bright living room with windows overlooking the sunny side, it is recommended to give preference to dense curtains of cotton cloth.If
  2. Living lacks the light should stay on the almost transparent fabrics.

Options curtains and design possibilities

to design windows in the living room was done correctly and to your taste, you can go through a lot of options in trying to find a solution.But that option was ideal, we first need to understand what type of curtains in the room will be used for what functions they are designed and how they should implement them.To do this, look at all the design options that exist.

Roman blinds

They very often is given preference in a modern style.They are designed to protect the premises from daylight and prying eyes.Represent bilateral textile fabric, size appropriate settings window.Inside paintings are hard cross-fixing, which are interconnected.When the curtain rises, it turns with beautiful drapery folds.Decoration of windows in the living room Roman blinds can be used in any environment, and differ only in the fabrics used in the manufacture.


It cuts of matter, impregnated to protect against moisture and dust with a special compound.Curtains can be raised and lowered manually or by remote control.In the process of lifting the curtains are falling into a roll and fixed at the base.Most often used in the design in the style of minimalism, but a variety of fabrics to create them allows their presence in any interior.


addition to all the usual options, there is a kind of how Japanese blinds.Represent crate attachments on the horizontal multi-layered strips of cloth.Used most often in the design of the Japanese interiors and minimalist designs.It can be made from any fabric and used as a stand-alone blinds and curtains or with drapes.


Making tyulyu window in the living room will make a raid romance will make the interior airy and transparent.Tulle - very light, nicely flowing material.Excellent choice for a small room, if the goal is to bring the interior of more daylight, rather than protect against it.

Complex curtains

become very popular today sophisticated curtains, which are a combination of several kinds of materials.Today, this is not uncommon decor of windows in the living room, photos of various options can be seen in many fashion magazines or websites.Unfortunately, this solution is not ideal for small living room, as well as curtains, which is strictly contraindicated in rooms with a lack of light.After all, even the most fashionable shades will look ugly if the decision for a specific rooms matched incorrectly.

Drawing and color

Curtains may be darker or lighter than the walls of the living room.Using contrasting colors too saturated allowed.Choosing the design of the windows in the living room, you can start from the other areas of textiles: upholstery, carpet color or other decorative elements.When making a room in a modern style curtains can be chosen to match the walls.Dissolved in the room, they make it visually more spacious, it does not hurt when you make a small living room.

monochromatic fabric without a pattern - a win-win option.And if in the living room there is a sufficient number of textures and prints, you can safely use.But if the owners still are willing to decorate the window curtains with a pattern, it is recommended to pay attention to the options with geometric patterns.For example, the curtains in stripes or a cage.Horizontal stripes contribute to the expansion of visual walls and vertical visually add height with low ceilings.

windows in the living room is also often decorated with curtains of cloth with large colorful prints.But living in small sizes such a solution does not fit.For small rooms is preferable to select the translucent fabric.It can be decorated with large but subtle patterns.

material for curtains

Curtains for the window in the living room can be made of natural, synthetic and blended fabrics.

versatility and practical option may be curtains, which blends with silk or polyester cotton.They can easily be washed and ironed without fear in this case, they will lose the original color and shape.While natural fabrics without additives, used in the design of the windows on the sunny side, very quickly vytsvetut.

To make the room more air and light, are perfect for light fabrics.Baptiste, organza, taffeta or silk light form beautiful folds.But to obtain reliable protection from bright light and create a cozy comfortable interior will drape heavy fabrics such as wool, linen, velvet.

How to make windows in the living room in a modern style?

certain algorithm of actions in this case does not exist.It is important to use all types of curtains, above.But for any of the options well came to the interior, it is necessary to pay attention to its finish.For example, a monochromatic shade curtains can be decorated with satin ribbons to decorate or velvet or following an ethnic style, put them on rhinestones or sequins.Any selected decorations can create a contrast with the main fabric, but must remain in the same colors.

restrictions in the colors of modern design are not, but there are some nuances, which is given greater preference.Curtains, made in blue and chocolate colors will look very impressive on the windows of the living room.In a duet with light curtains, they give the interior space of peace and fashionable design.People preferring tranquility and softness, we recommend the use of pastel colors.For example, beige or cream-colored curtains for the living room to easily fit into almost every interior.But it is necessary to dwell on lighter fabrics, to avoid the effect of bulkiness.

If more than one in the living room window

Most indoor meets only one large window.The living room also with two windows must comply with certain points in their design:

  1. Decoration of windows must be made absolutely identical, that there was no mismatch in the interior.
  2. If the windows are located on adjacent or opposite walls, it is recommended to stop the choice on a light curtain with drapes to avoid overloading of interior textiles.
  3. If the windows are located on one side with a small gap in the design, you can use a curtain pelmet and overall, creating the effect of unity windows.

Window decoration living will depend only on the capabilities and imagination of the owners, because methods and techniques abound.Do not be afraid to experiment.