Fireplace brick: photos, drawings and instructions.

If the house is a fireplace made of bricks, then around him clearly an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.This item can be not only a device for heating, but also a great emphasis in the interior, which emphasizes the style and personality of your home.Today you can buy a fireplace in the store.To discharge these are mostly electric and gas.Fireplaces made of bricks, photos that make us want to see this beauty at home, always built to order.For now, we will look at what are their types and how to build with their own hands.

Types brick fireplace

type-data construction projects can be divided into four categories:

  • closed.This type takes up a minimum of space, since its firebox and chimney goes deep into the interior of the walls.The catch is that these stoves are built with the house, and nothing else.
  • ins.Such a brick fireplace can be built when the house is ready, but it will be difficult.We'll have to set all exhaust systems, content with a minimum of space.
  • Open.The most appropriate model for
    large spaces, especially if the ceiling is high.Fireplace can be right in the center of the room, to be part of the separation wall or even the wall itself.
  • corner.Ideal for heating adjacent rooms.Moreover, such a structure much space in a room does not take.

What is required of the materials

to build a fireplace made of bricks with their hands, we need the following components.Frame brick, cement, sand, clay, gravel, facing stone.When buying each of these materials, pay attention not only on their quality but also for homogeneity.Bricks should be the same, without white spots, roughness and so on.Cement and other binders must also meet the guests to your home-made oven in a year has not collapsed.Of course, even without a single flaw to be facing material.

device foundation

brick fireplace to keep a long and reliable, it must be as it should "sit down" with the help of a solid foundation.The dimensions are defined by the parameters of the last side of the fireplace, increased by 10-15 centimeters.The depth of the trench should be about 50 cm, if the house floor.For two-storey cottages - not less than 80 cm. If the soil is very dense, then the fire poured sand airbag.If soils are floating, then added to rubble.For the device of the foundation is better to use rubble concrete.It is also possible to lay stones, fill them with gravel and carefully pour all cement.After that, it is important to check on the evenness of the foundation.The surface must be perfectly horizontal, without slopes and gradients.When you are ready, we lay the foundation of the film and leave for a week, so it was strengthened.Keep in mind that it should be 5-7 cm below the floor level.

Masonry walls and ceilings

In order to continue building on, we need blueprints brick fireplaces.These documents are always taken into account the parameters of each unit of the building material, the finite size of the furnace, the thickness of its walls.Because according to your particular project start laying bricks in the foundation.The basis must be isolated by a roofing or waterproofing layer.Podtopok constructed using refractory bricks, which are closed after laying.The next stage - the construction of the rear wall and two side.The thickness of each of them must reach 20 cm. To begin the construction of the walls should always be at the corners, check the horizontal level.

Useful tips

to your fireplace brick served longer refractory bricks to the construction of rinse water to remove dust from them.Conventional must soak in water for 30 seconds.Thus they will become the air bubbles, and they will become more durable.Stitches try to do as little as possible by filling each space solution.Make sure that the inside surface of each brick furnace was perfectly smooth.If there are holes or irregularities - powertrowel them as carefully as possible.Another point - is the installation of metal structures on the facade of the fireplace.Experts recommend to take into account the thermal expansion coefficient of the metal, which is in the range of 5-10 mm.It is best to give up on this stuff.

Universal projects

corner brick fireplace is very popular today.It is set not only in homes but also in homes, both in purely decorative purposes and for heating.Well it so that it takes very little space, while the heats several rooms.What to consider when installing such facilities?Firstly, it is not necessary to place it at the outer walls.So it will heat the street.Secondly, all the surfaces of structures, including a chimney, should fit snugly to the wall.And third, try to establish a corner fireplace, so that on one of the walls adjacent to it, with a TV.So you can create a cozy place to relax in his own house.

Interior Design

very important role in the entourage of any home playing brick fireplaces.Photo of a variety of magazines show us that using this model heater can create an interior in a historic, classic or fairy-tale style.Masonry creates a feeling of comfort and warmth, so it is recommended to surround the wooden furniture and carpets.Another option - a loft style.Bricks can be painted in a single color that will blend in with the tone of the walls.Fireplaces and tile veneer, align with the help of putty and paint, paste various other decorative elements.


Build a brick fireplace at home - simple, especially if you build it, together with the building itself.If you customize it a finished design, it will be more trouble, but to cope with this problem all the same really.The main thing - to arrange a solid foundation, making the walls of the fireplace perfectly smooth, and decorate it in an appropriate style to become a worthy ornament of the room.