Knitting for children under one year spoke: circuit products

Knitting - one of the fun.And if you do it with love for the little native creation, the process brings an extraordinary pleasure.You will never regret the time spent, if you decide to learn knitting for children.Girls can dress up like little princesses and boys to create original things in true men's style.

General requirements for clothes for kids

But do not forget the work of the specific requirements that must be followed, because it requires knitting for children under one year.Spokes you knit or crochet, it does not matter.It is important that finished products have the following qualities:

- convenience;

- naturalness;

- softness;

- lack of small, looseness;

- neat and soft seams.

Here, perhaps, and all the basic requirements that must be followed, carrying knitting children (1 year).Spokes made things more soft and gentle, if necessary tight binding, you can use the hook.And now in more detail about each of the conditions.

As for amenities, this property just need to dress the b

aby.What is it?Clothes for babies up to a year to be a comfortable style that will easily and quickly put it in the crumbs.And again, it is best if things for young children to be made of natural materials and soft.They should not be hard and prickly.The absence of large decorative elements also welcome.Since the baby under one year most of his time lying down or sitting, tough and big jewelry can stop him and even hurt.

If you want to decorate knitted clothes for newborn various sequins, beads, ribbons, and so on, it is necessary to very carefully and securely fasten them.This is done so that the baby could not tear jewelry and take it in your mouth.It is very dangerous!

Now you know that knitting for children up to a year or crocheted must meet a number of prerequisites.Their observance will ensure comfort and safety of your baby.

Knitting for children with a description: elegant envelope for walking and sleep

One of the most necessary things for a young child - is an envelope for sleeping and walking.Styles are different.But the most popular is the model without sleeves.Girls can do delicate version, as in the photo below for boys - solid or viscous made relief.The main thing that the yarn has a natural and soft.

to work you will need 200-300 grams of yarn.Usually between the ages of 0 to 3 months does not go more than two coils.Advance purchase the matching colored buttons in the amount of 2 pieces.Lace can associate themselves, but can instead use a satin ribbon width of 1-2 cm.

Description back

start knitting with the back of an envelope.For this it is necessary to dial the number 2 around needles 100 loops.You need to navigate to the desired width of the bottom of the envelope.Then knit in a straight line selected openwork pattern.You can use any.The main thing that you liked him.Knit 20 cm, it is possible to make some decrease at the edges of the canvas.For example, as follows: subtract on two loops at each end through a series of three times.It would be enough.3-4 cm to the edge of the armhole the customary front surface.Next, perform the cutouts armhole performing subtraction.First two loops next personal number 3 loops, and through a series of one another on both sides.Now you can continue knitting to the neckline.Carrying out cutout close 15-20 knit loops and shoulders alone.For series 3-4 before the end of knitting on each shoulder strap make buttonholes.Upon reaching the desired height and width, close all the loops.The back is ready.

Likewise tie the front of the envelope.The only difference from the depth of the back neckline and shoulder length.

assembly and decoration envelope

When both halves are ready, you can begin to assemble the envelope.To this we add both sides face to face and sew the side seams and bottom product.On the shelf straps sew on buttons.Do not forget that this should be strong thread, carefully securing them on the envelope.After finished work on assembly fits all decorating.Armholes, neck strap and products need to tie using the hook.It will look good pattern in the technique of "shell" or just a frill of columns with nakida.That's all elegant envelope ready for walking!

Knitting for children under one year spokes involves manufacturing and comfortable headgear.One of the options discussed further.

simple Knit cap

Simple - it does not mean plain.This model is carried out easily, and looks very impressive.It's all in the classic shape and unusual jewelry.So, to tie a cap for little fashionistas, you need only one skein of white and any other residues.Better if it will be a bright contrasting color.

Running this variant caps to any convenient to you the spokes.It may be circular, and straight, and even hosiery.So, first you need to take your measurements with the child's head.We measure the circumference and is determined with the number of loops.It will depend on the chosen yarn, number of spokes and, of course, the size of the cap.In this embodiment, it is half-woolen yarn and knitting needles № 3. The child's age - 5-7 months.

recruited spokes 50-60 loops and knit gum.Its height of about 3-4 cm. Then go to the front surface.So we keep knitting until the required height.In our case it is 12-15 cm. Do not forget to number 7 after the gum to replace the yarn to another color.They need to perform a number of 3-4, and then again to knit the basic shade.Next, you need to perform uniform subtraction.In four locations through an equal number of loops through a series of do one subtraction, provyazyvaya two loops together.And so it went until the spokes will not remain a loop 4.Through them, a small segment of the yarn is passed and properly tighten.The remaining ends of the thread is fixed on the wrong side.Hood is ready, it remains to perform decoration.

Bow cap can be connected to the spokes, but you can hook.And maybe it will not bow and flower.In general, it all depends on your imagination.If you decide to repeat the exact version of the photo, it is necessary to dial direct spokes 15-20 loop, then continue knitting in garter stitch.Each personal number must perform subtraction - one on each side.Linking 4 series continue without subtraction.After 3 rows make allowances corresponding to the previous subtraction - one loop in each end row 4 times.Reaching the original amount of the loop, finish knitting.

Now you need to fix the bow on the hat.To do this, fit thread the same color as the bow.Determine the place of attachment, using a thick needle and thread fasten a bow in the middle.Ready to remind mount assembly.Try to fix quality bow, but do not overdo it.Otherwise, you can ruin the appearance of the caps.

Knit caps for children is not fraught with any difficulties.With the implementation of the model described above to cope even novice needlewoman.

Other options knit clothing for children up to a year

There are a lot of different things required for your crumbs.One of these is a blouse with a smell.Dressing a small child (who does not like the process), you are always trying to do it faster.So, buckle on children's clothing should be simple and convenient.Here's a blouse, as in the photo - just perfect clothes for newborns.Try to relate this, and you will appreciate the convenience of its style.

As for knitted pants, the more comfortable clothes can hardly imagine.In contrast to the pants of the store, they are very soft and comfortable.Assign it is also quite easy.Yes, and I do not need a lot of yarn.

The photo is an example of Gamache, who are linked from the remnants of yarn.Watching these pants very original and fit clothes to any tsveta.Na first photo is an example of conventional Gamache, and the second - the same, only with straps.Of course, the second option - more comfortable to wear, since the strap does not allow sliding trousers down.Which one will knit you decide.

Knitting for children under one year spokes involves manufacturing different things.The list includes, and hats, and jackets, as well as products intended only for the specified age group: booties, envelopes, and body unitard.