The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom: ideas, photos

The bedroom decor are important individual attention and comfort.This particular room should first of all make an impression on their hosts and to create a sense of comfort and warmth.No matter what design techniques used in its design: whether to give preference to traditional classics or the latest fashion trends, the main thing - to try to create in her own vision of the color of comfort.The selected color combination in the interior of the bedroom should be encouraged only to positive feelings, to give a sense of calm, relaxation and calm.

Magic color

room in which people spend a large part of his life, resting, sleeping, gains strength, must be harmoniously landscaped.Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to its design and specify the proper tone of the entire composition.Balanced against the color, it not only attracts, but also soothes and creates a kind of creative atmosphere, improves communication between people.Proper combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom promotes pl

easant stay after work.

Harmony and balance

When choosing a color palette in the style of the bedroom in order to achieve harmony and balance are considered not only a personal preference host functionality of the space, but also light.It is crucial, as the ability to change the color of all recognition.
Lighting also helps to reduce the psychological impact of saturated colors that are pleasing to the eye in the morning and afternoon, but can be annoying in the evenings.This is achieved through a system of subdued ambient light, successfully masking brightness of the decor or the color of the walls.
is important and the combination with other alleged shades that are capable of as stress and extinguish each other.So impressive, intense colors make a bedroom cozy and bring it a nice atmosphere.However, so as to avoid bearing down on the impression they are best used in pairs with lighter shades.
main thing - balance the color combination in the interior of the bedroom.Photo showing design concepts with the best value for the tone in the room, absolutely always when viewing left only pleasant emotions and inspiration for their own ideas.

traditional colors

The most common color combination in the interior of the bedroom are advised to choose the most quiet and unobtrusive.Traditionally, for these purposes choose beige, cream, pink, peach, brown shades, never go out of fashion.This palette, regardless of raging fashion trends, it is considered the standard of beauty and shows impeccable taste owners.She and today - the basis of the many interior styles.

Colors updates

feeling refreshed give calm tones.Light colors in the bedroom is usually used on walls, diluting them with splashes of bright colors in the form of accessories, textiles and other interior items.Muted shades or neutral schemes create a peaceful atmosphere.We can only not be mistaken in their design concept.But sometimes stop at one of the colors is not easy.It is not always easy to choose the basic tone, which is the main tool for creating a unique atmosphere in the bedroom.


One of the most traditional colors in the palette designers considered ivory color, the so-called color ivory.He is able, more than any other color, to emphasize all the features of the interior.The versatility and practicality Ivory highly valued as lovers of contemporary and classical adherents.
Ivory perfectly combined with any colors.It calms, soothes and softens the effects of other, more aggressive and bright colors.
in Ivory interior design adds luxury and elegance gives the bedroom, made in classic or ethnic style.Choosing it as the basis, with time, you can completely change the look of the room.Experimenting with different color accessories, textiles and decor, you can create a unique color combination in the interior of the bedroom.Photo collection offers one of the variations of the room, done in ivory, harmoniously merge with other tones and natural materials - wood, natural fabrics, leather and natural stone.

Peach flowers

Emotional balance helps to achieve a warm and gentle color combination in the interior of the bedroom.Peach color shades - one of these compositional variations.In the interior, where there are his tone, there is safety and security.Peach shade is distinguished only soft power, which helps to restore after the working day.
Brighter shades create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the lounge.Their dilution light pink accents give the interior will allow a little coolness and freshness.Light airy bedroom will give a combination of delicate peach color with beige and white.

Peach tones perfectly combined with a number of bright and pastel colors.They open a wide scope for experimentation.Do not just forget that it saturated colors are self-sufficient and more tender, it is desirable to do soloing to in the neighborhood with other, more vivid colors, they have not lost their softness and tenderness, are not lost in them.


to the recreation area is perfect palette of various shades of pink.It is excellent with white, cream and gray.This gentle and soothing color combination in the interior of the bedroom.Pink tone associated with romance, sensitivity, comfort.In combination with other shades it gives quite an interesting combination.When properly selected proportions of pink with purple and lilac interior takes on a certain mystique.The peculiar dynamics and dramatic illusion is felt in his company's black.
unique combination of pink with a dark brown color.A successful design decision bedroom will look just fine.

Lilac design

use of saturated purple color in the design of recreation areas it is hardly appropriate.In the calm and balanced people, he brings a sense of hopelessness.Selection of his gentle, pastel colors - a good combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom.Lilac - one of them.He was weak enough to affect a person's mood.But its use in pure form in the arrangement of the room will light the aura of nostalgia and longing.

purple bedroom design requires well-thought-out combination of colors in the room.For a sense of completion of the necessary dilution interior accents contrasting palette.He is well matched with shades of beige, gold, pink, green.Lilac looks perfect with white and shades.Interesting interiors and has performed in combination with shades of gray or black.When using
lilac bedroom lighting should be considered.The room is located on the sunny side, appropriate richer and cold shades of lilac.They will bring into it the light airy atmosphere and a pleasant sensation of coolness.For a dimly lit bedroom is better to choose muted and warm shades of lilac.They give the room a cozy atmosphere.But
decorations in purple tones look always win-win.The main thing is to harmonize poured into the overall color palette in the interior.

color ghost

Beige interior design long been recognized as a classic.He never looks boring, because this color with its wealth of shades blends in the interior with calm and bright shades.Its combination with other scales are endless.It is only necessary to select the most comfortable color combination in the interior of the bedroom.Beige charges the positive energy has an internal heat.It is often referred to as a ghost among the flowers, he never bothers, enables you to relax after working day and worries pleases the eye with additional accents and elements of the interior, executed in brown, green, terracotta and many other shades.

