Where to start repair the apartment?

This attractive and coveted word "repair".Watching the latest developments in the field of building technologies, design proposals, all of us, of course, I want to update and his native housing: apartment, house or just a room in a hostel.

But repair, as they say, is already "lit".There is quite a normal question: « Where to start repair the apartment? »In each situation repair plan will be different.Consider a few options.

Where to start repair apartments , if the budget does not allow much to unwind?

In this case, we will do cosmetic repairs.It involves only external upgrade apartments - or rather, its surfaces.Freshen ceiling, floor, walls, doors, windows.Such a simple repair of apartments can do with their hands.

repair plan will be as follows:

a) is a sketch of the appearance of the room or apartment after the repair.It is best to run in color.

b) calculate their financial capabilities.We explore the market of building materials, adjust cost estimates.

c) Purchase of necessary constru

ction materials and tools.

d) Repairs begin with a general cleaning, throw away all the old and unnecessary.Furniture possible moves away from the wall, close the old sheets.

d) Clear the ceiling of the old whitewash, putty, wallpaper or tiles.If necessary, align the ceiling.The next step - cleaning the walls of old wallpaper.

e) Once taken out of the house all the "dirt", begin to paint the door jambs, window frames, baseboards.Have you noticed that it became pleasant to look at the apartment?

w) Now it was the turn of the ceiling, and then the walls.

Where to start repair apartments , if you do not have time for a long time to delay construction and repair works?

Quick renovated apartment is only possible with the involvement of experts - professionals.In this case, after you decide the financial capacity to choose a construction brigade.Of course, advertising repair company always looks attractive, but it may be wise to take advantage of advertising "OBS - One grandmother said"?Ask colleagues, neighbors, friends of friends craftsmen who have already completed repairs and received good reviews.Hedge not only possible, but necessary, entering into a contract agreement with the team.If you are afraid to communicate with unlicensed teams, choose a company by looking at the results and feedback from customers.

with the representative team or company need to pre-negotiate all kinds of work, to express their wishes and requirements.An important point in the contract is the point of possible defects and malfunctions that may occur.That is, we are talking about a possible marriage work.As for whose account it will be fixed?

Where to start repair apartments , if you plan to change capital of interior space?

Redesign flat, which includes the transfer or the demolition of walls, installation of additional partitions, it is necessary to agree on in the municipal commissions.If you will make major repairs without prior approval, then there may be problems with the sale of property.

Overhaul, of course, require a big budget.Replacement to be not only the wallpaper, floor and ceiling, and windows, doors, plumbing, electrical.In order to avoid surprises during the repair process, you need to prepare a design project to clarify all the details (for example, a place for sockets).If you've never had to deal with the construction, the most reliable - professional advice.

next step - dismantling the old all: walls, pipes, tiles, etc. dvreyResult - get a room in its original form when you leave only what is safe and will not fall apart soon.Now you can begin to implement a design project.