"Transfiguration" - grapes which are a must try!

"Transfiguration" - grapes, which was received by VNKrainov in amateur breeding.The new variety began to gain popularity among connoisseurs of the grape, and those who are professionally engaged in the cultivation of berries for industrial purposes.

"Transfiguration" - grapes, which is famous for the early ripening.In order to enjoy the harvest, we need only 115-120 days.Berries are very juicy and have a thin skin.Grape "transformation", photos of which can be seen below, gardeners prefer to grow, as in good and proper care shrub begins to grow quickly in a new place and to please their fruits.High harvest these berries can be obtained not only in the south but also in the middle lane.It is possible to collect up to 20 kg harvest from one bush plants and also twice in a season.

Grapes "transfiguration": description

plant belongs to hybrids.Its features include fast growth and simplicity of maintenance.You can harvest from the end of July or in early September.It all depends on the climatic cond

itions of the region.

berries have juicy sweet flesh and harmonious taste.In form they conical or cylindric.The color of ripe fruit pink with yellow stains.Some of them can grow to a length of 52 mm and have a weight in some cases, even the '18 Ripe berries are easy to shrink - and determine their readiness for collection.

Grapes usually average density of cylindrical or conical shape.Ripe bunch can weigh an average of 0.7 to 1.5 kg, although some specimens can reach and 2.5 kg.This variety is characterized in that consistently brings a good harvest.

"Transfiguration" - grapes, which is growing rapidly.Shoots ripen well also.For seedlings are characterized by a strong root system.The plant has bisexual flowers.It tolerates frost of -21 ° to -23 ° Celsius.It has high resistance to common diseases.Berries can affect wasp.This variety is attractive for its beautiful trademarks qualities besides it tolerates transport.

How to plant grapes

order to put on your site grapes "transformation", you need to pay careful attention to the purchased seedlings.They should not be over dried or frozen and have white roots.In order to check whether a seedling is suitable for planting, it is necessary to make an incision across the stem.If the cut is green, everything is fine.It can safely be planted.

Terms planting varieties of "transfiguration":

  • Grapes are best planted in a well-heated soil in spring.
  • in the soil need to make a well of a certain size, according to the value of the root system.However, Radical neck after landing should rise above the ground.
  • Before you plant a bush, it is necessary to soak.The root system is lowered into a container of warm water.
  • After planting grapes it needs to be well watered and the ground to hide the film around the roots, to create the greenhouse effect.It is necessary for the speedy adaptation of plants to a new place.

There is nothing difficult to plant vines "transformation".And even a layman in breeding grapes easily cope with this.

Features care

  • necessary each year to trim vines.On the stem should be no more than 35 branches.
  • Preferably, when each shoot only one ovary, since the ripe grapes are heavy.
  • To prevent fungal diseases, the plant should be sprayed with fungicide several times per season.
  • Grapes "transformation" is considered to be frost-resistant varieties, but all the same it is necessary to prepare for winter.Training includes trimming vines and ¾ of harboring plant with dry leaves or roofing material.

Proper care of plantings to create a good environment for the growth of bush and produce a rich harvest.