Beige great in all styles of interior bedroom.It is visually expands the space, making it lighter and more comfortable.It is best to emphasize quiet beige and warm decorations.It is more saturated in combination with a textured surface: rough walls, unpolished wood, fur.
pistachio beige, caramel, sand and other shades are often found in the arrangement of the bedrooms as the dominant color.It looks great, and he as the details, shading other bright colors in the interior.

Combinations of colors based on green

atmosphere full of peace provides a tranquil color combination in the interior of the bedroom, the green of which is the basis.Its beneficial effects on a person described by many psychologists.The color of nature, harmony and upgrade has a truly anti-stress effect.It should just listen to your inner desires to select one of its most preferred colors.All of them, without exception, make the interior play with new colors.

Menthol tones of green in the bedroom creates a relaxing environment.They are often used with shades of gray in the interior and are complemented by wood pattern close pitch.
Bedroom with a combination of green and wood is a harmonious space.Not bad will look as accessories in the same combination.
light and airy interior of a bedroom will give a combination of white and green.Special nobility give it a muted tones of green (mint, mustard, light olive), combined with shades of red or gray wood.

Gray in the interior of the bedroom

interesting interior bedroom in shades of gray.These shades give a special delicious combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom.Gray - a wonderful color.Kind of neutral, which distinguish many shades and tones.It harmonises perfectly with any color, noble in combination with soothing pastel tones and brilliant in contrasting combinations.Gray - a diverse and rich.

Examples of many inspired design concepts.Lots of gray tones allows to manage only the combination of its different shades.So style and sophistication of the bedroom will give a combination of warm and cold tones of varying degrees of saturation, set off with black and white d├ęcor contrasts.
monochrome interiors is necessary to focus on a combination of textures, using a variety of textiles, fur, glass, metal, wood, significantly enliven the situation bedrooms, making it more dynamic.Special effects give the room mirror, shiny silk textile, metal fittings.

color of sky and sea

blue color used in the interior creates a pleasant associations connected with boundless sea and clear sky.It promotes relaxation and rest.That is why it is often included in the combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom.Blue thus making it more spacious and light, brings a touch of tranquility.It helps to simplify somewhat the interior, freeing it from unnecessary pretentiousness and pomposity.

Blue blends perfectly with almost the entire range of colors, subject to certain rules of mixing and harmony of colors.His intensity is always decisive.Pale blue looks perfectly with pastel colors.Its bright colors set off the same depth and Kohler.On textiles blue tone look spectacular floral designs, floral motifs, white stripes, strict geometrical patterns.

but blue should not be in excess, so as not to disturb the overall harmony and not to cause a feeling of fatigue.

Avatar nature

Brown - natural color.It represents the nature that surrounds us.This is the land, trees, stones.Brown is the color of autumn, and is therefore sometimes referred to as boring and dull.However, in combination with so many colors, including and related shades, it provides excellent color contrast and captures its depth.

The optimal combinations with white, beige, he completely lose his inherent gloom.Brown combined with purple forms a tandem, which is recognized as the most peaceful and relaxing.Paired with shades of green range it is most harmonious and envelops the room like a natural aura.
combination of brown and orange creates a warm interior, where balance and harmony reigns.
color combination in the interior of the bedroom, which is dominated by brown, reflects not only the warmth and comfort, but also leads to a sense of stability and sustainability.This representative of the natural palette is characterized by simplicity of perception and natural beauty.

perception of color

color combination in the interior of the bedroom can be very different.It is what sets the mood of the room.Color affects our outlook, health, mood, thoughts, attitudes, so it is important not to make the wrong choice.Perhaps enough to listen to him, lean on your vision, feel the action of the color palette on your perception.Intuition should not be fooled.

worth putting on your taste.Some people like quiet and austere interior bedroom.Someone feels comfortable in an environment saturated with bright colors even in a recreation area.The bright bedroom has on them in the morning invigorating effects, favorite colors consistently improve mood and did not seem to be annoying.
Each color has its own energy, each carries a certain "promise."The choice of color helps to change the internal attitude, cause physical and mental state in harmonious balance.

Therefore, each time choosing a color scheme for the interior bedrooms, is based only on their taste preferences and perceptions, rather than samples of glossy magazines or the usual standards.And then you're guaranteed to get a room, which will have a rest from worldly cares and enriched with positive emotions.